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There is no better customer service app out there. After having tried and finding issues with nearly every other customer service app on the marketplace, Gorgias was the answer to all of our problems. We cannot recommend it enough.

Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2024年1月17日

Hi Sheath Underwear Team! 👋🏻
Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming review! Your kind words are a true testament to the dedication and hard work our team puts into making our app stand out. 🌟
We are happy to have you as a valued user, and we genuinely appreciate your recommendation. Wishing you continued success and seamless customer service experiences with Gorgias! 🫶🏻


Gorgias is an amazing tool. If you are doubting whether or not it will be a good fit, too expensive, or any reason holding you back from trying Gorgias, throw those thoughts away! I was on the fence for a long time, and I'm so glad I tried it. It is a great platform that is easy to customize to make it work for you. Also, the customer service team within Gorgias is amazing. They are great and very willing to help you fix anything that comes up! We're a small team, and it allows me to be able to respond to my customers quickly with Macros. I've even created campaigns that have sold products for me while I was sleeping! What more can I say other than this is a great product and I don't see replacing it anytime soon!

Cart Tek
Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2023年12月14日

Dear Cart Tek Crew,

It comes as a truly great pleasure to hear how much you love our platform and how effective we are as a Team. We can surely double-down on everything you said, and tell you that there's so much more we've got in store. 😉

Thank you for sharing how you feel about Gorgias - we are sincerely grateful to be able to provide such grade A service. ✨


Best helpdesk for shopify by far.

We were looking for a help desk to make our life easier and I have to say even though our needs are very specific we are 100 % satisfied.

It is simple to set up, the possibilities are endless and they have awesome support.

They are not the cheapest, but the money is worth it.

Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2024年2月5日

Thank you for your kind words, Fabini! 🤩
We're thrilled to hear that our helpdesk has made a positive impact on your business. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way. 🫶🏻


The integration was one of the easiest integrations I have experienced. The platform is very user-friendly and offers a lot of room for growth. Billing is based on the number of tickets, not the number of users so this can work very well for people who have a lot of users that interact with the tickets however the overall ticket count is lower. It is cost-competitive also. They offer additional revenue-driving features that are very nice because everything is housed in a nice platform rather than having to go to different apps and platforms. I have worked with their support on several questions and they have always been very responsive. This is a must-have tool if you want to bring your user experience. The default review process of the agents gets responses so we get real-time feedback on how support is going. Everything in the past never got much of a response rate. Great tool .

Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2024年1月15日

Hi MaxBotix,
Thanks a bunch for sharing your fantastic experience! 😊
We're thrilled to hear that our integration process was a breeze for you and that you find our platform user-friendly. It's awesome to know you appreciate the flexibility of our billing model and the added value of revenue-driving features.
We're especially delighted to hear that our support team has been on point for you. Your feedback fuels our motivation! 🚀
Thanks for making us a part of your user experience journey. 🫶🏻


Stellar platform. Always lightning fast replies from support. New feature roll outs are on point and provide continuous value.

Been a customer for 3 years with no plans of changing. Simply put we're huge fans.

Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2023年12月11日

Thanks a million for the stellar feedback! 🌟 Thrilled to have you with us for 3 amazing years! 🚀 Your support means the world to us! Rest assured, we're cooking up even more goodies to keep boosting that value for you! ✨


Genuinely got no idea what we would do without Gorgias. We don't just use it for customer support and sales - we've even piggybacked onto it's ticketing system for internal workflows so staff aren't jumping between lots of different pieces of software.

We looked at a lot of solutions this time last year and Gorgias was the only one that really had everything we wanted. 12 months on and we only plan on using it more heavily in more areas of our business.

The only pointers I would give the staff here would be a) improve your search functionality! It's shocking! I'm saying this lightheartedly but I sometimes can't believe how hard it is to find an old ticket. b) We are heavy phone users and would like access to some of the phone events as triggers in some of the automation workflows.

Thanks to the Gorgias team anyway. We're building an amazing business on top of you.

Mr. Logs
Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2023年12月8日

Major kudos to our Gorgias Fam! 🌟

Thanks a bunch for your glowing review and for providing invaluable feedback - noted! We're so stoked we could swoop in and save the day when you needed us most.

We can now only wish you at least another year (or more) of the same, and see you on the next renewal date. 😉


Joanna was super helpful!

Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2024年1月15日

Thank you so much for your kind words, NuFACE!
We're thrilled to hear about your positive experience with our team. 😍 Your support means a lot to us!
If you ever need assistance again, we're just a message away! 📧


Nikola helped me with fixing rules in Gorgias. Thank you.

Ela & Earth
Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2024年2月6日

Hi Ela & Earth! You're so kind! 🫶🏻
Happy to hear that you are satisfied with your support experience!
If you need further assistance, we're one message away.


Quick response, lots of helpful information and links provided by operator.

Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2023年11月1日

Thank you for your kind words, Ourself! 🙏

We're delighted to hear that you found our response quick and the information provided was helpful. We know the importance of having a reliable support system and we are glad we meet your expectations! 💛


Gorgias has an awesome integration with Shopify. It should be the go-to solution for CRM/tickets.

Gorgias Inc.が返信しました 2024年1月5日

Thanks a bunch for the awesome recommendation, Tmat Team! We're so thrilled to have you on board. We'll make sure to keep up the good work, and to keep the vibe high. 🌟