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20 maart 2023

Gorgias has been so helpful in managing our inbox and providing better support to our customers. They are so responsive and willing to help build workflows/rules and layouts that better support our support team. I've worked with Gorgias on other clients, and they all love what the helpdesk has had to offer.

Good Pharma
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20 maart 2023

Not really understanding some of the recent negative reviews of Gorgias. This is hands down the best customer service app we've used and it is constantly improving to keep up with the changing nature of support. We are a Shopify Plus user with five stores running through a single Gorgias account and the experience is seamless. Add to this a transparent product road map with the ability for users to upvote and suggest improvements, along with a very responsive customer support team, and you've got yourself the best support app for your Shopify store.

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Gorgias heeft geantwoord 20 maart 2023

What a wonderful message to read on this first day of spring! We couldn't possibly be prouder of our Team, always ready to do everything in their power to make things happen. Your more than just kind words are our driving force and rest assured that we'll keep up the good work!

16 maart 2023

Can't remove this app from our site completely. The chat window keeps popping up, unable to find a solution on their site.

Luxe Fabric Supply
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Gorgias heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2023

Hi Luxe Fabric Supply team!
We sincerely apologize that our service was not satisfactory for you. We aim to provide the most excellent customer service and carry our business to high standards. ⭐️
Your feedback is truly appreciated and helps us improve our Knowledge Base. We've reached out to you privately with detailed guidelines on uninstalling the chat widget from your store!
Thank you for your time.

23 februari 2023

If you are like us, thinking of moving to Zendesk to Gorgias. Please don't. They advertise chat and email support BUT for chat its takes 5-6 hours to receive an initial acknowledgement and even then they still haven't responded to my query. For email support it takes 72 hours to receive an acknowledgement. Apparently they have lots of staff on leave and it was also 2 day public holidays but its been week and they chat is still showing limited support. If you are like me used to getting instance response from Zendesk chat support, don't bother moving. Also for integration we received no support, only some prerecorded videos. If you are SMB you are so much better of staying on Zendesk. Huge mistake on my part to move to this joke. Now I have to pay the developers twice to move back to Zendesk

Smile Makers
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Bewerkt 22 februari 2023

All week I trialed different support apps in the order below

1: freshdesk, you get a lot of stuff for your money but none of it works. They're a lot of bugs and support is terrible.

2: Zendesk, Really expensive, terrible customer support especially tech team (literally the worst customer support I've ever experienced). I actually didn't manage to even set up the app in order to use it. overly complicated. terrible worst of the 3 by a long way.

3: Gorgias, Easy to set up. simple interface and just seems to work. I would give it 5 stars but the pricing for me as a small business is off putting. 60 dollars a month and still a ticket limit is why I didn't go for Gorgias from the start. things it doesn't have I wish it did. an option for live chat user to switch to their preferred messenger app...Facebook / Instagram etc and the chatbot options are a little thin from what I can see. but all being said. Don't waste your time on the others you'll end up pulling your hair out. Gorgias is easily the best if your new to customer service apps and want something very well integrated with Shopify. oh yeah. and currently I'm on the starter tier while I figure out what I might need. A lack of support on this tier is also another reason i didn't initially go for it.

Rocksolid Audio
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30 januari 2023

Gorgias touts all of these integrations they have, but most setups are horrendous. Have to do a ton of work with all kinds of weird HTTP, web hooks and code stuff that most small business owners using Shopify may have a huge struggle. I know I sure have. Setting up Zapier integration is far too complicated. If you're going to support any integrations, please treat it like no one is a coder. Once we have to incorporate any code you've lost us. Also, the general UX experience of Gorgias is just not great. Navigation is weird and super busy. The mobile app couldn't be more worse. Lots of sales fluff on their website with very little followthrough, certainly with tons of friction for setup. I don't recommend this app at all.

Wildlife Tree
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Bewerkt 19 december 2022

We don't recommend this company to anyone.

(1) Their customer service has consistently taken 24-48 hours to get back to our query, while they preach and teach their customers to reply within few mins and hours.

(2) Their profit margin are their priority. All of a sudden I just got an email saying now they will charge nearly $2-3 per sms/voice calls, which was free till now.

(3) Who charges per ticket!!! Why? Exactly explain why? We started using Gorgias as had seen mostly all shopify stores use it.

(4) Recently, in a short frame of time, they developed a lot and lot of integration with other apps, which is great but it makes me wonder if other apps are getting paid by Gorgias through back channels, as these integrations increase the number of tickets created in Gorgias and Gorgias charges per ticket - seems very dodgy.

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Gorgias heeft geantwoord 21 december 2022

Hello, Dear Team.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to leave your review, and we are genuinely sorry to learn that you have got this impression. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and this surely is not what we would like to hold ourselves to when it comes to the quality of our overall service.

In regard to the response time, we always strive to resolve any issues as soon as they are raised. Nevertheless, due to a number of reasons, whether related to ourselves or the third parties we need to cooperate with at that point, an immediate resolution sometimes may not be possible. You are always welcome to inquire about the reason, and we will always be transparent about it.

Our Pricing Scheme, also applicable to other companies working in this or any other fields, is not permanent, and is prone to modifications over time, due to market orientation and newly imposed requirements. We do, however, keep everything perfectly transparent, and we will always be more than happy to discuss any point of our Terms of Service, with complete honesty, and in full detail.

Due to a higher demand for various types of integrations suggested and requested over time via our Product Roadmap, our Development Team has been tirelessly working on bringing them to life, so that our clients can use them and handle their daily workload in the most efficient way. As for the relationship we have with any of our Partner Companies, including our Integrations Partners, please rest assured that there is nothing that should be considered untrustworthy.

This review will not go unnoticed, and we will forward it to the relevant Team. Any kind of feedback, even if it brings us just one star, immensely helps us in becoming better. Once again, we want to thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your experience.

18 december 2022

We used this app for a number of months but decided to migrate away. Gorgias is well established however we felt that it was trying to do too much and the customer got lost in persistent automation. The support team were excellent at the onset but that ebbed away over time and I didn't feel it was appropriate to continue with this solution. A nice product but not compelling enough to keep as our first choice app.l

Mountain Dog
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21 november 2022

Can't send SMS. It's been weeks and they still haven't fixed it. I rely on this heavily and no one knows when or if there will ever be a resolution. I'm losing clients because I can't operate fully.

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Gorgias heeft geantwoord 22 november 2022

Hey there team,

Hope you're doing well.

We're truly sorry to hear about the SMS issue, we completely understand it's an essential channel for your business!

However, as the issue isn't directly on Gorgias' end, please let me provide some more info on this one:

Our phone and SMS provider Twilio faced an outage for their SMS component that lasted for quite some time, but after the outage was resolved on their end, we noted that your issue was also related to their toll-free verification process that hadn't been completed.

We reached back out to you with the form needed to verify your toll-free number. I see you had submitted the form - thank you for that! - and one of our agents reached out to you to let you know we'll get back to you as soon as Twilio processes the request.

I assure you we're completely aware of how important this is to you and we're doing all we can on our end to mediate between our provider and our clients, but I'm afraid we can't impact how much time it takes for them to process any requests or resolve any outages, unfortunately.

Once again, we truly apologize for the bad experience you've had and we'll be reaching out to you once again once all this is resolved to make sure everything's working correctly and that you can use Gorgias to streamline your support as much as possible and grow your business.

Thank you once more for your patience with us on this one, I wish you all the best in the meantime.

16 november 2022

Emilija is super super helpful and stayed around all day to try and work on the issue I was having! Amazing service.

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