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14. březen 2023

If you want the best wishlist tool on the Shopify market this is it! They provide an affordable and top-of-the-line solution. After trying out various other wishlist apps, I found this app to be the most efficient and effective. The team went above and beyond by embedding the wishlist icon into my main menu, using the same style as my theme, and modifying their app's theme to fit seamlessly with my current one. Now, my wishlist app appears to be native to my theme and unnoticeable to my customers. The app itself loads quickly and flawlessly, allowing users to create multiple wishlists under different names, add items to their cart with ease, share their wishlist with others, and integrate well with 3rd party reward apps. Although the dashboard may seem to have fewer features compared to other apps at first glance, the team's willingness to integrate their app to your site makes it stand out as the best choice. If I could rate them higher than 5 stars, I would, as their service and app are truly phenomenal.

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11. listopad 2022

This is the PERFECT wishlist app. It is straight to the point and has all the features you want in a wishlist, for $2 a month. It lets guests have a wishlist or they can sign into their account and save their wishlist for later. I was skeptical at first because in order to set it up, you have to add the developers as staff onto your store. You can give them access to your only your home page and products that way it is not possible for them to mess with any financial or personal settings. I gave them access and by the next day the wishlist was set up perfectly. I also requested that they add the wishlist heart to the front of every product so when customers are scrolling thru a list of products they can easily add them to the wishlist without having to click on each product. I requested this and it was completed the very next day. They are fast with communication and do great work. I have since removed their account from my staff and have had no problems with the wishlist after removing them. I highly suggest this for any store in need of a wishlist, it has everything you need for an unbeatable price!

Space Mats
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Datum úprav: 7. březen 2023

Update: looks like developers solved these issues. However it took quite a lot of time to fix them so only 4 stars from us. Still we like the app and we plan to use it in other stores.

App has issues that developers refuse to acknowledge or fix.

1) Use of resources that negatively impact theme's performance. Our theme does not use jQuery, however, they app requires it, together with a Font Awesome fonts that are used for a single element.

2) Visual performance of the app is horrible. The hearts on the collection page appear with at least a 2 second delay after everything has loaded. It's a bad customer experience and elements are non-interactive during this time.

3) Occasionally, the dedicated landing page for Wishlist doesn't work. It shows a server error.
This has gone on for hours at a time.

4) Installation process was done multiple times and each time different styling was applied so there was no consistency.

5) Communication is slow, often repeat emails need to be sent to get a response. When communicated, problems are often not acknowledged and claimed that the functionality is working despite Hotjar recordings and first-hand experience showing otherwise.

Still we would be interested to use this app, also for our three other clone stores, if only developers could solve these issues.

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10. duben 2023

I recently installed this Wishlist app on my Shopify store and I couldn't be happier with the results! It has provided a seamless and easy-to-use interface for my customers to add items to their wishlist and improve their overall shopping experience.

But what sets iWish apart is their incredible customer support. I was having trouble integrating the app with my theme, and their support team was quick to respond and helped me through every step of the process. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

Overall, I highly recommend iWish Wishlist app for anyone looking to improve their Shopify store's functionality and provide a better shopping experience for their customers.

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24. červenec 2023

We have used this APP for a long time, and each time we open a new store, we will use it. Whenever we have any assistance, they are always helpful and very patient to help us. Great APP and amazing customer service. Highly recommend.

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22. duben 2023

This is the best wishlist tool i have ever had, great support from the Team. They customized my page for the app, and it looks amazing now. Many thanks, i wanna say special thanks to Avinash, you have been a lifesaver today. Please use this for the price and service is amazing. :)

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6. únor 2023

Incredible! The Wishlist was installed and customized for free! Now the wishlist is perfectly how I wish it to be. Many great options. Previously I had Wishlist Plus, but then I switched to this wishlist, because they help you install it. And it is cheaper: only 2$/month. Thank you very much for your help! Klaas

Ink Identity
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7. srpen 2023

Great support and set up. The team does a great job and replies quite fast.
I would recommend this app. all included and good price

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28. duben 2023

Great app! Love the lay-out. Support was fast and helpful and the free setup is amazing. Received what I was hoping/looking for. Thank you!

Griffin Retail
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4. srpen 2023

The customer service is excellent. They help us set up the APP for free, which is very fast. Their staff is also very friendly and easy to communicate with.

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