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11. duben 2024

Works directly out of the box and has all advertised features (the ones we use for sure) working as well.

It is free, doesn't want strange access, looks good, and does everything we need.


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24. květen 2024

Great app with easy product tagging feature. Highly recommended. The support team is also quick in their actions.

Hijab Kart
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23. duben 2024

Wonderful app, and a lot of help , thank you.

Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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9. červen 2015

Had the best experience today - just as I was about to go crazy for not being able to install this App myself.
Fast, professional and helpful service from the developer this is highly recommended, and they even managed to change and do some alterations to my liking, right away.
Thank you!

House of Kamal
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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29. září 2015

So happy to have found this app - it's the perfect way to integrate your Instagram feed onto your website in a simple, classy way. So easy to use and the customer support was fast and thorough. Give this app a try - you'll love it!

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7. březen 2014

Does the job! I'd love if the feed was only available on the homepage rather than every page, though. And possibly having a IG feed for particular products, filtered by hashtags would be awesome.

Miracle Eye
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27. květen 2019

You can customise the design so that it fits nicely with your theme and the team are really helpful! Great app

Hurtig Lane
Doba používání aplikace: Asi 2 roky
25. duben 2016

I saw this app on a friends store and she recommended it to me. I'm glad I chose this instagram app.

They are so helpful and quick to help. I am not a techie when it comes to apps and they put the code on my store and even personalized it for me.

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7. prosinec 2015

I've only just started using the APP - and Jaron has been prompt with support help. Great APP and service~ Totally recommended.

Ling Online
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29. červenec 2016

Have been using this app for a few months now, it's great - love that anything posted to Instagram is reflected onto my website straight away unlike other apps I was previously using. The support for the app is excellent, I had a problem whereby my feed was not spanning across the width of my homepage and Jaron fixed this swiftly.

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