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14. březen 2024

UX is pretty good, but you can't choose which images to optimise. So the free plan is quickly made useless as it just works on all images in the store - even those which are already optimised from a previous app.
Also, you can't just run it in filename mode, it has to optimise (compress) as well, which is not right for our use case.

Pixie Wing
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Vývojář LoyaltyHarbour odpověděl 16. březen 2024

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We’re glad to hear that you had a positive experience with the user interface of our app. Our solution is designed to comprehensively optimize images by compressing them, updating alt texts, and renaming filenames. We’ve made updating alt texts and renaming filenames optional to accommodate a range of needs and preferences.

We understand that our app may not have perfectly met your specific requirements. This situation arises not from a shortcoming in our app’s design but from a variance in expected functionalities. Our approach to optimizing all store images is deliberate, aiming to ensure consistent quality and performance across your online presence.

We’d like to highlight that our app includes a testing feature during the initial setup. This allows users to experiment with different compression levels and assess potential savings. This functionality extends to alt texts and filenames as well, enabling a comprehensive evaluation before any commitment is made.

Your interest in apps that offer specific functionalities, such as filename-only optimization, is completely understandable. We regret missing the chance to provide direct assistance. Our customer support team is always on standby to offer personalized guidance and suggest solutions tailored to your unique needs. By engaging with our support team before leaving a review, we can work together to address any concerns and explore suitable alternatives.

We appreciate your review and look forward to the opportunity to support you in the future, whether through our current services or by guiding you to a solution that more closely matches your requirements.

17. leden 2022

The app was not helpful at all. It pretty much messed up my images and I had to remove the app and reload all of my images. Then I was being for a few months after I uninstalled it. I had screenshots from Shopify that clearly stated that I had uninstalled but the developer kept arguing with me. I finally got reimbused but it was an ordeal.

Fine Art by Ane
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Vývojář LoyaltyHarbour odpověděl 17. leden 2022

Hi Ane!

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We're really sorry that you didn't enjoy using our app!

1. Lossy/Lossless compression + Backup/Restore

If you are not happy with Lossy image optimization we usually recommend changing the default compression method to Lossless and reoptimizing all images. Images will not lose any quality, they will be 100% the same as the original.

In addition, since images are one of the most important assets of your store, our application backups original images before making any changes. You could have easily restored the whole set of images with a press of a button.

2. Billing

Official Shopify logs and our internal logs show that you were charged correctly. However, we completely understand your frustration and offered our help. We have a reputation for responsiveness and our desire to help, even if the problem lies somewhere else.

If there are any other questions we can help out with, feel free to get in touch with us!

Thanks again for your feedback! And have a wonderful day!

26. červenec 2016

Not very much helpfull, as I still get warnings that some images are not optimized

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7. září 2018

I don't know it works or not, I have installed this app and optimized around 2300 images, after that for some reason I uninstalled this, and I installed again, its again saying again it need to optimise 2300 images, although I already did that and paid around 16$ for that :(

Unique Age
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16. květen 2017

all this app done was scaled the images smaller and quality of images are bad when scaled up on product pages, not really "optimize" them. any tool incl MS paint can do that, worst 0.56$ i ever spent. buyer beware

Niftee Gadget
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