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16 gennaio 2024

This is a great, free chat app. The "Quick Replies" function allows many pre-written answers to be looked up very quickly. Also, the built in product links show the customers photos of the product and allows quick lookups of your products.

The mobile app is fantastic as well.

The only thing I would change or add would be a feature to send a message to a customer who has not yet chatted - like a chat bubble that says "Ask us a question" so they can see the chat box more easily on the website.

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20 dicembre 2023

I cannot say enough great things about Shopify Inbox! As a small business owner, I have tried multiple chat apps and always had issues with either high costs or technical difficulties. But then I discovered Shopify Inbox and it was a game-changer. Not only is it affordable (Free), but it has all the features I need to communicate with my customers efficiently. And best of all, no more frustrated customers due to buggy apps! Thank you Shopify Inbox for making running my online store so much easier.

Coastal Gifts Inc
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23 gennaio 2024

I totally love what Shopify has to offer to its customers! it's simple, fast and easy to use! The record keeping is fantastic all kind of data available to help fine tune strategies to drive customs to our store! best in its class!!!!!!

True Earth llc
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31 gennaio 2024

I totally love what Shopify has to offer to its customers! It's simple, fast and easy to use! The record-keeping is fantastic, all kinds of data are available to help fine-tune strategies to drive customs to our store! best in its VERY HELPFUL

Cathy,s new look fashion &beauty
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29 gennaio 2024

This is generally a decent chat app that seamlessly integrates with their own Shopify ecosystem. The one thing I would improve is the push capabilities because when I've read/responded to a message on my iPhone, for instance, I don't want to still see an unread message on my iPad and/or Mac (without needing to enter said message to make it refresh).

The biggest bummer was when they discontinued iMessage support, which is what the majority of my customers used to contact me with (since I make accessories for the Apple ecosystem). I understand that iMessage changed their terms of service and had different requirements to use iMessage for Business, but I wished that Shopify just adhered to the new requirements and kept this working because it's a better platform to chat with customers on (via the Shopify Inbox integration). The reason is because if it's just via the website, if the customer closed the website, the response doesn't get to them (unless they leave an email address, which many don't). With iMessage for Business, it'll reach their inbox regardless of time zones and they'll eventually read it (and the same on our side). Since e-commerce is global, I can't always be awake and monitoring the chat app in case someone halfway around the world has a question.

RAS di Hong Kong
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6 gennaio 2024

It offers a more immediate way to have interaction with my customers. Not all customers want to phone, and emailing back and forth is not always the best option for people. Having a chat option on my site has increased my exposure and has definitely led to an increase in sales.

Caravan Cover Shop
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23 gennaio 2024

The real time chat feature allows me to connect with any customers who may be unsure about committing to a purchase. This app has resulted in a much higher conversion rate for these types of customers than previously achieved.

Barney and Moon
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28 dicembre 2023

So far so good. It's been helpful to engage with customers that don't want to call our 1800 number or can't get through for other reasons. They can easily leave a message and come back it it when they're next on, or reply via the email that gets sent to them.
Very handy to be able to offer products and upsells or discount codes to customers. highly recommended you use this FREE app to increase customer engagement for your brand.

Porters Lux
4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
27 novembre 2023

I think it is great. Much easier and better, and much more efficient than emails. Just wish there was a link to where I could include in my contact form as a few customers still send messages via email and then our response often ends up in their spam box and goes unseen. Inbox is great because there is no dropped communication.

Hannah Rose Vintage Boutique
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13 dicembre 2023

A great way to communicate directly with shoppers at the exact moment when they might hesitate about a purchase, with the added benefit of getting first-hand feedback about your products and services.

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