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29 gennaio 2024

This is generally a decent chat app that seamlessly integrates with their own Shopify ecosystem. The one thing I would improve is the push capabilities because when I've read/responded to a message on my iPhone, for instance, I don't want to still see an unread message on my iPad and/or Mac (without needing to enter said message to make it refresh).

The biggest bummer was when they discontinued iMessage support, which is what the majority of my customers used to contact me with (since I make accessories for the Apple ecosystem). I understand that iMessage changed their terms of service and had different requirements to use iMessage for Business, but I wished that Shopify just adhered to the new requirements and kept this working because it's a better platform to chat with customers on (via the Shopify Inbox integration). The reason is because if it's just via the website, if the customer closed the website, the response doesn't get to them (unless they leave an email address, which many don't). With iMessage for Business, it'll reach their inbox regardless of time zones and they'll eventually read it (and the same on our side). Since e-commerce is global, I can't always be awake and monitoring the chat app in case someone halfway around the world has a question.

RAS di Hong Kong
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9 gennaio 2024

We've been using Shopify Inbox for around 12 months now. It's good and super easy to set up and use. How it easily integrates into our store is awesome. BUT it was a shame when we could no longer have meta products come via here as well. What would make this better would be if we could integrate it into our CRM platform so we don't have to jump between that (where our other chat services are all in one place) and Shopify Inbox.

Jimboomba Turf Group
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23 gennaio 2024

I would recommend the app to any Shopify website owner because it is very convenient to manage communications with the customers even if we're not online when they send a message. I gave only 4 stars because even though I was working on my website the inbox window did not open when the customer opened a chat. I was alerted later to a message in the inbox.

Coastal Party Supply
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15 gennaio 2024

Shopify is one of the e-commerce stores I have been with and I love the way I get to sell at my pace. I have a hard time finding the best store format to download my Ail link on and getting Shopify to work with Google but I think it's just me!
By far this is one of the better sites for new beginners like me

Jonnas Gift N Things
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31 gennaio 2024

I can't tell you how many sales I have saved with this app. It's mostly great, sometimes a little clunky. But at the end of the day, it's indispensable for us. We're all about the customer service, and folks are thrilled when they can get a quick autoreply, and then a real human to talk to. And the integration with the product catalog is fantastic.

Eureka Fabrics
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17 gennaio 2024

It's my first time using this app. It works great except it wasn't clearly marked well in my inbox. It says it's from a "No reply" address. Lucky I didn't just send it to junk. It was fortunate this morning that I checked my customer list and seen a new customer that didn't purchase. He subscribed only. Then looking further I seen that he had sent me a message. Thats when I rechecked my inbox and found the massage. " Message from customer" and customer's name needs to stand out more. Having said that. It's great knowing people can reach me so easily. Thank you. :-)

Dandy Designs
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19 dicembre 2023

Our customers use it A LOT so it has been a great addition. The only thing that has kept me from giving 5 stars is the chat is a little glitchy. Some people don't see messages and think we are ignoring them even though we have sent replies. Also some newer messages arrive before older ones making the chain confusing.
Otherwise a great addition to our store.

GOGO Sweaters
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17 gennaio 2024

I love using Shopify. It makes it easy to run a successful business. I only wish there was a better Customer Service option to speak with a real person when issues arrise.

Renu Naturals
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Data modifica: 9 febbraio 2024

i would give a 3 because it WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO. It really bugs me that even if i answer quickly it always goes to an email even if they are still on the site. I'd like it to be more of a real time app instead of multiple emails back and forth! Otherwise it is very handy to use and have chat on your site and yeah, it is FREE. So - I was giving higher but dropped it down to a three because reviews are not legit.

Stati Uniti
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11 gennaio 2024

The App is almost perfect. One thing I don't like is, that the user has give the Name and E-Mail before a conversation is possible. I can see the advantages.
But not everybody would like to give the name. So we have much less Chat conversions then we had with
It would be nice to have a setting, where this can be enabled or disabled.

4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Shopify ha risposto 13 gennaio 2024

Hey! Thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback on this, while this is not possible at this time, I'll be sure to add this feedback for our developers to review. -Maz, Shopify Support