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I like it but it could be so much better. Here are some ideas that I think should be implemented. ~Custom product listing straight from the message
~Be able to copy and paste snapshots straight to message without having to save and upload a "photo"
~the ability to save frequently used saved replies. It would be nice if we could have 20+ options.
~If the customer has purchased from me before, it would be nice to have all the previous sales and message information on the side of the page. Can you tell that I came from Etsy? lol

CCR Custom Metals, LLC
Shopifyが返信しました 2021年10月19日

Hi there. Thank you so much for your great review and for providing us with this feedback. We do offer the option to save replies, you can configure your saved replies in the Inbox admin. There should not be a limit on the number of saved replies you can have. You can also reply with your "Quick Replies" at ( or through the mobile app.

As for your other suggestions, these are great ideas and I have gone ahead and submitted them to our developers for future consideration. Thanks again! Marty, Shopify Support.


Important Notes:

It's Free
Increases ROI*
Increases profit*
Improves brand image*
Improves customer service level*

and many more benefits

no scroll bar to see new messages - or (auto scroll to the latest text)
notifications (Have not seen any yet)
sounds (really would desire for some sounds to alert that a customer is trying to contact us or me)

Fantastic Idea, Can not wait for the improvements in the future, I strongly recommend people to download this app!

it has many benefits that could be of use to you and your team and mainly your customers.

Key Chain Central
Shopifyが返信しました 2019年9月12日

Hello Key Chain Central, and thanks for your review.

When a customer messages you, Ping will send you a push notification (as long as you have notifications turned on and you are logged in). Also, the customer will see a red indicator dot on the Chat icon if you have responded to their message when the Chat widget is closed.

All the best,


It is a very simple and nice app. But why can I not remove this "Can I get an update on my order status?" Thats a standard question and everyone can see the standard question. The app is not very useful with this question. I can see that many are asking about this. - plakater, posters og boligdesign
Shopifyが返信しました 2021年11月2日

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time and writing this review. While the "Can I get an update on my order status?" is always there for the customers, it doesn't count towards the 4 active FAQs. Nevertheless, we can see how this question isn't very useful for some stores, and we'd be happy to pass this feedback to our teams. Cheers! -Elias, Shopify Support


Functions do not work well. I have installed and uninstalled a few times to make them work but they do not work properly. Not all features are also visible to customers.

Shopifyが返信しました 2021年9月29日

Hey, there. Thank you for taking the time to leave this review, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I would recommend reaching out to our live support team so they can take a closer look into this with you.

While we’re not able to provide account-specific support via the Shopify app store, we’d be happy to continue assisting you through live chat, email, or callback. Please visit the Shopify Help Center ( and log in to your account to create a support request. Thank you. -Marty, Shopify Support


I didn't know that my notifications were off I am setting them back on. This way I won't miss them.


I do like this app as it's easier for customers to contact you instantly without waiting. However we've had a couple of occasions where people have used obscene language and there's no way to block them.

Shopifyが返信しました 2022年2月22日

I'm glad to see that you've found customers have been able to contact you directly through the Shopify Inbox app but am sorry to hear that some have used this feature to send rude and obscene messages to you.

Shopify's support team is able to place a 7-day block on specific users from contacting you through Inbox, so if you'd like to make use of this please contact us directly so this can be done for you: -Victor, Shopify Support


Per ora funziona bene ed è comoda perché tutti i messaggi dei clienti finiscono dentro un unico posto. All'inizio avevo riscontrato un problema con la visualizzazione della chat da desktop che una volta aperta usciva dallo schermo.. poi però è stato risolto.

Ubuntu Pack

It is working well so far. Thank you for setting this up for Shopify patrons and shop owners. This is very helpful.

Make It Pop Shoppe

Meh. Not seamless. To many screens before I get to inbox. I don't like frames. Would like to be able to resize frames to my liking.

Klondike Mike's
Shopifyが返信しました 2022年7月28日

Thank you for taking the time to write your review and for providing us with feedback on how Shopify Inbox can be improved. I can certainly see the benefits of having more control over frame sizes and I will be sure to pass your comments onto our development team. -Victor, Shopify Support


el icono de chat se superpone encima del botón de compra. me gustaría que el icono de chat se escondiera al momento de que el cliente abra el carrito de compras.