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21 april 2020

I'm not exactly sure why iOS users are getting superior products. Do their plans cost more? Android users account for the majority of mobile users. This has been a service all sellers have been asking for. It should have been rolled out on desktop first as this service would then be available to everyone. Even though this error in judgement did happen, isolating many subscribers from this services... Why has it not yet been rolled out, at the very least, on desktop for everyone to use?

Smart Sassery
Verenigde Staten
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 22 april 2020

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to report that the Android version of Ping is coming very soon, so Android users can take advantage of Shopify Chat. You can sign up to be notified when it's available: Just enter your email address and click "Join Waitlist".

15 februari 2023

Looks easy to set up and use but from client perspective the chat icon bugs everytime they try to initiate a chat. When they clic on the icon, it desepears and the website freeze completetly. It is so bad for client experience. How to avoid that? So for now i had to disable it.

my hapibox
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Bewerkt 11 november 2020

No way to know when your customers have send messages to you other than following the chat monitor all the time. No idea how to uninstall either, doesn't show in the aps.

Wølmark Finland
41 minuten gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 16 november 2020

Hello Wølmark Finland, thank you for your feedback. The app on your phone and desktop versions will make a sound notifying you of a new message.

Uninstalling is via your Settings > Sales channel, but I am going to send you a private email and we can work together on this. Talk soon!

Best regards,
Veronica N.
Senior Support Specialist - Ping

28 augustus 2019

We have a loyalty points button on our site. I can move it to the left-hand side so that it doesn't sit on top but on mobile the point button sits on top and blocks the text input field.

Need some better option for positioning. or create documentation on how to fix issues like this

40 minuten gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 20 augustus 2019

I'm disappointed that I can't change the initial message, I run my shop on my own and my customers know this so using the word "we" sounds dodgey.
It's a bit slow as well and and offline message option would be good. Sorry but can't use it the way it is, will do more damage than good. Hopefully Shopify takes on board everyones comments here and makes some changes.

Silken Twine
31 minuten gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 21 augustus 2019

Hi Silken Twine,
Thanks so much for your feedback, and rest assured that the team is paying close attention to these feature requests and frustrations about the current limitations. We will be working on allowing customization of the greeting message and on providing an offline message option. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!


19 januari 2023

Doesn't support multiple stores...

Makes you logout/Login to change stores... we have many Shopify stores and need to be able to quickly switch between them just like the Shopify app allows.

And since this is messaging its even more crutial to have instant access to respond to customers - if we are not logged into the app with the correct store we wouldnt get the message...

Fix this otherwise this is useless

Verenigde Staten
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 28 februari 2023

Hey there, FSWERKS. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review for Shopify Inbox. We've received a lot of feedback regarding this specific request, so I'm happy to add your feedback to the collection we've gathered for our Product Team. I'm happy to let you know that the team is aware of the value this specific feature would bring to Inbox. I can't comment on when such a feature may be released, but you can rest assured that your feedback has been passed along to the appropriate folks. Thanks again for your review. -Imogen, Shopify Support

20 augustus 2019

iOS exclusivity in this day and age is not acceptable. This greatly reduces our options regarding who can use the service, and we will not use this app to fill our needs.

S. Cohen | Est. 1923
9 minuten gebruiken de app
Shopify heeft geantwoord 21 augustus 2019

Hello S. Cohen,
Thank you for your feedback, and we understand your frustration that Shopify Chat requires Ping, which is only for iOS at the moment. We are thinking about the best way to deliver this feature to all merchants.


22 augustus 2019

I have a rewards app that runs on my site and its icon is in the lower right of my screen. The icon for this is also on the lower right so it is covered up by my rewards icon. I cant see anywhere to adjust the location of the chat icon so i guess this app will be useless to me.

Cupid Falls Farm
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7 minuten gebruiken de app
29 januari 2020

I am really sorry to say its not working . And Even you are avoiding to fix this app when we need this types of app for our store. Please fix this asap. Thank you

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4 minuten gebruiken de app
6 december 2019

Did not work at all, won't let me download Ping because I'm using a desktop. Sick! Wasted my time. Go team!

Strange Planet
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