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20 de junho de 2024

We are still working on our website so when people do take the time to send us a quick email, it helps reach a wider customer base. Saying that, I wish setting up the website with shopify personnel was easier - we had a shopify chat person tell us to delete ourselves from our website and she could not fix it. Luckily I had assigned another person to our website and she was able to go in, change the cc for an upcoming bill and add me back in my website. It was very stressful and we still can't seem to finish the website - it's 95% done.

Holistic Wellness Blends
Estados Unidos
Almost 2 years usando a aplicação
11 de julho de 2024

It is not a shopify inbox issue per se but too many persons message me offering services instead of actual potential customers.

Besides that, it is a good product.

Almost 2 years usando a aplicação
22 de abril de 2024

When it's working it's fantastic! It works 90% of the time. Customer's don't ever see the hiccups. The two factor authentication login forces this app to log out occasionally. I do not always realized this occurs, then I won't get any chats to my phone for a few days. During my busy season this really helps convert sales; customers can get answers faster. Even if the answers are not instant, I can usually reply in a matter of minutes. I love the quick replies. Those answer 80% of the questions customers have "what is your return policy ?" "what are your size details ?" I ask customers to provide their email address so I can always track them down. Most people understand the chat is tied to a human being at a small business. Most customers will wait for a few minutes. I have had a couple people get on the chat and be rude and nasty, it hasn't happened for a couple years. So, I think it's a great plugin for your Shopify store. I've been using Inbox since it launched! I wish I could customized the placement a little more, the code lays on top of your store visual layout code...still that's the reality of UX design. Inbox is a fantastic little plugin by Shopify! I recommend to all business owners, especially if you're seeing a lot of abandoned carts or have a product with complex sizing options!

Estados Unidos
Over 3 years usando a aplicação
19 de julho de 2024

Shopify chat support has transformed the way we interact with customers. The speed and efficiency of the service allow us to resolve queries on time, generating a good customer experience. This channel not only improves our communication, but also strengthens the trust and loyalty of our customers. Highly recommended for any business looking to optimize their customer service!

Depot Eshop
Estados Unidos
About 2 years usando a aplicação
11 de junho de 2024

There aren't enough filters to shield against hackers and other scammers. I'm currently dealing with someone who hacked into my account. I don't know how they got in, I shouldn't jump to conclusions. I wasn't inferring that "Inbox" was to blame, only that more security might help against intruders. I've had a great experience with all Shopify products. Thank you for being there whenever help is needed.

Althena Fitness
Estados Unidos
Over 2 years usando a aplicação
18 de maio de 2024

This app is great and our customers find it very useful too! I was initially a little unsure about it asking for their email addresses at the start of the chat, but it has allowed positive follow up when we've missed a question and also further information later on, when it's required, and that can only be good :)

The Acorn Gallery
Reino Unido
Almost 4 years usando a aplicação
12 de junho de 2024

We like Shopify Inbox except for the exception that (as far as we know) it can't be shut off when we are not available to answer. This is frustrating for our customers.

Estados Unidos
Almost 5 years usando a aplicação
11 de julho de 2024

Wish this didn't open a new tab in your browser but it works well. Easy to use.

Lee Display
Estados Unidos
About 2 years usando a aplicação
21 de maio de 2024

Shopify Inbox is very useful. I like that you can set parameters for auto-replies when you are not around to answer immediately such as customers asking questions in the middle of your night.

The Yarn Room
África do Sul
Over 4 years usando a aplicação
10 de junho de 2024

I can certainly see the utility of this app, however, this app seems to be a favorite of FIVERR as well. Most of my interactions from this app are from people trying to sell me something, instead of vice versa.

Pixel8ted Designs
Estados Unidos
7 months usando a aplicação