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11. červen 2021

Really bad quality product. Does not support language translation functionality of Shoppify. It is important that they support the native store language functionality that Shopify provides, that way content can be translated . "Instant FAQ & Help Center" is the only portion of my site missing the translation due to this issue.

Doba používání aplikace: Více než 2 roky
Vývojář RoarTheme odpověděl 11. červen 2021


Unfortunately, our app does not support the multi-language feature.
I’m so sorry about this inconvenience. Hope you understand!

24. únor 2021

Sehr schlecht, da die App die deutsche Rechtschreibung leider nicht akzeptiert und diese komplett zerschießt. so wird z.B. aus "können" immer "kann". Wodruch der Kasus nicht mehr passt!

Nord Pro
Doba používání aplikace: 4 měsíci
Vývojář RoarTheme odpověděl 24. únor 2021

Hello Nord Pro,

First, I'm so sorry about your case. I think there is a misunderstanding here.

Could you please give me a staff account via (permission to access Apps, Online store > Themes)? I will check it for you because I could not find this problem on my side.

Thank you so much!

21. červen 2021

app cannot edit and save. it stuck forever after clicking save. Please fix this app because apart from that, it is really reliable

Doba používání aplikace: 9 dny
Vývojář RoarTheme odpověděl 21. červen 2021

===== UPDATE =====

Dear Sir/Madam,

Now, it is a pleasure to announce that we have just finished the server maintenance and our apps are now back in action. You can now use them normally as before.

Please help me to check it again and let me know your results.
Hope this helps :)

Thank you so much for being patient.

23. srpen 2021

After changing into new theme, the app doesn't appear in my store. Really disappointing with this app.

Doba používání aplikace: 4 dny
Vývojář RoarTheme odpověděl 23. srpen 2021


I think you changed your live theme without running the app install wizard to add the required code to your new theme.
Please refer to the below link, it will let you know the next steps

Sometimes it may take up to 20-30 seconds to view applied changes at a storefront after being saved.
Please help me to check it again and let me know your results :)
Hope this helps!

13. duben 2023

The app seems to be super good - I've been excited to use it, but unfortunately it doesn't save the work. I've been trying for 2 days now and I've lost the work a couple of times because it simply won't save. I had to close the page and lose it all.

I hope they can fix this because it's a very cool app.

Spojené státy
Doba používání aplikace: 3 dny
Vývojář RoarTheme odpověděl 14. duben 2023


First of all, I'm sorry for this inconvenience!

Regarding your question, please help me submit a ticket to, our support team will check the problem for you.

Again, thank you for choosing our app.
Hope this help and have a great day :)