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14. říjen 2023

I would suggest that anyone planning to use the app to order a few sample products and not just depend on the mockups you make. I purchased samples of my brand color and patterns on 7 items mostly handbags. The shipping was separate for each item, even though they were all shipped to me, which came out to be as much as the products themselves. The other disappointment is that the items were shipped recklessly not professional at all. They arrived wrapped in plastic, some brown some white, and taped and not neatly. This is definitely, not what I would expect a customer to receive at all. None of the items were in boxes. This meant that the items were not protected from creases and bends. The mockups looked great, and the color and print were perfect but only two of the items came close to being the correct color, even though the same color was used for all the items. The color was supposed to be a blue shade and one of the items came out white and the others were lavender not consistent and looked faded out in some areas. The print was not defined and looked blurry. What a big disappointment, I was so looking forward to a line of products with JetPrint. There is no way that I would be able to offer the product to customers. They look nothing like the crisp mockups of the designs made on Jet print and shown in my store. I had to remove all of the items. I'm so glad that I placed a sample order. I could not imagine a customer placing an order from my website and receiving what I received that would be unimaginable and bad business as well as false advertisement. I still don't get why they would charge me and send me items that did not match the color of my mockup, not good business at all.

Customer support is not very active in chat. I would send a message and see that the agent was active minutes ago but would not get a response until days later. That would also be a big concern when selling customized items. From reading the JetPrints page and seeing the products they offered I was so excited but they did not deliver, pretty much disappointed in quality and service.

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16. listopad 2023

The products are always great however it has been brought to my attention by a customer of mine that the shoe size conversion from EU to US is in some instances wrong.
For instance my customer purchased a US size 10 and received an EU 47, but in fact it should have been an EU 44.

Union Jacked
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25. listopad 2023

I have really enjoyed adding my designs to their products. It's fun and makes some really nice merchandise!

The Sweating Pepper
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30. září 2023

There are great products on Jetprint, but I wish the process to create Personalized products was easier. I also would like to be able to copy my products to make different variations, instead of having to start from scratch for each new product. When I am creating my products, there is not an option to add a design from the DIY side unless I am making an order. This is frustrating.

New Genesis Market
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1. listopad 2023

My design keeps coming out printed backwards

Dwayne Elliott Collection
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8. listopad 2023

Delivery is too long; no notifications. I had an order stay in production and never was delivered.

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15. září 2023

L love this printing service. What I will suggest as improvement is the editing interface, could it be made more user friendly? Can you make a design be editable after it has been published?

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1. listopad 2023

The app is fine, no problems. Integrated with Shopify no problem. Ordered samples will decide whether the actually supplier is great or poor after I see the results.

Pretty Rottens
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26. září 2023

Easy to use and so much fun to design with!

Rue Market
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19. září 2023

In particular, I am uploading the AOP Hoodie...using your downloaded template but every time I go to upload the file is too large. Very frustrating.

Paisley Sian
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