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1. březen 2023

Easy to use interface. The Jewellery section has some nice items. I just discovered this site today and I'm looking forward to using it more.

Serenia Fashion
Trinidad a Tobago
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8. květen 2023

I love Jetprint! It's the best print on demand app I've ever used. It has so many products to choose from, and the quality is amazing. The app is easy to use and integrates well with my online store. I can create and sell my own designs in minutes. Jetprint is fast, reliable, and affordable. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start or grow their own online business.

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31. leden 2023

The product choice is good, some mockups in the clothing don't look that good, I'm using other services but I am interested in the bags, shoes and watches, I'm impressed by the shipping times offering and the prices, but the design system is not very good lacking in one key feature I use in other POD services and that's the ability to use Patternize or pattern making, the color selection is a bit simple, everything else seems pretty good.. only thing keeping me from really embracing this is is a better designer system..

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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. duben 2023

Thank you for your feedback here my friend. It's very kind of you to give us important feedback on designer system optimization. We've sorted out your question to our technical department already, we're updating our coding and UI page for better and easier operation in 2023, I'm sorry for the temporary inconvenience here, but the mockup page and the entire experience will surely be better in the following months.

Datum úprav: 2. březen 2023

So far so good! functions great, is easy to use, designs look great in the mockups prices are decent and there is a really good variety of items to choose from including many styles of all-over-print shoes. Fast customer service for issues too! I really love that this app is free too since I am new to this it is helpful for getting started. Thank-you JetPrint!

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Datum úprav: 29. květen 2023

first of all the products are really nice at very affordable prices but im going to give them 4 stars cause they design menu has less features we need more as designer so please work on that

Doba používání aplikace: 6 dny
14. květen 2023

I can only give 2 stars for now, because I have not been able to try the app in my store yet. Before I can try to give the app a try, I am getting pop-ups telling me to rate, without getting the chance to try the app. I will give a better honest rating when I am able to utilize the app, and see if it is as good as it claims to be. Please allow rating editing so that I may update my rating after trying the app in store.

Ice Gold Apparel
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25. leden 2023

It's been about 3 weeks, and so far my experience has been really bad. I signed up and placed an order, and paid for it. Since then I can't log back into my account to view my orders or dashboard, it keeps forcing me to verify my account, over and over again. I haven't received any receipt email for my order either. No one in customer service has returned my emails. Maybe it's because this problem has now overlapped with Chinese New Year? Hopefully, they come back and can resolve these issues.

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15. duben 2023

Great products, especially shoes, easy tool for custumize. Sometimes it's not easy redesign a product.

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24. listopad 2022

We received a high quality product. The service was all right. It was produced and shipped within two weeks (which is fast, in my opinion).
The design interface could be more user friendly, to clearly separate the right left and outside from the inside (especially for boots). But the current one is good to work with too.

Be Balla Clothing & Lifestyle
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27. září 2023

Great catalog and prices but production times are way too long.