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29. duben 2023

Just started using this hoping it would be perfect for my customers as the quality of shoe is better. The problem I see is the lack of ability to make the shoes in the timeline they have posted on their website, along with lack of response when reaching out with issues. I've only made two orders with this company. 1st one took so long to get to me, another vendor I found and tried produced the boots and had them to me two days faster than this order that was placed DAYS before. 2nd order I am trying to cancel and get refunded for as it has been in "production" for 9 full days after order was placed and paid for. If your customers are okay with no updates and long wait times then sure, waste time here. But if not, I don't recommend. The customer experience will be bad. I can't wait to delete this app after I finish this process of trying to get refunded.

Transient Zer00
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27. duben 2023

Absolutely fantastic app,
Fantastic collection of watches, above & beyond when it comes products.
The best thing about Jetprint when you finish your designs it publishes your designs straight in your store categories which saves so much time.

Absolutely superb,

Silver Grey white hair inspiration
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19. duben 2023

Great catalog, especially the shoe and sneakers, however i am experiencing issues when trying to upload images , it tells me unable to upload due to "unstable connection". however on any other app I have no problems uploading the very same images. If this problem can be resolved then it will be the best app to use.

Jihoafrická republika
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15. duben 2023

Great products, especially shoes, easy tool for custumize. Sometimes it's not easy redesign a product.

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3. duben 2023

Great Selection of products, fast fulfillment, would recommend and will continue to keep using for my business

Tiller's Oath
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31. březen 2023


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14. březen 2023

love their large selection of products, just wish I was able to add more products to my store, the app keeps freezing when designing a product.

Ethnic Twist Designs, LLC
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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. duben 2023

Hi, thank you very much for your affirmation of the product types on our website. At present, our technical department is trying to solve the problems you feedback. We're quite sure that in the near future, our website will bring you a better sales experience.

2. březen 2023

Their website is terrible to use on mobile. There is a lot of zooming in, zooming out, rotating the screen, and boxes to fill in that you can’t even see what information should go into the box. Let’s not even talk about shipping times.

I removed their products from my store until they can get their shipping times down and their website to actually work.

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1. březen 2023

Easy to use interface. The Jewellery section has some nice items. I just discovered this site today and I'm looking forward to using it more.

Serenia Fashion
Trinidad a Tobago
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Datum úprav: 2. březen 2023

So far so good! functions great, is easy to use, designs look great in the mockups prices are decent and there is a really good variety of items to choose from including many styles of all-over-print shoes. Fast customer service for issues too! I really love that this app is free too since I am new to this it is helpful for getting started. Thank-you JetPrint!

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