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8. listopad 2023

Delivery is too long; no notifications. I had an order stay in production and never was delivered.

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19. září 2023

In particular, I am uploading the AOP Hoodie...using your downloaded template but every time I go to upload the file is too large. Very frustrating.

Paisley Sian
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11. srpen 2023

This app has a mass quantity of products, but it is difficult designing. Instead of individualizing placement sections of a product, there’s on a layout of the product placements. They lack designing ability like pattern, duplication, and more. What is the point of so many products if consumers are limited on designing abilities. Print on Demand are rated on factors. Design abilities, quality production, cost of production, and customer service. So far to my experience. Designing on this app is pain.

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17. květen 2023

I want to like this app but it will not work. It just kicks me back out to the app section of the Shopify app. I did manage to access it in my browser only to face more disappointment. Overall, it's the eternal upload speed, unintuitive UI and super basic design tools that make this a 2 star app. It is a pity too cause It seems like they have a great selection of products. I hate that I hate it.

An Odd Shoppe
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4. září 2023

Wäre schön wenn ich wieder in meine App käme .Sehr schlecht und schädlich für das Geschäft

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28. květen 2023

Thus far, I have 6 products through Jetprint. 1/2 of them have had manufacturing issues. Either poor quality, item not as pictured or described, or just plain made wrong.

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20. prosinec 2022

I gave it 2 stars because it keeps asking me to rate it. I've designed and imported 2 items and it won't let me do anything else. Customer service contacted me in a days time and said clear browser cache, so I did it again. I still can't design anything and taking down the 2 products I can't trust that My customers will receive these goods if I can't even edit them or design more. If the app had worked I'd give 4 stars before I receive my sample order.
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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. duben 2023

Hello my friend, my apologies for the previous unhappy experience and unusually slow response. It's very kind of you to give us important feedback on designer system optimization. We've sorted out your question with our technical department already, and we're updating our coding and User Interface, and mockup generator for better and easier operation in 2023, I'm sorry for the temporary inconvenience here. The mockup page and the entire experience will surely be better in the following months.

1. prosinec 2022

Where is the customer support? After receiving samples I was happy with, my first customer order was badly misprinted - the entire design was misaligned. I have been in touch via email and still have not had a response. I tried the "chat" on the site and got the response, "I am not at work, love. I will check tmrrw." Pricing is great, but service and support is non-existent.

Roaming Crow Apparel
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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. duben 2023

Hello my friend, my apologies for the previous unhappy experience and unusually slow response. After the version update, our User interface, and design function has been more optimized than before, and we have reorganized a better-dedicated customer service team to help you deal with the problem in time. Welcome to our website to customize your design again, we'll guarantee a better experience and real-time assistance, and fast shipment for you. Please feel free to contact our support team, we can provide you with a free sample.

14. květen 2023

I can only give 2 stars for now, because I have not been able to try the app in my store yet. Before I can try to give the app a try, I am getting pop-ups telling me to rate, without getting the chance to try the app. I will give a better honest rating when I am able to utilize the app, and see if it is as good as it claims to be. Please allow rating editing so that I may update my rating after trying the app in store.

Ice Gold Apparel
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21. srpen 2022

The app is pretty good. However, the shoe boxes are way too small and extremely flimsy. The poor quality of the shoe boxes has resulted in shoes being damaged during shipping. Also, the box falls apart the moment you pull the shoes out. You'll have to put tape on the boxes to keep them from coming apart. They need to improve the shoe packages ASAP!

Urban Alchemist Clothing
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Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 3 roky
Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. duben 2023

Really appreciate your important feedback and advice here my friend, After years of precipitation and versions update, our products and related accessories have been more optimized than before, As for the shoebox problem you pointed out, the shoebox we're now using is of better quality among the peers. As you know, international parcels will be continuously processed by transfer centers, our shoeboxes may be intact from violent transportation, or man-made breakage during the shipment. We're doing our best to avoid it here, and also support better shoe box branding with better quality for you, please feel free to contact our support team to get better shoe box development only for you.