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24. květen 2024

I can not change color on items that I already create and the text keep going backward.

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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 26. květen 2024

Hey there,

We apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced while using our app. 

At the moment, our app does not support editing of previously created projects. However, our technical team is actively working on implementing a feature that will allow designs to be edited for a second time. 

Regarding the issue with the text moving backward, this might occur if your cursor has not been released after selecting a layer. We recommend ensuring that the layer is deselected before making any adjustments to prevent this issue from happening again.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team with any further questions or concerns.

Thank you.

6. květen 2024

its at the very, very beginning to be user friendly, compared with top players like Printify. The workflow from uploading the image, to placing the image .... till the publishing @ shopify ...its not at all smooth. And for the eyes, the scale is too small. Even upscaling in Chrome/Linux (Ubuntu) nothing changes. The menues with 6-8 px are hardly to read. It still needs lots of development of the app to be seen as competitive against other players in the market.

Peace of Mind (PoM) - Happy Life !
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20. březen 2024

The sneaker and materials itself were of high quality and they fit ok- but it seemed unfinished and one side in particular looked handcut and misshapen. numerous visible product issues not in the mockups online -double stitches, frayed edges, etc. when i posted pictures of the actual product reaction was less than enthusiastic. others say they have had a positive experience so maybe it was that one product but right now I wouldn't recommend for a higher end shop.

Doba používání aplikace: 19 dny
Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 21. březen 2024

Hey there,

Thank you for providing your feedback. We appreciate your pursuit of the perfect product.

On March 20th (UTC+8), you reached out to us via online chat, expressing your concerns and preferences regarding our products. Among your requests, you specifically mentioned the importance of double stitching for you. We provided a detailed response to your inquiries on that day, and I will reiterate it here.

1. Our products are all made-to-order and hand-sewn. While we strive for consistency, it's important to note that achieving perfectly parallel double stitching in every pair may not always be feasible. If uniformity is essential to you, we suggest considering bulk orders.

2. Regrettably, we are unable to offer refunds for minor discrepancies such as slightly uneven stitching or minor fraying along the edges. Due to the handmade nature of our process, some degree of variation is to be expected.

3. While we value your dedication to customer satisfaction, we must clarify that we cannot guarantee flawlessness in every pair of shoes.

We appreciate your input and wish you success in finding a supplier that meets your exacting standards.

Thank you.

24. duben 2024

ho problemi con la verifica della mail ,non mi fa aprire l'applicazione e non posso lavorarci

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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 26. duben 2024


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this matter to our attention.

We have not received any prior reports of customers experiencing email verification issues with our application.

To address your concern, we suggest verifying that your network connection is stable and functioning properly. Oftentimes, connectivity issues can impede an app's performance. Additionally, please double-check that the email address you entered is accurate to ensure successful verification.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. We are here to assist you to the best of our ability.

8. listopad 2023

Delivery is too long; no notifications. I had an order stay in production and never was delivered.

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Doba používání aplikace: 8 měsíci
Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 8. duben 2024

Hey there,

We apologize for your disappointment with our service.

After reviewing your order history, it seems that you placed your hat order with us on October 6, 2023 (UTC+8). Unfortunately, during our quality review process, we discovered that your hat design had a watermark effect, and despite multiple attempts, we were unable to meet our review standards for the order, resulting in shipping delays.

In early November, we reached out to inform you about the design issues and sought your guidance on whether to proceed with shipments. Regrettably, we didn't receive your reply within a reasonable timeframe. Consequently, we initiated the refund process for your order on November 9, 2023 (UTC+8).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by my delay in notifying you promptly about changes in your order status. Rest assured, we're dedicated to improving our notification system to ensure that our customers are promptly informed about any updates or changes to their orders.

Once again, we apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this situation has caused you.

19. září 2023

In particular, I am uploading the AOP Hoodie...using your downloaded template but every time I go to upload the file is too large. Very frustrating.

Paisley Sian
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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 30. březen 2024


Thank you for reaching out and for sharing your feedback with us.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you experienced while trying to upload your AOP hoodie using our template. Rest assured, we have swiftly resolved the issue regarding file size limits to ensure a smoother experience for all our users moving forward.

We are always open to hearing from you, whether it's to report challenges or offer suggestions for further improvements. Your voice matters to us, and we're here to listen.


4. září 2023

Wäre schön wenn ich wieder in meine App käme .Sehr schlecht und schädlich für das Geschäft

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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 3. duben 2024

Hey there,

We're sorry for any inconvenience or frustration caused by recent changes to our app.

We recognize the importance of optimizing our applications to better serve our customers. Our aim is to simplify the process and remove any unnecessary steps, ultimately improving your JetPrint experience.

To assist you further, we've created tutorials offering step-by-step guidance on using our updated app. These resources are tailored to help you navigate any changes seamlessly.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions along the way, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you. Please don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll gladly support you throughout the process.


21. srpen 2022

The app is pretty good. However, the shoe boxes are way too small and extremely flimsy. The poor quality of the shoe boxes has resulted in shoes being damaged during shipping. Also, the box falls apart the moment you pull the shoes out. You'll have to put tape on the boxes to keep them from coming apart. They need to improve the shoe packages ASAP!

Urban Alchemist Clothing
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Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 3 roky
Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. duben 2023

Really appreciate your important feedback and advice here my friend, After years of precipitation and versions update, our products and related accessories have been more optimized than before, As for the shoebox problem you pointed out, the shoebox we're now using is of better quality among the peers. As you know, international parcels will be continuously processed by transfer centers, our shoeboxes may be intact from violent transportation, or man-made breakage during the shipment. We're doing our best to avoid it here, and also support better shoe box branding with better quality for you, please feel free to contact our support team to get better shoe box development only for you.

25. říjen 2022

I gave a 2 stars for numerous things, speed of shipping was about 3 weeks but no tracking was given, the quality of the watch I ordered wasn't as good as I thought it would be, it feels like it will rust easily and compared to one I looked at in town at my local jewellery store, its not as good quality, the prices should be much lower, also USD is more expensive and I cannot see the conversion once I import it to my store which is unfair, I have to guess and depending on the currency conversion I am charged extra by my bank which is not very fair for an $18USD watch cost me $38NZD if I am going to resell it I would get complaints, the watch also stopped working numerous times, so I was late for one appointment because I was counting on the watch to work but it was 1 hour late.

Nový Zéland
Doba používání aplikace: Asi rokem
Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. duben 2023

Thank you for your feedback. At present, we have improved the app in all aspects. The average production time is 5-7 working days(depending on the quantity of the order products) The average shipping time for Standard Delivery is about 14-20 working days, and 5-9 working days for Express Delivery. Regarding logistics tracking, we have also upgraded the system so that the tracking number will be automatically updated within two days of the delivery of the package.

1. červen 2021

The app is user friendly, but sadly delivery of product is very long (4+ weeks) and some items are sent back to the sender. Not very good look for our brand as we proud ourselves to delivery the best customer service as possible. We are quite disappointed...

Limitless Evolution NZ
Nový Zéland
Doba používání aplikace: 11 měsíci
Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 2. červen 2021

updated in 2023: Really appreciate your important feedback and advice here my friend, After years of precipitation and versions update, our User interface, and design function has been more optimized than before, and we have reorganized a better-dedicated customer service team to help you deal with the problem in time. Welcome to our website to customize your design again, we'll guarantee a better experience and real-time assistance, and fast shipment for you. Please feel free to contact our support team, we can provide you with a free sample.

Hello my dear friend, this is JetPrint's support team lead,

Here I've confirmed that it was returned because of the old channel block issue to NZ, we've upgraded to New Zealand special logistic line for you, and please check the message & new tracking link there. The followed tracking info will be continuously updated here. Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you here, we've confirmed and signed new channels & special logistic lines to New Zealand, will guarantee the returning won't happen again, and also will surely pay more attention to your followed orders & our collaboration.🤝

Really appreciate your kindness and support.