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18. prosinec 2023

Nice App. You need more current shoes, Chunky, Big Bottoms, Stacks etc. MOre comperable to popular brand styles. I do like the app though.

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19. prosinec 2023

I think it takes too long to hear response back from Customer Service. People are starting to make orders and have questions about their orders I can't answer.

Experigenics Marketplace
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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 20. prosinec 2023


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay in our customer service responses. We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for assistance, especially when you have questions about your order.

We acknowledge that there has been some time spent confirming the color of the shoes in our communication. Seven days ago, we sent you a production request, awaiting your confirmation before proceeding to avoid any unnecessary issues. Your reply was received three days ago, and on the same day, our customer service team notified the production department to adjust the color of the shoes.

Today, we received your inquiry about the status of your order, and I'm pleased to inform you that we have upgraded your shipping method to the fastest available option at no additional cost.

16. listopad 2023

The products are always great however it has been brought to my attention by a customer of mine that the shoe size conversion from EU to US is in some instances wrong.
For instance my customer purchased a US size 10 and received an EU 47, but in fact it should have been an EU 44.

Union Jacked
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20. listopad 2023

The Stars are for the products available on the platform they're great but the designing process is Abit frustrating with very few designing tools for example there's no creat patterns option and u can't scale the design or it will be low resolution please and more designing options. Thanks

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1. listopad 2023

The app is fine, no problems. Integrated with Shopify no problem. Ordered samples will decide whether the actually supplier is great or poor after I see the results.

Pretty Rottens
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30. září 2023

There are great products on Jetprint, but I wish the process to create Personalized products was easier. I also would like to be able to copy my products to make different variations, instead of having to start from scratch for each new product. When I am creating my products, there is not an option to add a design from the DIY side unless I am making an order. This is frustrating.

New Genesis Market
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19. duben 2023

Great catalog, especially the shoe and sneakers, however i am experiencing issues when trying to upload images , it tells me unable to upload due to "unstable connection". however on any other app I have no problems uploading the very same images. If this problem can be resolved then it will be the best app to use.

Jihoafrická republika
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14. březen 2023

love their large selection of products, just wish I was able to add more products to my store, the app keeps freezing when designing a product.

Ethnic Twist Designs, LLC
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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. duben 2023

Hi, thank you very much for your affirmation of the product types on our website. At present, our technical department is trying to solve the problems you feedback. We're quite sure that in the near future, our website will bring you a better sales experience.

5. únor 2024

They are not responsive to emails and messages. However the app appears to run smoothly.

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Vývojář JetPrint Fulfillment odpověděl 18. únor 2024

Hey there,

We're sorry for the delay in getting back to your emails and messages promptly. Cus most of our employees were on vacation for Chinese New Year celebrations and a little more slowdown than we had hoped for, but we back now. And we're fully committed to addressing your concerns as quickly as possible.

13. leden 2024


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