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6. březen 2024

Fantastic Appl Wonderful help and support when needed. It definitely helps lift my sales showing the reviews from my customers.

Bumblebeez Kidz Boutique
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28. únor 2024

Amazing support team. Beautiful system, definitely recommend this judging system. Integrates with a lot of other apps. And is easy to use.

Anime Gear Guru
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26. březen 2024

So far, so good! I just installed this app a few months ago and it's been a great experience so far. We don't get a ton of e-commerce traffic (working on it!) but we do get reviews here and there thanks to the Judge.me app. Their tech support crew is super fast and friendly and the app is affordable which is important bc software fees really add up! The review request emails are customizable and easy to set up. I would recommend this app for sure.

HYCH: Heat You Can Handle
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14. březen 2024

The best review app on Shopify. I tried a few others but I came back to Judge.me because they are the easiest, most reliable and customer service is excellent! Thanh was also SUPER helpful in setting things, so thank you! Can't recommend enough!

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23. březen 2024

I really like this app for getting reviews for my Shopify shop.

They automatically send out review request emails, which has grown my review numbers nicely. Plus they can automatically give your customers a thank you discount code so you don't have to do it yourself.

I had to contact the customer support because I was trying to add their widget for external websites (non-Shopify) to one of my websites and it wasn't working properly. The customer support rep fixed the issue quickly for me.

Highly recommend this app!

Wild And Solo
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10. duben 2024

As a novice ecommerce store owner, nothing seems to be intuitive. So I contacted the Judge.me Customer Chat Line. I was fortunate to reach Rodrigo, who helped me to eliminate a duplication that was appearing on my product customer review request.

In addition, Rodrigo provided me a link that should be very help in collecting much need reviews for my products. Thanks again Rodrigo.

Health Tracker Products.com
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12. duben 2024

The best Shopify review app there is. Great features (even on the free plan) and the live chat were very fast, able to fix my issue promptly, and explained how to do it.

Dice Dragons
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26. březen 2024

We have Judge.me installed for more than 2 years. Assistance has been easily accessible with Judge.me. Help rendered is sincere in solving the issues for us. Today, Victor has been very patient in helping us configure and customise the carousel and review settings in our new theme. Keep up the good work, guys!

Ginger and Bear
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15. únor 2024

I love all the new updates Judge Me has added. it's really easy to navigate, and if you have any problems, customer service is really helpful. Cassiano helped me a lot and was very friendly.

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5. duben 2024

Beside of the Common Google reviews the best tool for review on the market! Also a must have for shops without a physical store, who arent allowed to use google reviews.

And 10/10 stars from my side for the unrivaled support. Very kind, very fast and always (!) available!

Dynamic Shooting Austria
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