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16 Şubat 2024

The app has been a little challenging to use and import my old order history from Wix to Shopify.

Hakima was WONDERFUL !!! I cannot thank her enough. I have spoken to many Judge.me team members and none were able to help me over the 4 -5 week period of trying to transfer my old orders over to receive reviews on the new website. Hakima worked for hours with me to fix this major issue and she was so so helpful and knew exactly what to do. So many others had just sent me links to blog posts that were not helpful at all. I am very grateful for her determination and strong customer service skills !!!

I am also surprised that this issue was quite tricky to resolve as I am sure many people are in a similar situation.

Other than that issue the app seems user friendly for customers which is great.

Thankyou Hakima, I am so happy you could help me.

I L A + A V A
24 Ocak 2024

L'assistance est très réactive et professionnelle.

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26 Şubat 2024

The support is great. Contacted them several times. However, the app is quite buggy and needed help from staff to fix issues. If it wasn't so buggy then I wouldn't have needed to contact support so much. That being said, I like their features and would recommend them.

25 Ocak 2024


The Knotty Rope
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:2 yıldan fazla
12 Şubat 2024

I have not used the app yet so I cannot say too much, but your staff in helping me get it set up was very helpful. I am very thankful for your team who quickly got online to ask if I needed help.

Unstoppable Empowerment, LLC
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27 Şubat 2024

Really great app, great customer service and support, and I love that there's so many easy to use integrations. One thing that stopped me from giving 5 stars is that all the reviews combine into one widget, there is no option to have product reviews and store reviews in separate carrousel widgets.

Bart's Taping Tools
26 Ocak 2024

I haven't been using the app long enough to make an evaluation, but so far it seems to function as advertised.

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Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:1 yıldan fazla
13 Şubat 2024

Setting up the app is not super-easy, but the support is great. I am not tech savvy so it may be easier for other folks. I can't say how the app works yet since I just started using it.

Artesão Cookie Molds
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15 Ocak 2024

I would rate it a 5, but the app is a bit tricky to understand. lots of crazy steps, but it's good for what I need.

Wild Pine & Company
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Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
7 Şubat 2024

Pretty good. Some aspects can be confusing, but overall I'm pleased with it. The premium plan for review incentives is a little expensive in my opinion. Customer service/support is very helpful.

Kloc Fabrication
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