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9 Aralık 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

** Update to our review
The JustUno team reached out to us and made things right. They've provided a refund for our annual subscription and apologized for the delays in responding to us. I've changed our review rating from a 1-star to 3-stars. We successfully used the app for pop ups on our website for over 2 years and it served our needs well.
Decent app but be aware of their customer service. Like the other negative reviews posted, we've been given the run around multiple times when trying to cancel our annual subscription which auto-renewed without notice. What's frustrating is that we heard back from their support team once offering us a solution to which we replied. It's been radio silence ever since. We are out $907 because they can't respond to a simple email. I can't recommend JustUno to any businesses looking for this sort of functionality. There are plenty of other options out there with much better customer service.

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Justuno yanıt 30 Kasım 2022

We’re sorry to hear about your experience with our app. Customer service is number one priority for Justuno. After checking with our support team, it seems they received your request and responded to you via email. One of our support professionals will reach out to you for any further assistance. Your feedback is important to us. Thank you for using Justuno.

14 Kasım 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

Can't access their backend in this morning and keep on say "please try again"..............Can someone check it?

The Health Store Hong Kong
Çin Hong Kong ÖİB
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 12 ay
Justuno yanıt 18 Kasım 2022

Thank you for your feedback and thank you for using Justuno. Your feedback is extremely important to us. One of our support representatives should be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to growing alongside your business.

19 Eylül 2021

It works fine and gets the job done but the pop ups looks pretty sloppy and the user interface isn't the easiest to use.

Karma Nail Wraps
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Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 8 ay
Justuno yanıt 20 Eylül 2021

Thank you for your feedback! We’ve recently given a designer brushstroke to our pop-up templates. You can check these out in the Template Library section of your account. Not only are the designs upgraded, but the targeting rules are dialed in for different advanced use cases. Our team pushed this update last week so we encourage you to check it out! Templates like our two-step form (email and SMS capture) and SMS opt-ins have updated looks and compliance language. Plus, Q4 holiday pop-ups are also now available in the library. We’re continually making small UI changes to improve your experience. Keep your eyes open for some upcoming releases that will make using Justuno even easier for your team. Thanks for being a Justuno customer!

6 Aralık 2018

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20 Kasım 2018

There are a lot of features with this app. So many in fact, that it's getting very difficult to find items. The interface is not super intuitive and it's glitchy.

That said, it does what it says it'll do. Our popups have been successful thus far, but the time it takes to create a new campaign, one that actually looks good and has no glitches or formatting issues once published, is not worth it for us to pay for any aspect of the plan.

I recommend JustUno revisits their campaign builder's UX and that they onboard every customer - - even free ones (via live webinar is fine).

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Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 1 yıldan fazla
14 Kasım 2018

Still trying to decide if I like it. I have had problems with it in the past but I am trying it again.

Little Spud Boutique
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: Neredeyse 5 yıl
25 Eylül 2018

Like the customizations. Not especially intuitive and a bit tricky to navigate. Hope it gets easier with time.

Ease Living
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Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 1 yıldan fazla
25 Eylül 2018

This app is ok. We are pleased with it so far. We have used the cookie bar and a newsletter subscription pop-up and both work well.

Porter Press International
Birleşik Krallık
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: Yaklaşık 2 ay
11 Ağustos 2018

Free for small amounts of traffic which is great. Design and templates aren't great and it's a bit fiddly. The pop ups sometimes take a while to pop up, meaning there aren't a lot of impressions and my conversion rates weren't the greatest, even after testing different creative. Will keep trying.

Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: Yaklaşık 1 yıl
1 Ağustos 2018

Not great design, but seems functional so far

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Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 7 ay