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29 augustus 2023

It worked fine for some weeks but now has everything became
invisible for some reason. There are hard to get support! I have tried all of the guidelines without any solution. When you click on customize theme are they still there but not displaying. No where to find support, I send a email to without any response

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Klarna heeft geantwoord 1 september 2023


We're sorry to hear that you have been having troubles with your On Site Messaging placements for your site.

It appears that the placements are now active on your site and are working correctly.

Our Merchant Support team will reach out with further confirmation of this. If you have any further questions they are happy to help.

28 oktober 2022

I am a new customer of Klarna, I have done the whole account process at Klarna in which it was approved. So far so good, but after installing the shopify application I received a notice inside the application that does not support the Online Store 2.0, how so? all the themes of shopify today are in this new version and you have no support? seriously that? what a technology delay... And now how do I install and use klarna? I sent a message to support yesterday and have not been answered yet either... They have already started badly in several aspects to be a company would be. I hope they help me and that they improve this outdated and confusing system of yours. Translated with (free version)

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Klarna heeft geantwoord 28 oktober 2022

We'll certainly support you via your existing support case; please know that our support team will reply as soon as they can, but that may be a few business days depending on the case load.

This app does support Online Store 2.0 though, as documented at:

Hopefully you can share the details of the notice via the case emails so that we can clarify that, and provide any other support needed.

12 juli 2023

When I'm Shopify and editing, the Klarna symbol appears. But when you go online to my website, IT IS NOT WORKING NOR SHOWING up. This is so strange. Also when I switch to Vintage Mode and want to place the icons manually, I can't even preview my own online store. It says in a text that Klarna is working on it, but it has been there for a long time now... So annoying. For me, it is working, but for others, I can't see the Klarna icon!

9 maanden gebruiken de app
Klarna heeft geantwoord 24 juli 2023


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with the configuration of our On Site Messaging app. In particular the preview functionality in our Vintage mode.

I can see that on of our Partner Support agents has reached out to you with a guide on case #100115583.

If you require any additional help, please reply directly to this support case & we're happy to assist further to get your On Site Messaging up & running.

15 augustus 2023

I have done the whole account process at Klarna in which it was approved.

After installing the shopify application I received a notice inside the application that does not support the Online Store 2.0!

My theme is a Online Store 2.0 one nad i can add the placement in the backend but it does not work and it is not showing in the storefront.

Please contact me.

Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils
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Klarna heeft geantwoord 17 augustus 2023

Hi Aerofoils, sorry to hear that you're having difficulties with our Klarna placements for your store.

Our app is able to support Shopify 2.0 themes either with our vintage placement options or the app blocks feature. There can sometimes be issues if the theme that is being used has custom elements that block our app functionality.

Our Merchant Support team will reach out this afternoon to help with the configuration of the On Site Messaging for your site.

29 juli 2023

Will you ever fix this app? I've been trying to use this for months and it still doesnt work. You keep prompting the message that you will resolve the issue but nothing seems to be happening. I tried to email regarding the problem and didn't even get a response. What is this ?

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Klarna heeft geantwoord 31 juli 2023

Hi Loulouis,

Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. We apologise for any inconvenience and are currently working to update our documentation to better reflect the functionality of the app.

Our Merchant Support team will be in touch as soon as possible to help resolve the issue.

10 mei 2023

It won't work !! I've emailed twice and spoken to someone on the chat, no one can help !!!! I love using Klarna as a customer which is why i wanted it for our website however after over a week of contacting Klarna and no one helping maybe it's time to look somewhere else !!! Not impressed with the lack of support

La De Da Boutique
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Klarna heeft geantwoord 11 mei 2023

Hi La De Da Boutique, I'm sorry to hear that you have had issues with our On-Site Messaging app and are not happy with the support you have received so far.

We will be in touch soon to help you resolve the issue.

25 februari 2023

I thought the reviews was exaggerating, but they are spot on. You guys (Klarna) had the same problem for the last 6 months or so, why not just fix it?? The checkout page is directing to Klarna instead of maybe customers being on my website

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Klarna heeft geantwoord 25 februari 2023

Hi Yakeros,
We're sorry that things aren't working well for you, but our support team is happy to help. If you haven't already done so, please email and our team will work with you.

3 februari 2023

I thought the bad reviews were an exaggeration before I downloaded the app. Unfortunty, it's all true nothing works. Can't even access the ad platforms, preview doesn't work for drag and drop and even if you do active nothing shows up.

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Klarna heeft geantwoord 4 februari 2023

Hi Biofusions,
Our support team will happily help you get this app working for your store if you email

With themes that don't support Shopify's Online Store 2.0 architecture, there is no consistently compatible way to always inject code for on-site messaging that can work across all vintage themes. We've worked hard to code options to attach to CSS, but depending on the theme, there isn't always a viable way to do so.

Compatibility and consistency are much improved with app blocks, but those are only available for themes that support Online Store 2.0 architecture; more info at:

Regardless of the theme type though, we're happy to support whenever needed. We hope you'll give us the opportunity to get this working for your store.

30 augustus 2023

Was working for a while but has now stopped working completely and does not appear on the product pages as before. No idea what has happened, very unstable app.

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7 maanden gebruiken de app
Klarna heeft geantwoord 1 september 2023

Hi Floragy,

We're sorry that your experience using our On Site Messaging has been less than Smoooth.

We can confirm that your placements are now active again following a fix to our latet app update.

21 juni 2023

The app simply does not work. Would be great if someone could contact us and get this sorted. Just keeps saying error

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