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28 maart 2024

Normally I love the badges but it is so complicated to integrate them. Other marketing apps are so much easier use. I couldnt integrate the announcement bar, a fiver freelancer couldnt help me either.

3 dagen gebruiken de app
Klarna heeft geantwoord 2 april 2024

Thank you for your review! We'd love to support you with this. I wasn't able to see an existing support ticket with us so if you could reach out to us on we'd be happy to take a look at this for you. Have a lovely day!

20 januari 2024

Im really having a hard time setting up the product widget.. what if I Had stripe but not a klarna account?!! what should i do and how my costumers would know about klarna with out a widget... I really do need help from klarna support please email me back

Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
Ongeveer 18 uur gebruiken de app
Klarna heeft geantwoord 22 januari 2024

Hello! Thank you for your review. I can see our support team has been in communication with you as recently as yesterday and will continue to support you until the issue is resolved. Have a lovely day!

1 december 2023

The app is not working, it worked in the beginning and now it does not anymore.

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Klarna heeft geantwoord 4 december 2023

Hello and thank you for your review. We would love to support you with this and hear more on what problem you are experiencing on Have you for example connected the right MID to the On-Site messaging app?

We look forward to hearing from you!

22 juli 2021

I've been contacting support but no response. The ad position isn't working. This isn't right. What do I do?

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Klarna heeft geantwoord 22 juli 2021

Hi Betshias,
I'm sorry the app isn't working for your store. I've requested partner access to your store so that I can help.

Bewerkt 1 november 2019

This app does not perform as expected, nor could we get reliable support from them to make it work as promised. For example, support kept saying the app can definitely show only Klarna’s 4 payment option (which is what we wanted), but instead the app keeps cycling through messaging for all of Klarna’s options (such as buy now, pay in 30 days). Support doesn’t seem to understand their own apps. Do they think Shopify is some niche player and it’s not worth opening up their own apps to see how they work (or don’t work)? It’s very peculiar.

I was super impressed by Klarna CEO, Sebastian Siemiatkowski, and Klarna’s operations in Europe. However, Klarna US is a different operation. As in, almost completely different. I was surprised.

The US operation even has a completely different CEO. One that comes off far worse in interviews than Sebastian, unfortunately. He repeatedly says “yes no” to almost everything asked of him, which is a concerning tic. This may indicate that even doesn’t know how Klarna works yet. He may need to grow into the job, which could take some time.

As another review said, we were thought we were approved and promoted Klarna... then we found out their rep didn’t set us up right. We then had to make site modifications that others in the same industry (such as The Fragrance Shop and Perfume Direct) were not required to do, which gave us no examples to follow. The rep made promises of help which she did not deliver. Not only was this a needless and peculiar complication, it is a tangible form of discrimination that puts us in an inferior position. It simply isn’t right.

I still have high hopes for Klarna, as their European operation is top notch. However, their US operation and Shopify apps all need to be rethought and redone to raise standards dramatically. They already seem to be “be there” in Europe. They just need to rise to the same level in the North America. - Dan K

Verenigde Staten
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Klarna heeft geantwoord 4 november 2019

After looking into the issue you've reported, we just have a couple of questions to help us better understand the situation. If you open a support case via, we'd be happy to support you to make sure On-Site Messaging is working as desired.

You stated that the messaging is promoting various Klarna Payment options rather than Pay in 4 Installments. This is due to the fact that your online store is configured to offer the full range of Klarna Payment methods, but would you rather it be changed to just Pay in 4 Installments? This is absolutely something we can help with. This would change the app messaging to only reflect this payment method. It is important to bear in mind that there is a minimum amount for OSM to display which is based on your Klarna contract and configuration.

We also have a planned update to the app which will include up-sell messaging, so that customers will be greeted with the option to add XX amount to their basket in order to reach the minimum amount for Installment payments.

If you could get back to us with the above information, we will get to work!

We do appreciate all feedback, and will continue to work on improvements to the On-Site Messaging feature.

1 maart 2023

I installed the app, and I am being instructed to open the app but every time I try to open the app my screen goes blank

Curvaceous Fashionistas
Verenigde Staten
6 maanden gebruiken de app
Klarna heeft geantwoord 1 maart 2023

Hi Curvaceous Fashionistas,
Our support team will be happy to work with you to get this resolved. If you haven't already done so, please email so that we can help you directly.

11 augustus 2022

Not very good, low support when needed, annoying code and apps what send you in circles. needs updating or changing often and did not live up to what was expected.. maybe try again if we could get help

Quality home Clothing | Beauty
Verenigd Koninkrijk
6 maanden gebruiken de app
Klarna heeft geantwoord 11 augustus 2022

Hi Quality home Clothing | Beauty,

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having trouble setting up your Klarna On Site Messaging

Our Merchant Support team will be reaching out to you to offer further assistance on this

20 november 2021

I changed my theme and now my placements will not load to my new theme I haven't had any trouble with the app until I changed my theme

ZZ's Dollhouse
Verenigde Staten
5 maanden gebruiken de app
Klarna heeft geantwoord 20 november 2021

Hi ZZ's Dollhouse,
There is a config option (within the Settings menu in the app admin) for Ad Positions to be deactivated whenever the theme is switched (to avoid on-site messaging showing up in unexpected locations after a theme change). If that setting and reactivating the Ad Positions doesn't resolve the issue, likely the currently selected CSS element used for the Ad Position doesn't exist on the new theme. You can use the autopicker or drag and drop to update the Ad Position to a new CSS element that exists in the new theme.

If you need support, please email and we're happy to help get this working again for you.

20 november 2019

So far... it's just not working. I've done everything right.. but not seeing anything on the website. I assume people are having issues if they have a custom built websites. However, the stock website on Shopify probably work straight away. I've contacted support and will update this review if I manage to get things up and running. I'll also include tips on how I managed to get it working.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
Klarna heeft geantwoord 20 november 2019

Thank you for your review and we're sorry to hear that the messaging isn't appearing on your website. Our Support team are standing by to help, if you could send an email to then they can look into the issue for you.

3 september 2020

I really liked this app at first. I had some frustrations with the customization and getting it to show up correctly. When I switched my theme and went to make it active again, it would not work. It took more than a month to get some kind of answer. They basically told me that I needed to go into my theme and code something but no one would walk me through it or do it for me. Since I could not get it to show on my website any longer, I deleted it.

Also, if you have an item that costs more than $1000 you cannot use the installment plan...only the financing plan. Wish I knew that going into it.

Easy Out Bed
Verenigde Staten
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Klarna heeft geantwoord 3 september 2020

Easy Out Bed
We're very sorry to hear you did not receive necessary and proactive guidance from our side. We'll reach out directly on email to identify how we can better support you. Nicholas @ Klarna