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23. květen 2024

I've been using the free version of this app for about a month and everything has been running smoothly. I ran into an issue with one of my products because I inadvertently unchecked a box that automatically sends the download email. I contacted customer service and the issue was fixed in less than an hour. Very quick replies. I will definitely be upgrading because it works seamlessly with shopify. Thank you

Affirmations Manifested
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23. červen 2024

LDT is a good app for digital downloads and very good compared to other competitor apps. Very good customer support that has helped with every issue we've had. Thanks!

Winslet's Patterns
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Doba používání aplikace: 3 měsíci
25. květen 2024

We love this app! It is easy to install and use. Everything works fine - we haven't had a glitch since installation. It is feature-packed. There are options to upgrade but those are meant for when our store already gets better capacity to pay for the costs - for example, when there's a greater influx of sales - which is understandable and justified.

Store with a Heart
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13. květen 2024

The service is very good. This is the best plug-in I have ever used in shopify. I will always use it. The user experience is great.

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11. květen 2024

I used this app for the first time today..very easy to navigate and an issue I faced it was solved within minutes after contacting the support. I am currently using the free version as this will do for me for the time being as I am just starting out, however, even if I need to upgrade I wouldn't hesitate as it is one of the most affordable apps in shopify! I highly recommend.

Design Digital Dreams Store
Doba používání aplikace: 19 dny
21. květen 2024

Cade has been super helpful with helping us figure out workarounds every step of the way! Great customer service and the app has improved efficiencies for us across the board. Thank you!

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16. květen 2024

This company has been very helpful in getting things setup just exactly how I wanted! The program runs smoothly and provides just enough space for my needs at this time.

Thank you!

Aries Games & Miniatures
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1. červenec 2024

I love it so far! Easy to use on the business end and easy for customers as well.

Hallowed Shop
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30. duben 2024

I had a great experience with LDT Digital Downloads app! The customer service is amazing. They're really kind and patient, and they respond super quickly. I had a problem with it not working with another upsell app, but their team jumped on it right away and got everything running smoothly. I'm very impressed with their quick and effective help. I highly recommend this app to anyone using LDT Digital Downloads app. They truly go above and beyond!

Joy Lights, Illuminate Your Plans
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17. červenec 2024

Hello. So far very good experience with the app. I also contacted support, they were polite and helpful.

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