Language Translate ‑ETranslate

Language Translate ‑ETranslate

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30% OFF! Translate store language & Multi-languages translator

Shopify Native Translation

ETranslate works seamlessly with Shopify's SEO-friendly native multi-language feature, offers Manual, Auto AI translation without limits.

Translate all types of content

Translate store content includes checkout page & third-party apps in 1-click with AI Translation. Auto switch languages by visitors location

Unlimited languages

Translate & edit with unlimited number of languages & pageviews. Real-time Auto-translate the newest content. Multilingual SEO available

Language Translate ‑ETranslateの詳細情報

30% OFF For BFCM!

Save 30% to get a multilingual store. Start try with free 30k words for AI translate (enough to translate most of the store)

Why choose ETranslate Translator?

Can your store be available in multiple languages? You may have missed a lot of potential orders if the answer is "NO!".

What can you do with Etranslate?

  • Supported by Shopify, you can localize your shop without slowed page loading time. Easily translate your store into multi-languages.
  • Indexed better by search engine. You will have locale-aware URLs for different languages of your store.
  • Reach global market and boost conversion, no language barrier.
  • Checkout page and Notification can be translated seamlessly.

Manual translate & Automatic translate

  • Auto AI translate: Working with Google Neural Machine Translate API, your resources can be easily translated in minutes. Glossary is supported to keep specialist vocabulary.
  • Manual translate feature: Translate store content manually with our clean interface and intimate tool.

SEO friendly

  • Add unique hreflang tags for each language or region URL.
  • Generate sitemaps that contain all published languages.
  • Following Google multilingual SEO best practices.
  • Simply translate meta tags, desc, tags, etc.

CSV export & import feature

You can export your resources into a CSV file, edit the translation in local, then import it back to Etranslate. The translation will be applied automatically.

Auto language detection

Etranslate allows to auto-detect visitor browser language and shows the matched language at the first visit.

Multiple languages are available

Both Manual and automatic translation support multiple languages, including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Bangla, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Thai. etc.

According to the Shopify limit, you can add 5 languages for Shopify plans and 20 languages for Shopify Plus.

Full control over resources with the powerful editor

The app manages well-organized content details in your store. Including

  • Check out
  • Products
  • Collections
  • Homepage & Theme
  • Blogs
  • Pages
  • Email & SMS
  • Navigation
  • Delivery method
  • Metafields
  • Shops
  • Shop policy
  • Payment gateway

Other features

  • Glossary
  • Image translate
  • Third-party apps translate
  • Customized language selector
  • Auto-sync new content and create translate tasks
  • Compatible with most of the SEO apps

Integrates with

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Kindly describe your questions detailedly. We will try our best to your satisfaction. We offer email support from Monday - Friday.


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  • Product Review,
  • Trackingmore,
  • PageFly,
  • Free Shipping Bar






料金 7日間の無料体験



2,0000 Free words Auto AI translation, more words are available

  • Manual & AI translation
  • Visitor language redirection
  • Checkout page translation
  • Front-end App translation
  • Customized language switcher



40,000 words Auto AI translation

  • All free plan features
  • Glossary
  • Import & Export
  • Image translation
  • Unpublished theme translation



120,000 words Auto AI translation

  • All free plan features
  • Glossary
  • Import & Export
  • Image translation
  • Page elements translation
  • Unpublished theme translation

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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LIL Milan

We use this app for 3 languages, it works well! Our plan has a limited number of words to translate, so we do manual translation, which needs to be constantly updated if some changes were made. But the app's support is very responsive and helpful! If you use many apps, check for compatibility!


This APP is great. Especially the service team, they solve my problem in time. Nice to have a try on this app.

Camden Rimini

Nice app, translations are accurate and customer service is on point! :)
Definetly reccomend it! :-)



Hi there,

Thank you for your kind feedback! We are always committed to bring you better experience. Feel free to tell us if you have any questions or suggestions!

Zeusir from Team Uppercommerce