Store as IDP‑SSO Login to Apps

Store as IDP‑SSO Login to Apps

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Allow customers to Login using Store as Identity Provider

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Use Store as Identity Provider

Allow customers to login into any Service Provider Application which support SAML2.0, OAuth2.0, JWT, etc. with existing store credentials.

Connect multiple stores

Customers can login into multiple stores with just a single click if they are logged in into any one of the store. Easy customer management.

Seamless Single Sign On

Integrate SSO into popular CRM like Salesforce, WordPress, ZenDesk, FreshWork, etc. and LMS like Docebo, Thinkific. Enable one click login

Podrobnosti o Store as IDP‑SSO Login to Apps

Store as Identity Provider- Login with Store Credentials

Have you ever wondered converting your store into an Standard Identity Provider? Are you looking to allow customers to login into CMS , LMS , other business websites or another Shopify store?

Answer to your question is Yes. Converting your Store into an Identity Provider is as easy as installing our Application. Integrate Single Sign On into any application which supports any standard security protocol like SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0 , JWT, OpenID, RADIUS, WS-FED, etc. All users in your Store can easily access any CMS like Salesforce, WordPress, FreshDesk, ZenDesk, Zoho, etc. and any LMS like CANVAS, Docebo, Thinkific, etc.

You are not only limited to integrating SSO into above applications. Every business model has multiple sites and Applications for customers as well as for employees and giving first class user experience requires giving customers with the feasibility to access all websites/Applications in your Business Space with single set of credentials. Our Login with Customer Account Application gives you the feasibility of allowing customers to login with their Store credentials into websites which is developed in any technology stack like JAVA, .NET, PHP, NodeJS, C# , etc. With Our Application your can integrate SSO into more then 5000+ Applications so you as a merchant can expand your business freely without worrying about login and session management for customers.

Once the user is logged in into one Store with just a single click they can access another store and they will not be required to login again or signup in another store because Guess What? Our Application can connect unlimited number of Stores together and customers are just required to signup in a single store and they can access all other stores with single click without worrying about Signup and Login.

Mapping customer's attributes like their name, phone number, addresses , customer tags, etc. in the Application with which you want to integrate SSO is never been more easier. Any user profile attribute can be mapped into your Application in which you want user to login via their existing Store credentials.

Integrating Single Sign On into Mobile Application is just a matter of few minutes now. Customers can access your mobile application without creating another set of username and password. They can login with their existing customer account credentials.

With this fast moving world don't let your business suffer because of customer can't login into your other stores or applications in your business architecture as they have forgot their credentials and no need of migrating customers in a centralized identity provider to integrate Single Sign On. Use your store as the identity provider with our powerful Application.

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Basic Plan


  • 500 unique user allowed
  • Multiple SSO Protocol Support
  • Login into Single Application
  • Login into Single Store
  • Custom Authentication UI

Standard Plan


  • 1000 unique user allowed
  • Multiple SSO Protocol Support
  • Login into Multiple Applications
  • Login into Multiple Stores
  • Custom Authentication UI

Enterprise Plan


  • 2500 unique user allowed
  • Multiple SSO Protocol Support
  • Login into Multiple Applications
  • Login into Multiple Stores
  • 24*7 Support

* Všechny poplatky jsou fakturovány v USD.
** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

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