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24. duben 2024

LOOX is total scam! Tricked me to move from my current plan to their "Scale" plan. The only scale was the price i had to pay - from $35 to $80 for exactly the same service i used before! And this was not showed to me at the time of migration. In fact, it was represented as like moving to move features for the same price.

Now if you send more than 300 emails per month your price is $79, up from $35! And for what? When Judge Me offers the same features, even more for just $15.

Removing Loox, been using it for years. What shocked me is when i contacted them, they didn't even care that they scammed me and refused to refund. I'm going to report that to shopify. They are not transparent when they ask you to migrate. You are not represented with all facts prior the switch.

Innovato Design
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Vývojář Loox odpověděl 26. duben 2024

Tal from the Loox team here.

I completely understand how stressful it is to get an unexpected charge. I would be happy to help you with this.

Looking at our previous conversations, I see that we did not advise you to upgrade your plan, and when you inquired about it, we offered you the option to downgrade back to your previous plan.

All of the plan's details, including the usage-based pricing model, are clearly present when accepting the plan.

I’ve personally reached out to you, and I'm happy to continue the conversation with you privately.

5. duben 2024

This app helps take my business to the next level. The social proof it provides is amazing and my customers love it too. Very easy to navigate!

Creative Collection
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2. duben 2024

Liz was great. Very quick to solve a little issue that i had (within the hour). It's always great support from Loox :)

Strawberry Valley Prints
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15. březen 2024

Customer support is very helpful! I needed help moving multiple reviews from different product pages and Jodel at their support did it for me with no hassle. A blessing!

The Positive Christian
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21. květen 2024

We recently transitioned to the Loox app for our Shopify store after learning that the Shopify Reviews app would be discontinued. Initially, we were apprehensive about making the switch, fearing the potential issues and complexities that often come with new apps. However, Loox has far exceeded our expectations and made the transition seamless.

The onboarding process was incredibly smooth and straightforward. From the moment we installed Loox, we encountered zero issues. Transferring our reviews from the previous app to Loox was remarkably easy. The app's setup is intuitive and user-friendly, making the whole process a breeze.

Our store's primary language is French, which has been a challenge with other apps in the past. Loox, however, handled this effortlessly. Impressively, the app asks for your store's language during installation – a first for us! This thoughtful feature ensured that we didn't face any language-related issues, providing a seamless experience right from the start.

Integrating Loox with our store was quick and efficient, taking us just about 5 minutes. The app perfectly aligned with our store's branding with minimal effort on our part. Additionally, we appreciated the ability to disable extra options initially and only use the basic features. This step-by-step approach prevented us from feeling overwhelmed and allowed us to gradually explore more advanced options.

The integration with Klaviyo has been flawless. We faced no issues, and the synchronization works perfectly, enhancing our email marketing efforts seamlessly.

Overall, Loox has been a fantastic addition to our Shopify store.

Sounds Good
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5. březen 2024

The support is simply amazing, I've never experienced anything so fast. Super nice and competent. I had a small problem with my rating display and wrote to support about it. Within a very short time, a member of staff called Liz got in touch and helped me straight away. Very high praise from me. Simply TOP

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17. březen 2024

I love this app. I have had no issues with it and it's brilliant for my customers as they can see what other people think about our products. Liz was wonderful and helped me install one of the widgets recently. She was very fast and efficient - a great asset to the team.

The Book Resort
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19. duben 2024

Customer service was very prompt in helping our small woman-owned business! We appreciate Jodel's excellent support and knowledgeable feedback.

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16. květen 2024

Excellent, I love the way they look and customers find it easy to use!

Happy Cable Company
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29. duben 2024

Loox App is great! Easy to set up and if you ever have a problem - e.g. a theme that is not yet Theme 2.0 capable, just send an email to support and within a few hours you will have a solution that a friendly support employee (in my case Jodel - a big thank you at this point!) will implement straight away!

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