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13 febbraio 2023

I've only just loaded it up today and I think I really like it already. It's a little complicated or different for me, but that's because it's got heaps of functionality. Luckily when I couldn't figure it out myself I received near real-time assistance from the team. Glad I changed from my other supplier. They were also doing a great job but I think this will generate better result. Thanks guys.

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Data modifica: 27 giugno 2023

Loved using this app! very easy and understandable. I recommend this app to anyone reading and I love the fact that images and videos can go on reviews. I have also had very a great experience with customer service which is one of the most important things in my opinion. Rain helped me out. He was very quick to respond and help me figure out the issue I was having.

Inlumino Heart Ink
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3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
27 giugno 2023

Have been using the app for a month or so and its the only review app out there to use.

Just noticed via email today that Loox rolled out a Trust Badge review count which had some really nice flexibility baked into it. I, of course, wanted more and wanted to use custom code to include it in a block above the fold.

Laurence was quick to respond and get the code I needed to make this happen and offered easy to follow instructions for how to modify it however I wanted it.

Thank you!!!

Trailblazing Love
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2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
23 novembre 2022

So far so good. Extensive tools for review collection, upselling, social proof et al.
There still are some things to get sorted (like translations to a language other than the 19 default ones) but I see that the support staff is fast and helpful so I do not worry they will get set up.
One big tool that is still missing (and it really hurts) is an ability to import (realtime or daily) reviews from a Facebook page or Google business page.
Overall 9/10 tool that I highly recommend. Add that tool above and you will be at 10/10.

Circa 10 ore di utilizzo dell’app
5 aprile 2023

I love this all-in-one review app! It is the perfect tool for me to organize my reviews from different places and find all the information I need quickly and easily. I like how the app organizes the reviews in a neat and easy-to-navigate layout, making it easy to sort through. I also appreciate the robust search function, which allows me to find reviews on whatever topic I need. Finally, the app is highly secure and keeps my reviews private and protected. I definitely recommend this app!

Clever Lives Store
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
17 febbraio 2023

Phenomenal app all around. Setup was far easier than expected. I initially put off installing because I figured I would need time to configure everything appropriately. When I installed and went through everything I was amazed to be up and running within maybe 20-30 minutes? Full integration with our theme required adding some code, of which I am not very familiar - reached out to support and had a resolution and adjustment stunningly fast.. This is wild, wish every app worked like this.

Solar Pool Supply
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1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
8 giugno 2023

I absolutely love this review app! It has become an essential tool for me to gather and manage customer feedback. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate and the features are incredibly powerful. I appreciate how customizable it is, allowing me to tailor the review process to my specific needs. The analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights that have helped me improve my business. The customer support team is responsive and always ready to assist. With this app, I have been able to enhance my reputation, build trust with customers, and make data-driven decisions. Highly recommended for any business owner!

7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
24 febbraio 2023

I cannot begin to explain how much I have been struggling with multiple review apps week after week, trying, failing quitting!! I stumbled upon Loox today and within minutes I had the review app I have been dreaming of! No need to know coding, once installed Loox did it all automatically which I am extremely happy about. I wrote in for help importing reviews and Channelle literally answered me in seconds. Fantastic customer service with step by step information for us non-PC-savvy folks!!

Thank you Channelle and thank you Loox for making this awesome app. I really am over the moon, your site makes me feel clever!!

My advice for anyone looking for a good review app... Do it!

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18 luglio 2023

I'm only 24 hours or so into using the software but I have to say, I'm already loving it.

I did a bunch of research comparing several of the major Review apps (Loox, Okendo,, Junip, Stamped, etc...).

My single biggest criteria was user experience for both myself (admin side) and my customers (reviewer side), and after seeing LOOX's demos it felt very clear.

24 hours in and I can say I feel like I 100% made the right choice. The setup is smooth as butter, widgets and media/content look great, and the leave-a-review flow/experience couldn't be better.

Very happy with it. Thank you!

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23 dicembre 2022

I used Loox for over a year before being lured away by another reviews app. After 6 months of significantly poor performance, I came back to Loox. Support and Lilach were incredibly helpful in making the switch back; importing reviews and setting up the widgets on my site. Working with Loox has always been a great experience. I wish I had never left!

Busy Baby Mat
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