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19 ottobre 2022

Great app. I've tried several other review apps and this one beats them so far. Only issue I have is that I don't think you can edit reviews (for spelling mistakes etc...) so the only option I have is to always upload a CSV file. This is a limitation that other review apps don't have, and if they fixed this app be 100% be the best review app out there, but now I don't think it's a good fit for everyone. Support is very good!

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15 ottobre 2022

This app does exactly what we were looking for. We were able to customize how we display reviews on the app and even connected the reviews to our klaviyo email flows. The customer service is top notch. I had a few issues and when I was not able to solve myself, I gave access to our shop and they fixed it for me. We are very pleased. If you are considering adding reviews to your shop, I highly recommend trying LOOX before paying too much for other review apps.

kris nations
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25 aprile 2023

Great app. I am using the dawn theme and could not see my review star ratings in google organic search results and was getting the error ''missing 'aggregaterating'' in google search console. I followed the online help guide which was easy to follow and implemented the code that Loox self serve guides suggested. However the error was still showing. I then asked support for help and Lilach and Tal were fantasitc. After granting them access to the theme file they were able to resolve the issue with duplicate markups which were causing google to read the products more than once and therefore not showing the reviews. They also suggested I ask google to recrawl the site which I did. They resolved the issue within 24 hours and within 4 days the reviews ratings are now showing in my organic listings. Thanks Tal and Lilac, great service.

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13 novembre 2022

Beautiful app UI and features. I have used other review apps but this app is very good. One thing that needs to improve basic plan email template is very simple.

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20 giugno 2023

So far, so good. great app. went very smooth No complaints. Love how user friendly it was for me to not be a set computer savvy guy. Would recommend to anyone that thinks of wanting to open the shopper And needing a product review app. This is a great one. store. What it What it seems to do to me is. to make trustworthy reviews. Product relativity. and updates on the latest trending fashions. Well, high quality product videos. for a very low monthly subscription. Only downside I didn't like is the first trial is 14 days. I would. prefer 30 but I took it as in 14 days. I'm gonna see some results So sign me up.

Our Pet Accessories
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5 luglio 2023

Mara was excellent with helping me figure out the issue I was having. It turned out it wasn't really an issue, but just I was looking in the wrong place. I filled out their contact form and was contacted in less than an hour. The problem was resolved so fast, I am glad that if I ever need any help, that they are willing to help and get things done fast. Will definitely recommend!

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15 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
6 febbraio 2023

LOOX is a great app. I have started to generate my own store reviews now because of the review request from LOOX. I had a small issue with the requests and Ilan, Technical Support Engineer was able to show me how to fix my issue quickly.

IIan also showed me how to change the reviews product when a customer accidentally reviewed package protection and not the item they bought.

The help was fast. they responded within minutes and my issue was fixed in about 20 mins. They stand behind their app and are very quick on the support. Thanks so much. Money well spent on this app.

North Star Wishes
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10 novembre 2022

Have used loox since day one! For sure the best app for reviews out here, great features and everything you need to make your stores reviews look good! Thank you guys

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16 novembre 2022

I have used the Loox app on my multiple stores and I'd say I highly recommend this app. It's super easy to use and offers lots of functionalities that increase the conversion rate. Recently, I got into some issues and contacted their support. Aya from their support team helped me to get the problem solved. And I must say she was super quick in response and understood my issue immediately and gave clear requirements. Aya was very friendly and cooperative. My 10/10 recommendation for this app an their support team!!!

Period Prints
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30 giugno 2023

im just about to try it out but I loved the app already, very simple to set up, of course guys from Loox are also going to upsell you some additional products, which you can decline, but if you like them I would highly recommend you try them, its worth it! My website is

High Brand Caps™
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