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19 maggio 2024

It's hard to change settings for different features.

Tintarella Swimwear & Co
Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
15 maggio 2024

Loox comes with a lot of features, however the implementation has a lot to be desired. Having to go back and forth to review customization changes is annoying. The customization leaves a lot to be desired. If you need a simple review app with a d variety of different features then this works. Besides that honestly, a pain to setup.

Stati Uniti
Circa un anno di utilizzo dell’app
11 giugno 2024

This is a great platform for showing off reviews of my online store to people who are skeptical about shopping on my online stores.

Stati Uniti
5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
15 maggio 2024

I love Loox but the email reviews that customers can't review right on the email are annoying. it has to take me to the page.

Stati Uniti
Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
20 giugno 2024

pas facile d utilisation

16 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
6 luglio 2024

Almost the reviews app I needed. Here's what's missing:

- You can't customize the font-family or font-size. You have to settle with a Google Font, not the one used on your website. This will make the widget look like it's a separate service.
- You can't send multi-lingual email except in the languages they support (around 15). If you need another one, tough luck.
- You can't customize the color of the font used. The font will be black regardless of the color you use on your website. Again, this makes the widget look like it doesn't belong there.

7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Loox ha risposto 8 luglio 2024

Rotem from the Loox team here.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Loox.

We’re always looking for ways to improve, and customer feedback plays a crucial role when prioritizing our app roadmap. I'm happy to pass along your suggestions to our Product team, and I hope to see you again as our merchant in the future :)

27 maggio 2024

Weil sie gut ist

6 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
3 aprile 2024

Très fonctionnelle mais coûte cher sur le long terme

Infinity Finds & Consulting
2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
26 giugno 2024


Ma boutique
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11 aprile 2024


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