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8. květen 2024

After using this App since 2017 I must say the the new dashboard needs to be re-designed. You have lost function for form. We the retailer are facing the customer and this new dashboard does not do half of what the old version did. Quite disappointed. It is running like a beta version.

David Foster
The Abbey Collection

The Abbey Collections
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Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 10. květen 2024

We appreciate your feedback and your business over the last 7 years, David. We value your feedback and would like to connect with you to understand your perspective on how we could improve our dashboard feature. Please reply to the last email from our team to get the conversation started and schedule your call. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards - Kelsey from Lucky Orange

18. březen 2024

was good initially. now it really costly. and now my app wont even work. it says its blocked. i cant contact support and have no idea why. i tried uninstalling it but now i cant re-install it.
the app offers good data and traffic insight but they are limiting what you can see based on your subscription and now free is only for 7 days
im likley leaving this app. but i wanted to check my recent weekly stats
I do use another app thats just as insightful and free

The Midnight Psychic
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Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 19. březen 2024

Thanks for reaching out. Regarding your blocking comments, Lucky Orange can occasionally be blocked by certain browser extensions, such as ad blockers. I would be more than happy to walk you through the solutions for the most common reasons why Lucky Orange may be blocked and assist you in re-installing the app. If needed, I can bring a developer along for further assistance. Please reply to my last email to get the conversation started.

Additionally, I want to address confusion around our free trial and free plan. Lucky Orange does indeed provide a free trial for new users to check out our features. Our free trial is limited to 7 days at which point you can move to a plan, including our free plan. This free plan lets you get valuable visitor behavior insights at no cost and comes with different session limits that resets every month. I would be more than happy to talk to you about our plans and find a plan that meets your needs. Again, reply to my last email, and I’ll be happy to connect. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards - Kelsey from Lucky Orange

1. květen 2024

Downloaded this app and this SLOWED DOWN our entire store. Making matter worse, we already paid the premium version for 1 year, and they are not replying about a refund. This app took thousands of dollars from us! We will be contacting shopify for further escalation if we dont hear back from the app developer.

Health Ranger Store
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Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 3. květen 2024

We appreciate your feedback. Our team has been actively working with you to address your concerns. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you to allow our developers to research your experience and make sure we get a resolution for you here soon.

Lucky Orange is designed to have minimal impact on your site speed. Our tracking code loads asynchronously, meaning it doesn't load on your site until the essential elements have fully loaded and are fully functional. In comparison with other conversion rate optimization tools, Lucky Orange continues to receive the highest marks in Yottaa's annual report, indicating that our software has little to no performance impact on website speed. I'd be more than happy to discuss this further with you when we connect. In the meantime, here’s the link to the report if you are interested in reading it:

Best Regards - Kelsey from Lucky Orange

21. březen 2024

After installation, the app doesn't let you create an account, keep showing errors.

Kali Shop
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Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 22. březen 2024

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. This appears to be an isolated issue, and our team is here to help. Please respond to my email at your earliest convenience so we can identify and address the errors you are experiencing. I look forward to connecting with you and will monitor our inbox for your reply.

Best Regards - Kelsey from Lucky Orange

Datum úprav: 22. březen 2024

This app was removed from my site because the second I installed it I got inundated with sales emails, despite not giving permission for this. I have unsubscribed from their emails multiple times, reported junk, and uninstalled the app, yet somehow they STILL keep swamping me with sales emails and daily reports about my website they shouldn't have access to. It might be a good app, but if this is how they treat personal data under GDPR I can't in good faith use it or recommend the app to others.

To respond to the feedback:

- The emails on both lists (the welcome emails and the one I unsubscribed from) continue to send emails. They land despite Lucky Orange being a blocked sender.

- The daily snapshots of 0 traffic and 0 data sends automatically despite the app being uninstalled and the API integration being cancelled from my end.

- The API integration was removed due to GDPR issues.

- Since installing Lucky Orange, I have also been inundated with spam emails from multiple other sources, which started on the day I installed Lucky Orange.

Written by Natalie
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Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 19. březen 2024

Lucky Orange is committed to upholding the highest standards of GDPR compliance. We do not now nor have ever sold our user information to a third party. Additionally, we give you multiple ways to opt out of the emails if you no longer wish to receive them. We confirmed all emails are turned off for you moving forward and would be more than happy to address any other questions you have by scheduling some time with you to connect. Either reply to my last email or use this link to find the best time in your schedule to connect: I look forward to assisting you soon.

Best Regards - Bradley from Lucky Orange

Datum úprav: 4. leden 2024

Update to response: The recordings are NOT traffic bots. I don’t run traffic ads. Only conversion ads with low traffic, high intent. I get maybe 15 visitors a day from these ads ( which are accurately reflected within heatmap apps and my ads account) .

These bots are crawlers. That means if you have any products listed on Google or in Facebook or IG shop both platforms will run crawlers to your site. These crawlers run anytime you list a new product, change your price or run a sale. So if you're having a sale they will run bots to every single product page that is a part of that sale durning the length of that sale and a couple days after to reflect the new retail, non sale pricing. So if you have 2,000 products that are a part of that sale you will get 2,000 crawlers a day during that sale and a couple days after. If you list 20 new products in a day you will have 20 crawlers that day....ect.

These crawlers do this to transfer and update information in real time. So no, Lucky Orange is not recording bot traffic for you to know. They are recording crawlers ( which every single site NEEDS to have if using either platform to list products on them). Not all bots are bad. Some are NEEDED. They just shouldn’t be recorded and add to your traffic count because they are not real shoppers so have no purpose to be on the dashboard because heatmaps and recordings are for you to better understand your shoppers, not crawlers.

So IF you don't run sales or list lots of new items, IF you don't list products on Google, Facebook or Instagram shop and IF you don't run ads then Lucky Orange is for you. Otherwise expect to pay for thousands and thousands of crawler traffic, not real clients) .

Original review:
Allow bots to recorded in an effort to up your replays to up the price for your shop.

I used this app for months and months because I loved their layout. Unfortunately they allow bot views to be tracked to up the cost for your store. This means if you use Google to list products or run any Facebook ads anytime either crawls your site it is listed as a recording. It's impossible to block IP's from either of these as each view is a different IP for each bot visit.

This last month I had over 3,000 recordings from bots from Facebook and Google alone. It drove up my recordings sessions AND made it impossible to sort through real client replays. I reached out for support previously and they said they can not exclude bots from the recordings as it was not something that was possible to do..... Shopify itself excludes bot visitors from your daily visitor count as well as I have come to find out all other replay apps do as well. Even apps that show you recently viewed products have triggers in place to remove data from bots. So in essence, that response from them was not correct. If every app can, they can too.

I reached out again about this and crickets so I finally uninstalled the app. It's clear they don't want to remove bot views in order to get more money from their clients. I would of had this app for the life of my business if they would have put features in place ( like literally all other apps are able to do ) to prevent the tracking of bots. They care more about the money than their clients and that is not how a business should be run. Caring about your customers experience yields more sales long term than quick cash grabs.

I would stick to literally any other replay app instead of them, especially if your store is linked in anyway to Google or Facebook ( which I would imagine most are). Not only are they going to get as much money out of you as possible, they are going to do it by running up numbers that are not actual client recordings AND it makes it impossible to sort through bot recordings to get actual insights from real customers. Imagine going through 700 recordings and only 100 of them are real people.....

Heather Freitas
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Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 3. leden 2024

Thank you for your feedback regarding the bots that Lucky Orange tracks and displays within your account. Many of our users want to track bot sessions as a way to detect attacks on their site and ad fraud to prevent paying for clicks on ads by bots. There are ways you can filter recordings in Lucky Orange to exclude sessions that have behaviors common with bots. Our support team would be happy to walk you through how to do that. Simply reply to my last email to get started.

Regarding our delayed response time, we had limited support over the holidays, which was when your most recent response was sent over. Our team responded as soon as we were back in the office. We apologize if this gave the impression that we were ignoring you in any way.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards - Kelsey from Lucky Orange

22. únor 2024

Heatmap doesnt work with products that have variants. Disappointing.

Doba používání aplikace: 4 měsíci
Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 23. únor 2024

Thank you for your feedback. It sounds like you’re wanting to use heatmaps to evaluate variants of an active A/B test. If so, you can open a heatmap for one variant in a traditional browser and another heatmap for the additional variant in an incognito browser. This approach allows you to access heatmap data for all variants, even while the test is running. Additionally, we offer an integration with Optimizely that makes it easy to view heatmaps and access other visitor behavior data for all variants during testing. We would be more than happy to walk you through this process and address any other questions you may have. Simply reply to my last email, and we’ll get the conversation started. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Regards - Kelsey from Lucky Orange

17. leden 2024

Terrible customer service. Downgraded to the free version months ago and was still getting charged for it. The app clearly says I have no plan active and am on the free plan, yet I still got charged $9 a month for it. After multiple attempts to get in contact with customer support, I was told I wouldn't be able to receive a refund and that the only way to stop getting charged is to uninstall it (even though I have the free plan active).

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Doba používání aplikace: 9 měsíci
Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 19. leden 2024

We recognize where your confusion may have come from and are actively working with you to resolve your concerns. Until your message just a few days ago, we don’t have a record of any communication from you since June 2023.

We see that you haven’t confirmed a plan change yet to downgrade your account to a free account, but we can help you with that. Please respond to our latest email so we can assist you with downgrading your account and issuing your refund.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards - Kelsey from Lucky Orange

13. listopad 2023

They used to be extremely valuable, but have lost it as they increase prices without adding any extra value nor fixing the core service issues. Recordings are still cut off about 5/10 times. 7/10 times it doesn't record the interactions. It does not align with the unique visit stats of other applications (like Google), but they claim theirs is the exact number.
Price increases should bring in value to your supporting customers. I will have to move on. Thankfully, competitors are more affordable and have more features. Too much competition to be this unreliable and expensive.

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Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 14. listopad 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We truly value your continued business over the years and are committed to resolving any issues you've encountered. Our team has been proactively reaching out to address your concerns and discuss the issues you've encountered. Please feel free to respond to my latest email to schedule a brief discussion on Google Meet. It’s likely the issues you’re seeing are due to visitors leaving your store within a few seconds, which would generate a no data recording.

It is normal to see discrepancies between analytics tools regarding the number of visitors tracked because of tracker blockers visitors may have in place or differences in when and how various analytics platforms trigger their tracking code. We’d also be happy to walk you through some of the new features we’ve added to Lucky Orange prior to raising prices including email reports, multiple question surveys, optimizable segments and new integrations.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards - Bradley from Lucky Orange

9. leden 2024

I installed the demo version and it consistently told me I was in Atlanta GA when I am in FL (not on vpn and even tried from my TMO hotspot, still shows Atlanta). There are several bugs they need to fix!

My Web Concepts
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Doba používání aplikace: 5 dny
Vývojář Lucky Orange LLC odpověděl 11. leden 2024

We appreciate your feedback. Lucky Orange uses a GeoIP database to determine the location of people who come to your website, including yourself. Your location can be skewed by a variety of factors, such as using a hotspot. T-Mobile typically routes internet traffic through their network to a centralized location. As a result, your location may appear different in Lucky Orange than it really is.

There are other factors that may contribute as well, and our engineers would like to learn more about the discrepancies you experienced to find a resolution. Please reply to my last email at your earliest convenience to initiate the investigation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards - Bradley from Lucky Orange