• 評価の86%は5つ星です
  • 評価の5%は4つ星です
  • 評価の2%は3つ星です
  • 評価の2%は2つ星です
  • 評価の5%は1つ星です

They used to be extremely valuable, but have lost it as they increase prices without adding any extra value nor fixing the core service issues. Recordings are still cut off about 5/10 times. 7/10 times it doesn't record the interactions. It does not align with the unique visit stats of other applications (like Google), but they claim theirs is the exact number.
Price increases should bring in value to your supporting customers. I will have to move on. Thankfully, competitors are more affordable and have more features. Too much competition to be this unreliable and expensive.

Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2023年11月14日

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We truly value your continued business over the years and are committed to resolving any issues you've encountered. Our team has been proactively reaching out to address your concerns and discuss the issues you've encountered. Please feel free to respond to my latest email to schedule a brief discussion on Google Meet. It’s likely the issues you’re seeing are due to visitors leaving your store within a few seconds, which would generate a no data recording.

It is normal to see discrepancies between analytics tools regarding the number of visitors tracked because of tracker blockers visitors may have in place or differences in when and how various analytics platforms trigger their tracking code. We’d also be happy to walk you through some of the new features we’ve added to Lucky Orange prior to raising prices including email reports, multiple question surveys, optimizable segments and new integrations.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards - Bradley from Lucky Orange


The app is good, but the support is bad, i am having wrong data going to different stores, i have been sending emails to the support team but there is no proper response. their live chat support also doesn't work 99.99% of time they are offline.

Paula's Choice Malaysia
Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2023年6月12日

Hi there - Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad our support team was able to talk with you to get your issue resolved. Our time zone differences are likely why you couldn’t catch us on live chat since our standard support hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CDT, Monday through Friday.

Best Regards - Bradley from Lucky Orange



Faced problems installing it.
When installed this does not work well. Heatmap does not show up.

Waiting now for 10 days after my third ticket asking for support. Their answer is as follow:

Ceri replied Jan 18, 2:31pm
Hi there,

This is C***, developer at Lucky Orange.

I apologize you are running into issues with our software. I am reaching out to let you know we have been brought up to speed on this ticket and will be in touch as soon as possible with more information. We appreciate your patience and have a great day!


Very poor support, waist of time and money.

Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2023年1月30日

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the time it’s taking to resolve this issue. I’m glad you and I were able to connect and I’ll continue to provide you with updates as we work toward a resolution.

Regards - Bradley, Director of Client Services, Lucky Orange


The app is an absolute rip-off, it doesn't let you see your past visitors when you run out of viewer credit and forces you to upgrade to even see your old data... very disappointing

Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2023年4月10日

You should still see data for visitors you’ve already tracked without having to upgrade as long as it is within your plan’s data retention window, which is 30 days for the plan you’ve selected. If you’re not seeing that data, please check to make sure you haven’t uninstalled our app (which makes it unable for you to access your data) and that you’re not searching for data that is beyond your 30-day retention window.

We’ve reached out to you to help you with this issue. If you’re still having issues accessing your data after checking the above steps, just respond back to one of our messages and we’d be happy to help you out.

Bradley from Lucky Orange


I have tried this app twice - and the heatmap doesn't work. It fails every time it attempts to load. Not worth the money. The Vitals app has replays that actually work.

jD Bath Co
Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2023年1月20日

Thank you for your feedback. We have tried to get in contact with you to get to the bottom of this issue. At your earliest convenience, please send an email to bradley@luckyorange.com.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Regards - Bradley, Director of Client Services, Lucky Orange


l'application fonctionnait jusqu'au jour j'ai payer un abonnement, du jour ou lendemain l'application ne fonctionne plus et je n'ai pas réussi à contacter le service client !

Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2023年5月1日

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for your experience. Did you contact support@luckyorange.com? We haven’t been able to find any emails to our support desk from your email address. To get the ball rolling on resolving this issue, please respond to the email I sent to you shortly after you left this review. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards - Bradley from Lucky Orange


uma tristeza.. segui o passo a passo e diz que o iframe está bloqueando o acesso do app.. só que ele está instalado

Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2023年3月8日

Thank you for your feedback. Here is a link to our iframe guide for Shopify merchants: https://help-preview.luckyorange.com/article/287-the-iframe-guide-for-shopify-merchants
We have tried to get in contact with you to get to the bottom of this issue. At your earliest convenience, please send an email to support@luckyorange.com.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards - Bradley, Director of Client Services, Lucky Orange


This app used to be awesome, but now it doesn't work at all. No stats--no videos, NADA. I have submitted a request to inquire why it's not working AT ALL and two weeks later no response-but yet I'm being charged. I'm canceling today and don't plan to re-subscribe again.

Sage Inspirations Artisan Jewelry
Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2020年11月6日

We apologize for the trouble you seem to be having, that is not the experience we want for any of our customers . Our team would love to look into this issue for you to get it resolved.

We’ve attempted several times to contact you to get the via phone and email but haven’t been able to get ahold of you yet. Please reach out to us by phone (text or call) at +1-913-200-3927 or by emailing support@luckyorange.com.

Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. We want to continue to earn your business and we hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange


after sale service is very bad no reply for 5 days . this app is not work in bing ads...I saw one free app with same functions in shopify store

Silk kaftan
Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2020年2月25日

We would love to get your questions answered quickly but our attempts to contact you directly seem to be falling short. Please reach out to us at support@luckyorange.com so we can resolve any outstanding items.

Cheers- Bradley from Lucky Orange


This app used to be good. Lately the app developer FORCES you to go to there website to register and takes your credit card, then the app does not work. You send support request and you have to do many steps to fix it. Greedy app as they try to get money from you NOT ON SHOPIFY.

Lucky Orange LLCが返信しました 2021年4月29日

We apologize for your experience. We see that you’ve used Lucky Orange on other sites and used our Shopify plugin (available above) for a one-step installation but (likely by accident) didn’t sign up for this Lucky Orange account through Shopify. We recommend Shopify customers install Lucky Orange through our one-click Shopify install instead of signing up through our website since you will have to manually place the code in your website header.

You can check out this help document that outlines the manual installation process to add your Lucky Orange tracking code to TopNLShop: https://help.luckyorange.com/article/102-how-to-install-in-shopify.

Our team would also be happy to take you through the setup process to help get you back on track with Lucky Orange. We don’t want you to miss out on any visitor behavior or communicating with customers! We have sent you an email to get the conversation started, so all you need to do is reply to that email. Also, seeing that you are headquartered in the Netherlands, we can connect through WhatsApp, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams if that’s more convenient.

We look forward to connecting soon.

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange