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10 augustus 2020

This app is amazing, I love how deep it goes into whats happening analytically. I love watching the live views. The only problem I have is that it's not always on the ball. I can be on Shopify Home and have 3 visitors on my site but lucky orange says no one online. It's a little glitchy but I'm sure they're ironing out that syncing issue. It's great to see your customer's journey on your store and perfect for spotting trends. Overall, I do actually love it.

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Lucky Orange LLC heeft geantwoord 18 augustus 2020

Thank you for your review! Accessing what your visitors and customers do on your Shopify store is so rewarding. We would love to get in touch with you to figure out what’s going on with the reporting issue. This is certainly not the experience we want you to have! Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience by phone (text or call) at +1-913-200-3927 or email at I look forward to connecting with you soon to get these outstanding issues resolved!

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange

Bewerkt 12 oktober 2019

=== Review Updated on 10-12 BY EverythingHippo ===
I appreciate when a vendor responds after getting a negative review. Bradley from Lucky Orange reached out after I posted the one star review. We had a helpful conversation. My browser, FireFox by Mozilla, caused the app loading failures that lead to my original review. I was able to load the app in MS Edge. Bradley provided information about how to make a few small changes and now the app is working correctly. The app seems to allow visibility into the behaviors of my store visitors which is why I installed it. I dont have a comprehensive review at this time but it seems well organized and feature rich. So far so good. I will add a more detailed review after using the product for a few more weeks.

==== Original Reivew ====
What a POS. I was working with Shopify Support and they recommended that I install this App. The description seemed just like what I wanted. I added it and then ... nothing. It would not start. I removed it .. readded it. Nothing .. blank screen. I deleted cookies and cache. Nothing. I restarted the laptop and started shopify admin in a private window. Nothing. Would not move past a blank screen.

I have had some bad apps in my time on Shopify, but I have never had one so useless that it wouldn't even start up.

I recommend that you don't touch this one and move on to another one that is reliable.

Everything Hippo
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Lucky Orange LLC heeft geantwoord 15 oktober 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to help make sure Lucky Orange was working on your site. We appreciate the collaboration and would love to hear back from you once you have interacted with our technology more. Let us know if you need anything else, we are always here to support our customer's success!

Cheers- Bradley from Lucky Orange

Bewerkt 22 maart 2023

Quite enjoy the app although I mostly use it to view visitor activity, which I've found very useful. I was able to observe and spot changes needed in my store.

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Lucky Orange LLC heeft geantwoord 22 maart 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! Understanding your website visitors' behavior is super important. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can help you with.

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange

10 december 2019

So far so good. Was having an issue with getting this set up, but the Lucky team was able to fix me up and gt going. Thanks Justin!

Starr Phoenix Studio
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Lucky Orange LLC heeft geantwoord 13 december 2019

We want all of our customers to have a smooth on-boarding process with Lucky Orange and start seeing ROI as quickly as possible. Wishing you continued success!

Cheers- Justin from Lucky Orange

10 februari 2023

Customer service is great, (Emilia) was very knowledgeable and explained things clearly and patiently. Exploring more to learn to how to fully utilize it but so far looks very promising
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Lucky Orange LLC heeft geantwoord 14 februari 2023

Thrilled to hear that your demo call went so great! Thank you for leaving us a review. Please reach out if there's anything else we can help you with!

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange

Bewerkt 9 december 2016

Form analytics wasn't working for us. After a struggle with Lucky Orange to respond to support emails they were able to guide us around the problem. I would give this app a 5 star, but I feel their support could improve.

The Joy Factory 3
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9 mei 2017

Does what it says. They are adding new features all the time. Great support and easy to use interface.

Cloth Diaper Kids
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25 maart 2023

i recommend this app to anyone who wants to see exactly what their customers do on their website. Very good and I love it a lot

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Lucky Orange LLC heeft geantwoord 28 maart 2023

Thank you for the recommendation! Happy to hear you love using Lucky Orange on your site. We're here if you need anything!

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange

18 juni 2020

Helps to have a general idea where people are leaving your website and where is the traffic coming from. The only problem is that you will get addicted to look at it!

Intelligent Neck Massage™
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Lucky Orange LLC heeft geantwoord 19 juni 2020

These are words we love to hear! Getting that front row experience to see how your customers use your website makes all the difference in growing your business. Thank you for your review, and don’t hesitate to reach out should I or my team be able to assist you in any way.

Cheers - Jordan from Lucky Orange

25 januari 2017

Lucky Orange is a great tool to use for starting a new store. It is absolutely critical, as it allows you to watch visitors and gain insight into what is working and what is not. You WILL catch mistakes that you or the team have made by using this tool to watch customers and visitors navigate your pages, including pain points where the customer doesn't know how to add to cart, leave a review, or needs a more user friendly page to work with.

This tool isn't necessary later on when the store becomes a success, But... it can still be used when testing new features, sales tactics, or sales funnel techniques.

I gave it 4 stars, because it didn't always seem to work correctly for me. Maybe this had to do with a visitor's privacy settings, but I even noticed it happen with visitors that I didn't have the issue with before.

Other than that, it is a service I will absolutely use for stores to come!

Give it a try! You won't regret it!

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