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1. květen 2024

My experience with this app has been absolutely awful. If you still have Codisto, DO NOT move to Marketplace connect. I moved over 5 days ago and was told the transfer would be essentially be "seamless". I haven't had any active listings on Amazon since i.e. no sales. I've been on their Livechat twice a day every day, I keep on being assured that it's with their engineering team. No fix, no timeline. NOTHING.


elevate your sole
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30. duben 2024

The Only Company and Program we will ever use to list our products on Amazon Prime.

Magnolia & Peach Jewelry Boutique, LLC
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24. květen 2024

The worst possible connector app... you think everything goes smooth and then BOOM all your listings on a marketplace get deleted and nobody at support knows what to do. There goes years and years of work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING TO A DIFFERENT APP.

This app was so bad we deleted it the day after we went through 2 support chats and nobody had any clues how to help.

Denali Canning
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 4. červen 2024

Thank you for your feedback,

We have reached out and requested you to re-connect so we can walk through the steps needed to resolve your issues.


7. červen 2024

Was working OK,( the shopfiy makeover after they absorbed the app was a complete disaster ), but now our inventory is not syncing for days - we are now overselling 6-8 items on ebay everyday. They have been unable resolve the situation for several weeks now. We have to scramble to restock items, or refund purchases. Hours of our time wasted, and we look like amateurs who don't know how to run a business. And it is not cheap. Looking for alternatives.

Burbank's House of Hobbies
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3. květen 2024

Adrian is the best!!! He made my day by fix the issue with eBay! Thank you, Adrian!

Spitalfields Crypt Trust
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7. červen 2024

Took a couple of tries but issue was found and corrected. Thanks!

AQ Hobbies
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3. květen 2024

Theres too much going to a sku then when you back out you have to go all the way back to the home page and go back into the ap

and connecting an individual sku is not always easy

Christy’s Toy Outlet
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5. červen 2024

Really nice app and has good customer service

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15. duben 2024


Scriptum Supplies
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Datum úprav: 21. červen 2024

It's a good app that does its job well but has a few limitations.

I was having issues with the images on eBay, and I wanted them to be different from the ones on the website. The customer service here to work out a solution was fantastic. I gave back a star for this resolution and the customer service.

I now only have one issue I am not happy with: the template solution wouldn't work for me, and a working HTML description editor would be the only solution. It's a 5-star app with that fix.

- The HTML structure doesn't work; I previously had individually set up product descriptions for eBay, but they don't work using this app, so the code breaks.

- You can't edit any product information on eBay as the Shopify Marketplace App will overwrite it. You can adjust policies on eBay.

I want a toggle option to be inputted to either have eBay overwrite the product images or description; other than that, it should just be product SKU identifiers and various other product listing details.

Brown Bear Coffee
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