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1. květen 2024

My experience with this app has been absolutely awful. If you still have Codisto, DO NOT move to Marketplace connect. I moved over 5 days ago and was told the transfer would be essentially be "seamless". I haven't had any active listings on Amazon since i.e. no sales. I've been on their Livechat twice a day every day, I keep on being assured that it's with their engineering team. No fix, no timeline. NOTHING.


elevate your sole
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4. červen 2024

Short review: App is slow, buggy, and may lead to your eBay account being suspended.

Detailed review: I hate to leave a 1 star review but need to express how frustrating our experience with Marketplace Connect support has been. We switched over to using this app months ago and got our eBay sync set up to our account we've been selling from since 1998. Our account is now on a warning to get the seller rating up due to all of the cancellations we've had to do since using this app. It has constant sync issues with our Shopify inventory. If we sell something in store? It may take days, if ever (seriously) for it to update on our eBay store. Naturally this leads to regularly overselling items.

That's after you can get past the VERY slow UI on Marketplace Connect's end for setting things up. The Walmart connection is even slower to navigate, but at least, so far, that sync is stable. To their credit, they have improved the navigation on the eBay side some since we started using it, and I suspect a large part of their issue is that they just are not optimized for stores such as ours with hundreds of thousands of SKU's.

We've regularly provided support with updates on oversells and sync issues. They are always very fast to respond (kudos to the 1st level support group!). But they never have answers. We have zero communication from them other than when we send over a new example. No updates what-so-ever. After months. So when we do ask for an update on the underlying issue, 1st level support says the ticket is still with the engineering team and there is no further update to provide.

I feel like we've given support ample time to fix their issues, or at least *COMMUNICATE* with us on a regular basis to know what to expect. We've had to put our eBay account into vacation mode at this point and seek alternative options.

PunkOuter Games
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24. květen 2024

The worst possible connector app... you think everything goes smooth and then BOOM all your listings on a marketplace get deleted and nobody at support knows what to do. There goes years and years of work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING TO A DIFFERENT APP.

This app was so bad we deleted it the day after we went through 2 support chats and nobody had any clues how to help.

Denali Canning
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 4. červen 2024

Thank you for your feedback,

We have reached out and requested you to re-connect so we can walk through the steps needed to resolve your issues.


7. červen 2024

Was working OK,( the shopfiy makeover after they absorbed the app was a complete disaster ), but now our inventory is not syncing for days - we are now overselling 6-8 items on ebay everyday. They have been unable resolve the situation for several weeks now. We have to scramble to restock items, or refund purchases. Hours of our time wasted, and we look like amateurs who don't know how to run a business. And it is not cheap. Looking for alternatives.

Burbank's House of Hobbies
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18. květen 2024

This app takes an hour to transfer orders from an external marketplace to Shopify. By that time suppliers can be sold out of the purchased items. I contacted support and they told me on two separate occasions that the unacceptable lag time was fixed. They lied to me to get out of actually dealing with the app problem. they are unable to fix the app to work efficiently.

Little Yellow Bungalow
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 23. květen 2024

Thank you for your feedback,

We do understand the frustration when an order takes this long to transfer. This is not our expectation nor how the app has been designed.

We have found a backlog causing this issue and this has now been resolved.

Please do reach out if you experience any further issues,


26. březen 2024

It does not respect inventory rules or quantity. I keep getting orders for items that have been sold out or that are in locations that do not support online store selling. I have tried getting a solution from their support team and have waited for 3 months for a solution and they have stopped replying to me. I am a software engineer and understand why the inventory system is failing, and have explained to them in detail the use cases how to fix this. They have yet to get back to me since January. @Shopify can you find a better partner to fulfill marketplace connections or develop it yourselves?

Casas Padel
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 28. březen 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

We agree the timing has not been as expected and have reached out for new examples of this issue. We kindly await your response.


28. únor 2024

It was working perfectly fine until they changed us to a new plan without notice or authorization. Now they say we have outstanding charges and ended up closing our account due to that.
Now we have unhappy customers because of delays this has caused.
Find a different app. People at this one are shady.

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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 4. březen 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

We have reached out directly to explain the circumstances of the situation. Your account is working as expected, please reach out if this is not the case.


11. červen 2024

Unfortunately I have to give 1 star to raise awareness due to the fact this app, as some other users have mentioned, can result in sync issues with eBay. This is a major bug and in almost all cases will impact the business. We have not experienced any issues with Amazon, however, as such a major bug has been allowed to exist, this app cannot be trusted to not cause other issues down the line.

Everyday Superfood
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 17. červen 2024

Thanks for your feedback,

We have reached out to further discuss these issues, we would love to hear from you and assist in finding a solution.


19. březen 2024

This is a major issue, the app brings orders that have been fulfilled already back again like new just because eBay updates something the app will import a duplicate showing it's a new order after you fulfilled the order already.

STIRRI® Aerospace & Defense Grade OEM
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Datum úprav: 23. květen 2024

Useless, unintuitive garbage. Don't waste your time. I've done exactly what I need to do in the past, which is nothing complex just an online store linked to ebay store, and I had to do it with Wordpress and Woocommerce with third party app which is miserable as well. I thought maybe shopify and marketplace connect would save me the trouble of custom coding but the user interface and workflow is unimaginably horrible so it's just me paying them to have a shitty backend. thanks for wasting my time. Ok, so here's my reply to their response: how the fuck can you send products to eBay when you don't even have fields for product dimensions, or even just girth? There is no feature within Shopify to integrate with eBay so you have to purchase a third party app which costs more money, and DOES NOT WORK without extensive tweaking and configuration nightmares. This is just my review of their system in regards to eBay. Every other aspect of this software is also flawed. All the plugins are not intuitive and all cost money, and many of the plugins simply do not work without a complete understanding of all the various online marketing sales channels.

Catching Zs
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Vývojář Shopify odpověděl 23. květen 2024

Thank you for your feedback,

We understand you are trying to import ebay products into Shopify, sadly this is not what our app is designed to do.

We push your products from Shopify to ebay and it is very successful with thousands of merchants.

Within the app there are product dimension fields. Please reach out and allow us to show you.