MESA ‑ Workflow Automation

MESA ‑ Workflow Automation

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Počet recenzí: 80
Počet recenzí: 80
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Počet recenzí: 80
27. leden 2023

Great flexible functionality!

Customer support is also very helpful and friendly.

Love the ability to finally automate stuff in Shopify.

COROS Wearables, Inc.
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25. leden 2023

Easy functionality and you can always ask for help. Fantastic Service that really got us the deepest workflows!

Pukka Berlin
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 17 dny
15. leden 2023

This is a best-in-class app! Their tech support is exceptional, too. I could not be happier with the product and with the service.

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20. listopad 2022

Fantastic app that has been able to free up a lot of sorting time for me. Support are always fast to communicate & willing & able to help with what I've needed.

Blackbird and Violet
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 3 měsíci
19. listopad 2022

While as a newbie, I found it a bit difficult to set up a workflow on my own, the customer service from MESA has been absolutely outstanding: personalized calls to create & fix my workflow, and several follow up sessions to tweak & perfect the workflow. Haven't had this positive level of customer service ever from an app - very highly recommended.

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16. listopad 2022

Easy enough to use with Step by step instructions. The team offer great support and have ben very responsive in getting everything set up

Starward Whisky
Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 17 dny
14. listopad 2022

I'm a non-coder, and the app was a little confusing to me... definitely a learning curve and I expect I will get more comfortable with it. When I ran into issues though, customer service was on point. Thanks Daniel!

Green Element
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 25 dny
Datum úprav: 14. listopad 2022

We are using MESA to keep our Shopify customer database in sync with an external custom system. This is something Shopify Flow is not able to accomplish. Overall, MESA is a powerful solution. It lacks robust documentation, and there is a lot of trial and error, but MESA support staff is very responsive and helpful. One major omission for MESA is their ability to handle branching (if/then/else logic). But this can be overcome by building separate workflows. This can increase the monthly cost, though, as cost is based on the number of workflows active as well as the number of executions. I can wholly recommend this solution as others fall short.

Hard Work U. Campus Store
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 17 dny
7. listopad 2022

This app is absolutely fantastic. We have many products with color options and Shopify was unable to create enough variants for the options we offer. We use Infinite Options to solve this problem then integrate Mesa to help export all orders with these options to a Google Sheet in order to track production of these custom color pieces of gear. The customer service deserves special recognition as they have helped me build flows from start, taught me a lot about how to build them myself and then are happy to troubleshoot and refine the flow that I built out myself. I can't recommend this app enough if you want to get a better handle on your data from Shopify.

Chicken Tramper Ultralight Gear
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 12 měsíci
Datum úprav: 5. prosinec 2022

We've only started using MESA, and learning a new app, especially one with so much functionality, can be a daunting experience. However, the folks at MESA are EXTREMELY helpful. They do not leave your side while you are setting up your workflows. There is a reason for so many 5 star reviews. *********************************
After using Mesa, Mesa Forms, and Infinite Options for a while now, I can say the team there still earns 5 stars with their customer service and troubleshooting a customization we asked for. They kept in touch at all junctures, gave timely updates when they said they would, and gave us high quality results as you would expect from a professional company. The Mesa team and products are a very solid choice for some fairly complex functionality you can add to your site.

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