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Datum úprav: 1. červen 2018

Helpful app for shrinking images. Support is extremely helpful.

Anglo Dutch Pools Toys
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25. duben 2017

We at use this app once every 6 months to optimize our images and keep our customer experience as fluid and pleasant as possible.

Super Fan Shop
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30. srpen 2020

I used minifier to reduce my website product photos. This was helpful and my website also ran faster afterwards.

Impress'D Boutique
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30. květen 2018

I'm fairly happy with it.

The optimisation of about 630 pics got stuck after only 300 pics or so.

Support (which had a response rate of less than 24h) then investigated which took a few days.

They then told me that all my data (especially the ALT tags I entered) was safe and that I would just need to run it again.

It would be great if the app didn't overwrite your previous ALT tags completely. I'm using the app SEO Manager (which I really like) and had ALT tags entered already. So I had to manually copy-paste the old ALT tags in the new ALT tags field of almost all of my pics. Very tedious.

I'm glad that it's done now though and have reduced the size of my pics quite a bit (they still look great!).

Alive Boutique
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29. únor 2016

I had a lot of heavy images and this plugin made converting them a lot easier. I also had an issue with many of my product images being png format and with this app I was able to convert them to jpg.

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Datum úprav: 7. květen 2019

I have been using Minifier for ages now and it is a great-value app for minimising product photos.
However, like many ecommerce retailers I also have a blog, and on that over 100 posts, some with multiple photos.
I would give Minifier 5-stars if it would minimise ALL photos on my website, not just product photos.

My Event Decor
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25. srpen 2019

I bought the year long subscription. It started last night and I was thinking it would be finished by this morning but it says it is still optimizing. I have used it before on the per minimization and it worked ok I guess.

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Vývojář Aheadworks odpověděl 26. srpen 2019

Hello Maughon's!

We've checked your auto-optimization process - it is successfully finished already, images are already compressed. The duration of optimisation process depends upon the amount of pictures, that need to be optimised. This time amount was quite big, that's why it took longer.
If you'll have any questions about optimisation process - we'll be glad to help! Please contact us at

Thank you for choosing Minifier app!
Have a great day -
Minifier team

Datum úprav: 29. říjen 2016

my image quality has reduced a lot . is there a way i a can reverse my action.

Born Organic
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Datum úprav: 26. říjen 2022

UPDATE 2: I’ve had some ongoing conversations and believe they understand the customer service issues I am concerned with. I’m reinstalling the app and will update again after I get a good sense about the benefits they are providing with the app. UPDATE: Do NOT use this app! I used the updated version last week and now my images are not loading properly. I spend almost 2.5 hours with Shopify and they can't figure it out yet. They said it is most likely this app. Their customer service is "email only". Even their chat converts to an emailed reply asking me to tell them the problem...which I already did. I replied to the email asking for a phone call and didn't hear back. No images = no sales!! If I'm wrong, I'll update my review again. ORIGINAL REVIEW with 4 stars: I've only started using the app. I've only used it for 1 image to test everything far so good.

EverFlow Bidets
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Vývojář Aheadworks odpověděl 2. únor 2022

Hello EverFlow Bidets Team,
Thank you for taking your time and leaving the review,

First of all, I'd like to apologize that you've come across such inconveniences while using our app in the first place.
I sympathize with you and, indeed, it's inexcusable that you've had to wait so long for assistance and help!

Our team has already contacted you in order to clarify the situation that occurred.
As the only message that's been received from you directly to us(not to Shopify but to our app ticketing system) was yesterday and as far as I can see, my colleague replied to you directly but didn't get the reply back (probably because you already uninstalled the app by that time)

In the review, you also mentioned that you tried to reach out to Shopify and the developer but never heard back.
Please, be informed that we hadn't received any messages from Shopify to assist you or concerning the phone call either.

If we had, we would have responded straight away or replied to you directly to assist you with the issue.

Moreover, recently we've implemented chat support in our app so we would have communicated to you via chat in order to resolve the issue faster.

All in all, please, sincere my apologies that you've happened to experience some troubles while trying to reach for assistance but as I've previously mentioned, we wouldn't have been able to assist you as no tickets had been received from the Shopify side to us earlier and the only message which was sent directly from you was replied to by my colleague.

We're glad to provide you with any assistance needed and hope that you'll have the full picture of the situation now.
Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,
SEO Audit+Image Compression Team

8. srpen 2016

Great App ! Fairly intuitive !

Aardvarkstozebras Com
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