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25 Ocak 2023

WORSTTTTTTT Customer response until's been THREE fcking days????????????????????????????????

Altai Mountain
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1 Aralık 2022

Login issues every single day. Customer Service is spotty - will be working with you and literally disappear without resolving the issue. Have been online since 7am, it is now 3pm, and I am still NOT logged in. Really nice people, Really bad service. I have dumped this app and restarted it before, but enough is enough - it's gotta go. I spend way too much time fixing app usage issues compared to getting my work done.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: Yaklaşık 1 ay
28 Kasım 2022

You people have really gone doqwn hill since you teamed up with Alibaba and Ali express. Worthless as tits on a boar hog. Uninstalling your worthless app.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 11 dakika
28 Şubat 2023 tarihinde düzenlendi

Deleting App due to inventory issues and bug issues. I pay monthly fee and buy UPC number for each product which causing me to lose money now. My business is going a different way now. Warning to Other, you will pay monthly fee, but you're not allow to purchase item for the customer. I had to cancel two orders due to vendors not having PayPal set up. We have officially deleted the App as of 2/28/2023. No change

OwensAssetFund Gifts
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Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 3 yıldan fazla
19 Kasım 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

App shows low shipping from Ali and others. When the order is processed shipping is over 100X I tried emailing them at their provided email on their help page and it was returned undeliverable! Do NOT TRUST THEM! YOU WILL LOOSE MONEY! This app is over priced and deceptive. Poor customer service. Ali will not admit they messed up. I canceled a order made though this app with ali and they shipped a Halloween costume still with a expected delivery date of Dec. 1. I requested a refund but they told me to go to New York from Texas and get the order from the mailbox. Deceptive, Slow, and Crooked. DO not trust. I am removing this app and closing this account before they steal more money from me.

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Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 9 ay
23 Temmuz 2022

WORST APP around. OMG i made the worst mistake ever investing my money on this app. the customer service is the worst, alex and samantha wont give you the time of the day. the interface is so bad. there are suppliers that no longer use the app but their products are still there on modalyst!
i have products that are still synced to my store but no longer available on modalyst!! this is the worst app one can use. suppliers don't reply to emails. i think shopify should kick them out off the platform if they are this bad or be guilty by association.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 1 yıldan fazla
6 Mayıs 2022

Please Shopfy see what is going on with this kind of supply, I had cancel and delete this app from my store but they charged me U$90,00
I want my money back I have working hard make one sell and They take our money .

world beauty and gold jewelry
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Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 4 ay
30 Mart 2022

This app allows stolen art to be sold on people's websites and refuses to take responsibility by removing these vendors who sell infringed art

Bouffants And Broken Hearts
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Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 27 dakika
23 Mart 2022

I don't know how other people aren't encountering the amount of issues that I am. It's bad enough items are getting pushed to "Active" straight away in my store, but inventory #s are getting messed up too which is making my items appear as Out of Stock. Worst of all, after their customer service was trying to help with an issue, I ended up with duplicated items live on my store, one item completely disappeared, and another item had the original photos and not my edited photos. It's an absolute mess which has been stressful and time consuming. With Alibaba products the alternative app is Alibaba Workstation which had bad reviews so I didn't go that way. I can't imagine it's worse than Modalyst. I have not had any of these extensive issues using Oberlo with AliExpress. Shopify say it's Modalyst but Modalyst can't seem to resolve the import issues. Am I really the rare person who is having all these issues?

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulama kullanılırken geçen süre: 13 gün
16 Mart 2022

I've made 3 test orders before going live. Out of those three order only one supplier delivered:
1. Supplier: Received the item but with promotional flyers (which is against the Modalyst policies)
2. Supplier: Got a refund after filling out a dispute on PayPal
3. Supplier: Never received the item nor got a refund In my opinion Modalyst doesn't make a quality check on their suppliers. Even Jose, the supplier manager at Modalyst, couldn't make an impact on those suppliers. The only positive thing so far was the quick customer support. You always get an answer, that's why I gave 2 stars. Otherwise the service isn't really reliable, at least not in Europe.

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