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12. červen 2019

Didnt work on debut tamplate. Icon to add to cart iss missing on products.

Wishes On Way
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Vývojář MakeProSimp odpověděl 12. červen 2019

------- 12th June 2019 Last Replied --------

The issue was fixed. Now, the new Debut theme is completely supported with 'Quick Buy Me Widget' feature in your store. Our technical team has fixed the issue within 2 hours of our last reply.

P.S. Please update your review as we have fixed the issue that you was facing with Debut theme in your store. Now, The review may be misguiding to other merchants/clients who want to install the app with the new Debut theme.

Useful snapshots:

------- 12th June 2019 Replied --------

Hi Wishes On Way Team,

Thank you for reporting this issue in your store's Debut theme for the feature 'Quick Buy Me Widget' only. Our technical team will check and try to fix the issue ASAP in your store's Debut theme. Thank you for your patience in advance.

MakeProSimp Team

23. září 2021

I deinstalled the App and my pagespeed did not get back up! I am more than pissed off because the app did not bring the expected boost for my store! I feel very sad that I even tried this App on my store it was really not WORTH IT.

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Vývojář MakeProSimp odpověděl 23. září 2021

Hi Vibratized,

So sorry for facing the issue. As we have already guided you in our email communication that our app was uninstalled from your store completely that means all the codes were removed immediately by Shopify as we are using Shopify Official ScriptTag API and are not modifying the store's theme.

We are suggesting to contact other installed app developers from your store that may help you. Also please try with Google's PageSpeed insights that may show you scripts that creating issues for your site(slow down your site).

And so sorry to hear that our app haven't help you to boost sales. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

MakeProSimp Team

16. duben 2020

We installed this app, because we needed some of their features.

Worst decision ever ! Their APP destroyed our whole website and the shop buttons were not working anymore, only their buttons.

Their answer was " it's not from our end " then we tried another theme and we had the same issue. It's obvious their APP did something to our shop and that is why we had so many trouble trying to fix the shop buttons. The solution was to uninstall app and redo everything with new theme without their APP.

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Vývojář MakeProSimp odpověděl 16. duben 2020


This is MakeProSimp Team. So sorry for facing the issues but as we have already told you the issue is NOT coming from our end and the issue is already there before installing our app. Our app is already working in your store and your customers are already clicking in our Buy Me App button. The issue is coming from the custom works that you have done in your store's theme. Let us share with you the same snapshots and a video with the below links.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Video Link of Issue:

Please see the line from where the issue is coming and the video that we have done after you uninstalled our app and the issue is in mobile device only and it's still there after uninstalling our app. So our app was working on your website's mobile and desktop.

We are still seeing the issue in your store's product page but it's hidden because now you are displaying the product to the Home page instead of the product page. Please hire the developer to fix the issue on your theme's product page.

Please guide us if you need more help from our side. We are always here for our merchants.

MakeProSimp Team

Datum úprav: 7. srpen 2019

Stay far far far far away!

We are a Shopify Plus customer. We installed the app, and found out that it displayed our prices before tax, and we turned it off again immediately. We contacted their support team, and explained the problem.

Their supporter just replied:

​This is Hemal from MakeProSimp Team. So sorry for facing issues. We have checked your request and found by mistakenly you have a disabled whole app so we have enabled it and now you will able to see all the pages to be not blanked. Please find attached snapshot that displays from where the whole app will disable.

​If you want to check out Sticky Cart feature then let me tell you, it's currently enabled in your store. Please checkout by visiting your store. Please find attached snapshot that displays Sticky Buy Me Cart in action in your store.

​​Please guide us if you need more help. We are here to help you.

​MakeProSimp Team

They did this at 11PM on a wednesday, and it wasn't discovered until Thursday morning 7AM. We had 8 hours of trade with wrong and confusing prices, because of this.

They do not care at all about best practise, and obviously they do not care to ask for permission before making severe changes to your store.

I cannot stress this hard enough. Stay away!

Hemal replied with his comment below, and asked us to remove our review. I explained the situation to him again:

Hello Hemal,

Thank you for your email. I can understand that you are as upset about the situation as we are. However, it goes against all policies and best practices from Shopify to enable an app without the knowledge of the merchant. We have granted you acces to our store in good faith, and it is a severe breach of that trust, that you without permission enables an app on a live store.
Your action has cost us sales and time for our customer care center who has to explain why we were displaying different prices on our product pages. Furthermore, you have exposed us to a large risk of being reported to Consumers Affairs in Australia. It is considered illegal to display prices ex GST, and we risk a fine based on our revenue for misleading marketing.

Based on all this, I do not see any reason to remove the review. I do not want to expose other business to the same risk you exposed us to yesterday. I hope you can understand my points, and see the severeness of your action.


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Vývojář MakeProSimp odpověděl 7. srpen 2019

------------- Our Last Reply -------------

Ps: We are really sorry to hear this. We have already noted your suggestions and will keep this in mind before making any changes to the merchant store.

Actually, we are worried about merchant business more than the reviews so we are requesting you to keep this review as it is so other merchants will get the idea to provide full details to our support team instead of the details that you have provided on your initial request and we will never face the same situation with other merchants. As you have already mentioned your initial request as below and you haven't mentioned the issue with Prices on the request. But as customer/merchant is always right so we will keep your suggestions in our mind. Our intent was not to harm your business but want to save your time.

------------- Our First Reply -------------

​This is a MakeProSimp Team. So sorry for facing issues with our support. Our intent was not to create an issue in your store or to heart your store but to reduce communication and save your time by enabling the app as we thought you have by mistakenly disabled our whole app. Also, you haven't mentioned the issue that the prices are not displaying correctly in your initial request. So we thought, by mistakenly you have disabled the app and that's why we have enabled it to reduce the communication and save your time. Please see below your initial and only one request/reply.

I have just added your app for the 14 day free trial.
How can I test features, such as "Sticky buy me cart" etc?
The pages are blank."

​So as you see, there are no words regarding Prices issues or anything. As you have already uninstalled the app, but if you like to consider us again and want to install again the app then please after installing the app and hide prices in the app by visiting Buy Me app -> Sticky Buy Me Widget menu -> Others (Optional) section -> Uncheck 'Show Price' and 'Show Compare Price' checkboxes from the Desktop and the Mobile sections -> Press Save button. It will NOT change anything in your store's main prices on the product page. The app has a feature to hide prices if you don't want to show or if you face any issues with it.

PS: we have already noted your suggestions and will keep this in mind before making any changes to the merchant store. Thank you for making our app/support more effective by providing your valuable suggestion.

Please guide us if you need more help. We are here to help you.

MakeProSimp Team

14. červen 2021


リフココ ~食と暮らしを楽しく~ 本店
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Vývojář MakeProSimp odpověděl 14. červen 2021


This is MakeProSimp Team. Thank you for your review. If you are facing any issues, We are strongly suggesting to chat with our in-app live support team or write us at to get a faster reply(between few seconds to few minutes only). We are not frequently checking this review page.

Please guide us if you need more help. We are at and in-app live chat to help you.

MakeProSimp Team



MakeProSimpチームです。 レビューありがとうございます。 問題が発生した場合は、アプリ内ライブサポートチームとチャットするか、support @ makeprosimp.comにメールを送信して、より迅速な返信を受け取ることを強くお勧めします(数秒から数分の間のみ)。 このレビューページは頻繁にチェックしていません。

さらにヘルプが必要な場合は、ご案内ください。 とアプリ内ライブ チャットでお手伝いします。


12. srpen 2018

not working, support doesnt answer

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