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Multi Vendor Marketplace , 720 değerlendirme

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10 Ekim 2023


I can't say enough good things about the Multi Vendor Marketplace app for Shopify! This app has completely transformed our single vendor store into a thriving multi-vendor marketplace, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

One of the standout features of this app is its advanced inventory management. It allows us to effortlessly manage a wide range of products from different vendors, keeping everything organized and streamlined. Customizable settings are a game-changer, giving us the flexibility to tailor our marketplace to our specific needs.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for both vendors and customers to navigate our marketplace. And speaking of customer support, the team behind this app is nothing short of amazing. They've been incredibly responsive and helpful, especially when we needed assistance with customizations.

I must admit that the extensive options initially felt a bit overwhelming, but the support team was there every step of the way to guide us and answer our questions. It's reassuring to know that help is just a message away.

Affordability is another big plus. We've been able to grow our marketplace without breaking the bank. Plus, the integration with platforms like Stripe has simplified payment processing for both us and our vendors.

Lastly, I appreciate the continuous development and updates from the app developers. It's clear they're committed to making this app even better over time

Adore India
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:9 ay
19 Ekim 2023

Technical support is amazing! I had an issue with the function of the app and requested technical support. They were not only able to solve the issue but gave me valuable information to help with the issue in the future! Thank you!

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:3 yıldan fazla
20 Ekim 2023

Great live support, easy to communicate and get issues solved quickly. App is easy to use, and great for stores with multi-vendor systems - makes it so much easier for everyone.

Markets Ontario
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Neredeyse 3 yıl
6 Ekim 2023

APP has more functions and perks than any other found in the Appstore.
When service is required, they make the analysis and iterate as long as needed to keep the customer happy and understand why thing happened (even when is a customer mistake)!
My congratulations on the functionality, the service and the always-available support!!! TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
12 Ekim 2023

Powerful application, that has lots of well thought out functionality. We've spent quite a bit of time now using the app and we find that they've covered most features that you would expect for a marketplace.

Customer service is super helpful too and responses are always detailed and on point.

The Village Shop
Birleşik Krallık
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:5 ay
17 Ekim 2023

Thanks to Vashu Bhatt who helped me to search and find what I want, in a manner of minutes. Great team and great services

Goodies Cop
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Neredeyse 4 yıl
22 Eylül 2023

The help team is great. They have been so great with getting the app set up for our needs. The platform definitely needed quite a few tweaks for what we wanted to create but having access to talk to the help team and ticket requests are responded promptly has made the experience great.

Made It Australia
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:4 ay
4 Eylül 2023

I really appreciate how responsive, patient, and kind the customer support team is for this app.

The app is great and lets you customize basically every detail, which I love. But this can make it seem a bit overwhelming at first. So it is very helpful to have a customer service team that is responsive and knowledgeable. Also, they have done a great job of creating blog posts and FAQ pages. You can tell they have a lot of experience in making apps and have really anticipated the user's needs.

The one drawback I've found to using this app is that the menu doesn't appear on the Seller Dashboard/Portal/Website while using Chrome. This is unfortunate, as Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. I've found a workaround where the menu appears if the screen is reduced to 70%... but this is quite small. Hopefully, this is something that will be fixed in the near future.

But overall, I am very pleased with the app and customer service team.

North Westwood
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:2 ay
6 Eylül 2023

I was amazed by the quick response and kind solution.
They are very professional.
I was impressed by your kind information.
It's the best app.
Even if I asked you many times, you were always kind enough to let me know, so I solved the problem. Thank you very much

Güney Kore
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:4 ay
4 Ekim 2023

Just signed up and started using this app to build a marketplace site on Shopify to replace an old site we have on Wordpress. Only just started to set this app up, but it looks like it will work perfectly for what we need. We did encounter a small issue while setting up, but I asked on their live chat for some help, and they helped me immediately and resolved the issue within a few minutes! Great customer service and a fantastic app!

Birleşik Krallık
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:11 gün