My Tabs 2.0

My Tabs 2.0

door Shine Dezign Infonet

Arrange your product page with the descriptive tabs.

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Product Descrition Tab View

Increase your product sales by adding descriptive tabs to it.

Get the Personalized Look

Alter the tabs color scheme to give your own look and feel to the page.

Mobile Friendly

Expose the hidden information with our Accordion feature, making our app more responsive.

Over My Tabs 2.0

About Ultimate Tabs

My Tab extension acts as the best solution for increasing the sales of your store. It helps in adding informational as well as descriptive tabs on the product page. You can create any number of tabs into the list as per your requirements. You can get products tags tab, description tab, additional information tab under one roof of our products tab app.


We have designed this app very smartly as it can identify any of the heading listed in your product description as tab header. The whole text will be considered as the tab content until the next heading. This app configuration is very smooth.

Flexible Tabs Management

You are able to easily manage the tabs for each and every product listed in an individual manner or simply, you can easily allocate the few or entire products at once.

Look and Feel

You can easily customize the look and feel of your product page with the help of our Layout editor. With this, you can change the text and background color, borders and can easily preview how it will give an impact after the overall changes.

Mobile Friendly

Our app is completely responsive. It can provide you a magical Accordion.

Accordion On Pages or FAQ

This will help in converting pages into Accordion automatically once you select the template as well as the page to apply. So, the user can easily apply accordions on long page description as well as FAQ page text within just a few steps.

Static Tabs

The user can create a static tab and apply it to the chosen collections or all products. Moreover, the tabs for 3rd party review apps can also be added.

Custom Template Designs

You can improve the UI/UX of the store by using our pre-defined templates which don’t avail color schemes for further customization.

Compatible with Ultimate Size Chart App

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5.0 van 5 sterren

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