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Data modifica: 13 marzo 2018

Was great while it lasted, but then it stopped working - we are getting amazing support, and hope to get it running again soon.

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5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
6 giugno 2022

So far we like the app. We are not generating enough to pay 250 a month. but when we hit a certain mark per month we will upgrade our service.
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 18 novembre 2020

The Business Development Manager reached out to assist. The customer service was a great experience, however, I don't see the value of $50 when I can get the same for $10. That is the reason why I don't go above 3 stars for this app.

Gold Nation Store
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4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
NoFraud, LLC ha risposto 18 novembre 2020

Thank you for your review. Let's address each part of your feedback:

1. Payment: For most customers, NoFraud uses a replenish billing system, where you fund your account with a defined billing increment and your usage is deducted from your account balance once the day is over. You control the refill amount and the funds always belong to you. All this is clearly laid out in the Rate Agreement you signed as well as the Billing tab within the NoFraud portal, where you can edit your refill amount, view your daily usage, download statements or request a payout of funds. You have uninstalled our app and the remaining balance was refunded back to you, which you will see as a credit on your Shopify statement.

Of course, customer support is available 24/7 so any questions on billing can always be answered via phone, email, our Knowledge Base and live chat.

2. Difference between the NoFraud and Shopify fraud analysis: We did a deep dive on your data to see if, in fact, NoFraud had the same fraud analysis as Shopify. Here is what we found: 

-There was a difference in analysis in 4.5% of all transactions screened.
-3% of your transactions were flagged as Medium risk by Shopify, 92% were flagged as Pass by NoFraud
-2% of transactions were flagged as high risk by Shopify, we agreed with the decision 56% of the time. 44% of transactions that Shopify marked as High Risk we validated, in line with our goal of increasing your order approval rate.
-There was one transaction we flagged as fail that Shopify flagged as low risk. A member of our analyst team reviewed that transaction and confirmed it is fraudulent. The primary reasons were IP risk, use of an email with no history and most importantly, the order was shipping to a known fraudulent address.

 -There are many major differences between the NoFraud and Shopify fraud analysis 
-NoFraud was able to increase your order approval rate on the transactions Shopify identified as fraud by 44%, more than the average, which is 15.6% (Full case study here:
-With its reliance on advanced technology, NoFraud was able to identify fraud that Shopify missed

A line item report is in your inbox, highlighting the transactions where the fraud analysis is different, so you can easily review them. 

NoFraud often performs such audits for online stores looking to determine the ROI on using a fraud solution like NoFraud. Should you question the ROI of using a solution like NoFraud, we are always happy to provide an analysis.
Just ask us and we'd be happy to show you the value that thousands of Shopify stores are enjoying every day, and that we just identified for you during the time you were using NoFraud.

23 maggio 2022

The team at NoFraud has been extremely helpful in getting our site up and running with their app. They're very responsive and so far, everything has been seemless. We had a previous fraud prevention tool that required our team to review but NoFraud takes all the heavy lifting. Highly recommend!

The Laundress
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2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
23 febbraio 2020

This is a very bad app. Installing this app makes your website very slow. We have uninstalled this app, yet a lot of its code is present in our theme which has not been deleted. We had emailed him for this but we have not received any reply. VERY VERY VERY BAD!!

Million Plaza
Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
NoFraud, LLC ha risposto 24 febbraio 2020

Thank you for your review.

We'd like to address all three of your concerns:

1. Site Speed: NoFraud audits the effect of its app on site speed at least weekly. Our latest audit revealed that it takes an average of 40 milliseconds (that is 0.04 seconds) to load our JS script, and that is while other parts of your site are loading at the same time. Meaning, NoFraud does not add a noticeable effect on site loading time. We have had the rare occurrence of a JS script conflict, which was quickly and easily resolved when the customer reached out to our support team. We have not received any support tickets from you while the app was installed.

2. Leftover code: The only code NoFraud installs on your site is a JS script, which is removed when you uninstall the app. We confirmed by looking at the source code of your site - the NoFraud JS Script is no longer there. You had communicated with a team member this afternoon, asking for the NoFraud notes to be removed from your order history, as you thought those notes can potentially slow your site down. When an app is installed, Shopify does not remove any notes in the orders page, as they may be needed for future reference. Your Shopify interface and website are two different websites and notes on a Shopify order will not impact your website's site speed.

3. Support: Our support team is quick to respond to customer inquiries, as evidenced in the other reviews from existing customers. You had reached out to NoFraud via Shopify support Saturday afternoon and left this review Sunday morning. All requests via our helpdesk are answered immediately during business hours. On weekends, any urgent helpdesk ticket is routed to support for immediate resolution. There is no escalation option when you email NoFraud via Shopify. We reached out Sunday evening, asking for more information so we can troubleshoot on your behalf.

NoFraud is committed to helping every customer quickly and would have been happy to resolve your issue while the app was installed, when communicating via the right channels for an immediate resolution.


27 maggio 2021

NoFraud is a huge time saver and money maker for us. No fraud increased in our sales by allowing us to ship orders we weren't sure about and stops orders we thought are good. Completely automated and easy to install and use.
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1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
9 gennaio 2020

I used it during trial period but as a small business owner I didnt qualify for their chargeback protection so I did not continue with them.

Remixyakickz One Stop Custom Shop
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20 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
NoFraud, LLC ha risposto 10 gennaio 2020

Thank you for your review.

NoFraud will screen transactions for businesses of any size. We are happy to continue screening your orders for fraud until your business meets our chargeback reimbursement revenue threshold.


26 ottobre 2020

No documentation/YouTube tutorials, extremely overwhelming app. Cancels orders that aren't classified by Shopify as High Fraud but does its own classifications. So basically it cancelled orders from people that weren't trying to scam us but due to not finding the button to activate the automatic cancellation of fraud orders (main feature in my opinion) the orders that were fraud, slipped through. Not a good app for me, the second star is for the kind customer support but I need a set up guide not someone I have to ask 20 questions.

14 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
NoFraud, LLC ha risposto 27 ottobre 2020

Thank you for your review. Let's address both points you bring up in your review:

Documentation: NoFraud provides extensive documentation in its Help Center that covers every feature. There is also documentation in the welcome email you received when you signed up for the NoFraud service. Of course, you are always welcome to contact NoFraud via phone (yes, we provide phone support), chat, email and via our ticketing system within the NoFraud portal with any question you may have. 

When you sent your sole email to support on October 19th, asking for assistance on how to turn on the auto-cancel feature, you had mentioned that we did not have any video tutorials. Our customer service team responded to your inquiry immediately and said they would bring your suggestion up to the marketing team. We agree that a video tutorial would be helpful to those that learn best via video and are in the process of creating it - thank you for the suggestion!

Decisioning: NoFraud uses cutting edge fraud prevention technology + human intelligence when necessary to provide a more accurate response than what Shopify provides. That is why you will see some orders that Shopify identifies as high risk that NoFraud said are safe to ship and vice versa. Our latest study shows that  23.8% of all orders Shopify deems as high risk are safe to ship, and we back our decision with a chargeback guarantee (Full study is available here: The goal of using a service like NoFraud is not only to identify fraudulent transactions more accurately, but also to increase your order approval rate and eliminate manual review entirely.

There are a few other apps in the app store that provide automation based on Shopify's decision exclusively and it seems like that is what you are looking for, rather than a robust fraud prevention solution that is a vast improvement over Shopify's native, basic product.

We wish you much success in the future!

21 aprile 2023

I would not recommend, to many issues to get setup.

Install script on all your pages what I think is to invasive to customer.

10 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
NoFraud, LLC ha risposto 9 maggio 2023

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. We love that you take privacy as seriously as we do.

On that note, we want to reassure you that the device JavaScript tag added to your site as part of the default Shopify app installation process is used only to gather the device information necessary to ensure accurate NoFraud Screening—not customer PII. Device information is an effective indicator of fraud and greatly improves the accuracy of decisions for transactions.

We completely understand that each merchant’s situation is unique and that having control over where JavaScript tags appear on your site matters. While NoFraud does require merchants to place our device JavaScript tag on their sites for accurate fraud screening, some merchants choose to limit placement to a location or locations where they can be sure it will load at least once for each customer completing a purchase, typically the cart and/or checkout page. We recommend placing the script towards the bottom of your element or in your site's element. You can read more about it in the NoFraud Help Center (

With the device JavaScript tag present in a place it will load at least once for each customer completing a purchase, it can be safely removed from any other pages where you would not like it to be present. NoFraud Support ( is more than happy to help you through this process and talk through any other questions to get you up and running with our fraud protection in a way that works for you.

-NoFraud Team

5 gennaio 2021

Seems to be good. Though I find this part a bit misleading... The first listing under their FEATURES: "*Chargeback Protection: Should a fraud chargeback occur on an order NoFraud passed, NoFraud will reimburse you for the full chargeback amount. Minimum volume required for Chargeback Protection eligibility." This is only true if you have transactions over $50,000 per month (I assume this is USD?) & pay their fees, which is not transparent. Not so cool.

Heater and Spa Parts
1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
NoFraud, LLC ha risposto 11 gennaio 2021

Thank you for your review!

We went ahead and clarified that detail in the app store listing. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for bringing that up.

Please note that NoFraud will work with companies of any size on a non-guaranteed plan.