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19 Nisan 2024

will file a complaint to the Fair Trading

Mearth New Zealand
Yeni Zelanda
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:7 ay
NoFraud, LLC yanıt 22 Nisan 2024

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We always aim for a higher rating and are sorry to see that your experience did not meet expectations.

We've been actively working with your team to address various concerns, and we were quite surprised to see this review. As we continue with the off-boarding process, per your request, our goal remains to ensure that all aspects of our work together leave you feeling supported and satisfied in this transition.

Our Head of Customer Success would appreciate the opportunity to discuss what may have soured our relationship and explore any areas where we could have better supported you.

Your feedback is crucial to us as we strive to improve how we deliver for merchants like you.

Please feel free to reach out us at We are eager to have a conversation and work toward hopefully leaving you with a 5-star feeling!

18 Aralık 2023

This app is highly unreliable for tracking fraudulent orders. It often approves fraudulent orders and its screening process lacks coherence. We've encountered numerous chargebacks from orders greenlit by them. Their lack of accountability is concerning—they don't take responsibility for their mistakes. It's puzzling how a company named "No Fraud" struggles to properly screen fraudulent orders.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:5 yıldan fazla
NoFraud, LLC yanıt 5 Mart 2024

Hi Chinecherem,

Thank you for your review. We understand how frustrating it is to receive a chargeback, especially when you are actively working with fraud prevention software. While NoFraud is extremely effective in identifying and blocking fraudulent orders, there is no fraud solution that is 100% effective, including NoFraud. Some examples of orders we would greenlight but will result in a fraud chargeback are below:

- A chargeback from a transaction that was made by the cardholder, yet the customer does not want to pay for the item and will submit a fraud chargeback. This is also known as friendly fraud. This is the main category of fraud chargebacks that we see. These types of chargebacks can usually be won with an effective dispute, and disputing all chargebacks is a service we currently offer.

- First time fraudsters: The first time a fraudster commits fraud, they have a clean history and appear legitimate, especially when they are just starting out and do not act like a typical fraudster trying to cover their tracks.

It is for this reason that one of the solutions we offer includes a chargeback guarantee, which would guarantee our decisions and reimburse you in the case you receive a chargeback. Many of our customers take advantage of this offering and appreciate that they never have to worry about friendly fraudsters, or hard to detect fraud that we may have missed. Unfortunately, your current package does not include the Chargeback Guarantee.

We are sorry if this was confusing and we are committed to making it right. We have tried reaching out to you several ways (email, phone, social) in an attempt to reach you, and discuss upgrading your service to include chargeback protection (and/or adding chargeback management) so we can effectively dispute all your chargebacks.

We hope to connect and help make this right and set you up for success long term. We look forward to making contact so you can join the ranks of the thousands of happy NoFraud customers. Please call 888-773-3669 and ask for either Aaron Spence, Head of Customer Success, Shoshanah Posner, Director of Business Development, or Scott Gifis, CEO.

5 Aralık 2023

This app does not even work after installation. I keep getting this error when signing up for an account: You had some validation errors Phone Number is invalid

There's not even any option to input a phone number during registration, so I can't even set up an account. What a waste of time

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:6 dakika
NoFraud, LLC yanıt 6 Mart 2024

Thank you for your review; your feedback is incredibly helpful to understand where we can make improvements. While we strive to make our app as easy to deploy as possible and provide resources should you have unique needs, we understand how frustrating it is to run into errors during app installation and are committed to helping you get set up successfully.

We have tried reaching out to you several times in an attempt to connect you with a member of our support team, who will personally walk you through the installation and configuration process. Please call 888-773-3669 and ask for Aaron Spence, Head of Customer Success and Support, or any one of our technical support specialists, so we can assist.

28 Haziran 2019 tarihinde düzenlendi

do not use this company. took $550 from my account out of the blue. even if you get hit with a fraud case and win all they do is give you credit for service. which means you still take on all the risk. this company should change name to BigFraud. you have no control over what orders you want or dont want protection. so that means you will pay extra for paypal for no reason. customer service is a joke, 1 person show named tracy.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:9 ay
NoFraud, LLC yanıt 28 Haziran 2019

Thank you for your review. As part of its service NoFraud will reimburse its customers for fraudulent chargebacks and dispute them on our customers' behalf. When NoFraud wins a chargeback on its customers' behalf, that reimbursement is reversed, which is why you were billed $550 as there was no financial loss. Reimbursements are provided in the form of credit, ACH or check. To exclude Paypal orders from NoFraud screening, a customer can exclude those transactions from screening within the NoFraud portal.

23 Şubat 2020

This is a very bad app. Installing this app makes your website very slow. We have uninstalled this app, yet a lot of its code is present in our theme which has not been deleted. We had emailed him for this but we have not received any reply. VERY VERY VERY BAD!!

Million Plaza
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay
NoFraud, LLC yanıt 24 Şubat 2020

Thank you for your review.

We'd like to address all three of your concerns:

1. Site Speed: NoFraud audits the effect of its app on site speed at least weekly. Our latest audit revealed that it takes an average of 40 milliseconds (that is 0.04 seconds) to load our JS script, and that is while other parts of your site are loading at the same time. Meaning, NoFraud does not add a noticeable effect on site loading time. We have had the rare occurrence of a JS script conflict, which was quickly and easily resolved when the customer reached out to our support team. We have not received any support tickets from you while the app was installed.

2. Leftover code: The only code NoFraud installs on your site is a JS script, which is removed when you uninstall the app. We confirmed by looking at the source code of your site - the NoFraud JS Script is no longer there. You had communicated with a team member this afternoon, asking for the NoFraud notes to be removed from your order history, as you thought those notes can potentially slow your site down. When an app is installed, Shopify does not remove any notes in the orders page, as they may be needed for future reference. Your Shopify interface and website are two different websites and notes on a Shopify order will not impact your website's site speed.

3. Support: Our support team is quick to respond to customer inquiries, as evidenced in the other reviews from existing customers. You had reached out to NoFraud via Shopify support Saturday afternoon and left this review Sunday morning. All requests via our helpdesk are answered immediately during business hours. On weekends, any urgent helpdesk ticket is routed to support for immediate resolution. There is no escalation option when you email NoFraud via Shopify. We reached out Sunday evening, asking for more information so we can troubleshoot on your behalf.

NoFraud is committed to helping every customer quickly and would have been happy to resolve your issue while the app was installed, when communicating via the right channels for an immediate resolution.


21 Nisan 2023

I would not recommend, to many issues to get setup.

Install script on all your pages what I think is to invasive to customer.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:10 gün
NoFraud, LLC yanıt 9 Mayıs 2023

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. We love that you take privacy as seriously as we do.

On that note, we want to reassure you that the device JavaScript tag added to your site as part of the default Shopify app installation process is used only to gather the device information necessary to ensure accurate NoFraud Screening—not customer PII. Device information is an effective indicator of fraud and greatly improves the accuracy of decisions for transactions.

We completely understand that each merchant’s situation is unique and that having control over where JavaScript tags appear on your site matters. While NoFraud does require merchants to place our device JavaScript tag on their sites for accurate fraud screening, some merchants choose to limit placement to a location or locations where they can be sure it will load at least once for each customer completing a purchase, typically the cart and/or checkout page. We recommend placing the script towards the bottom of your element or in your site's element. You can read more about it in the NoFraud Help Center (

With the device JavaScript tag present in a place it will load at least once for each customer completing a purchase, it can be safely removed from any other pages where you would not like it to be present. NoFraud Support ( is more than happy to help you through this process and talk through any other questions to get you up and running with our fraud protection in a way that works for you.

-NoFraud Team