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So far so good with Okendo! I've only installed it today but have been able to upload all my previous reviews from my other platform pretty easily! Everything is relatively intuitive which is great. I got tripped up on a little issue and customer support helped me out really easy :)


Have had an incredible onboarding experience from start to finish, and received assistance in ways I did not anticipate. Had I known the amount of care that would of into this, I would have signed up even earlier!

Estefania has been, and is, incredible holding our hand all the way through. We were delighted with the integration assistance received for Klaviyo by Vanessa.

Could not be happier so far with the experience.

We've used other review providers... "name brand" guys... you know who I am talking about... they did not commit any extra resources to assistance... just the sale.

This is the opposite experience.


Thank You

Your Protocol

Customer services are always really helpful and easy to contact. Angel helped me with an issue I was having with star ratings not appearing on collection pages. The team fixed it for me in less than 24hrs. We have received lots of wonderful reviews from our customers and it's great for other potential purchasers to be able to read these and see pictures. The system is easy to use and to set up and the customer journey is good.

Cheshire & Wain

A great conversion rate game changer and these guys know what they're doing! We had a good trial and then signed up and stayed one. We received a lot of help and are still learning about all the things we can do using their services. Customers are also happy to interact using Okendo giving us valuable feedback and earning loyalty from us.


We've been using Okendo for my new brand's reviews for about 8 months and we love it. Customer service is always super fast and helpful, I especially love using their live chat feature when I need a quick answer. I've been working in ecomm for a while now and Okendo is the best review app by far. Easy to use, clean and customizable look, great service, and tons of add-on features available. 10/10 would recommend.


It was a bit daunting in the beginning when I started using Okendo, but I have had and continue to have, the best customer service ever from Laura Gomez and the rest of the team at Okendo. I'm so grateful! It's not that the program is difficult to use, not at all, I was just overwhelmed by having to learn so many new things all at once with everything I'm doing, so Laura and the rest of the team have helped me in more ways than they can imagine.

The Chelsea Boot Co Est. 1851


The fact that we can get very specific feedback from customers on our products... and give them light profiles is MASSIVE for our conversion and product credibilty.

But, one thing you wouldn't think of is how great their customer service is. After trying out a lot of apps... these guys are par-none! Notably, for the last few weeks, we've been chatting with Josh... and every question we have, he has a solution! And, he, along with others, are crazy fast at responding. It's insane!


After searching high and low for a good reviews apps Okendo is simply the best, their widget customisation is top tier and their support is even better, I really love how there is multiple themes/layouts to the widgets. I had some troubles importing our reviews over and Angel went above and beyond to get it solved for me. I think app support is super important and Angel nailed it.

I do think there should be an in-between plan as the jump from $19US to $119 is quite big for a small growing brand but other than that I see no faults : - )

Thanks for a good service


Okendo has provided a really smooth onboarding experience, with an incredible customer support. Quick to answer and lightening fast with tailored fixes for our needs. Had the pleasure of talking with Josh, and he has helped us tremendously with our solution.

The display widget looks stunningly, clean and creates and instant feeling of trust. Best looking display of all the product reviews I have come across!

A future request would be better pricing on the Google Seller and Google product ratings. Klaviyo Review includes Google Product Ratings for a much lower price, so to be competitive it would be great with a similar plan and solution. Just a heads up, because Klaviyo has just begun with there's review solution which for a lot of Klaviyo users offers full compatible with there e-mail marketing, and would be a no-brainer when it's fully optimized. :)


So happy with this product! I had been using Yotpo with other clients prior and had so many design issues and when I started my own brand I wanted something much more seamless and integrated with the design of our site. I had heard good things about Okendo and gave them a shot and wow, I'm thrilled I did! Customer support is also fantastic. 100% would recommend.

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