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2. listopad 2023

This app has given our wholesale customers a quick way to order which is beneficial in keeping a sale going. The customer service is really great as they answered in a short time and they were willing to provide the exact customization we wanted.

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11. leden 2016

Good Solution for our wholesale shop, make order process much easier and hide the price from normal visitors

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Datum úprav: 27. říjen 2016

Update - we recently had an issue with the app on our other site and it was fixed within a day. Excellent service as always (Oct 27, 2016). This is a must have,even for internal processes like price, stock, margin checking, you can really quickly go through your own catalog to see what's going on.

Reinstalling on a new theme is also quick and easy.

Previous review:

I had the old quick order app which may be from a different developer, not sure, but when that stopped working I found this one - installed it and it started working 50% with my theme without any adjustments but our site is complex with many apps so I expected a custom install would be necessary

They had everything custom installed for a fair fee within 4 days, so far it looks fine and I have no complaints, I am sure if we run into any trouble the support team will help - I highly recommend this app - if it does not work for you, write a detailed email about what is not working, provide admin access to your site with their email, and I am confident they will help asap

For our custom fix, we have quantity breaks by bold apps that creates hidden variants for bulk-discounts, the quick shop app naturally lets the customer pick the variants, and we do not want this - but it has been fixed :)

Low Carb Canada
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22. duben 2015

The Quick Order People are really terrific. I had a couple things I needed them to change and they took care of it immediately. They are constantly improving the app! I am using it on a site for wholesale customers so they can more easily place orders to us, instead of going thru each of the 275 products one by one, lol.
There are even some things that they can totally customize for you for a fee, and then you pay a little bit more each month for them to host your specialized version.
I'm very happy that they have this app for us. I know it's going to make my customers' lives easier, and then that will lead to more orders too!

The Vapor Girl Wholesale
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3. červen 2017

I am building a wholesale only store to make it easy for my dealers to order off hours. I wanted it to be mobile friendly and easy to use. Quick Shop is the only single page order app that came close to fitting my requirements. There were a couple of things that needed to be tweaked and the developers were great at doing that. Good communication and it did not take days for a returned email. Highly recommend, unless your my competition...

Z Supply Wholesale Store
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27. duben 2017

Very happy with the app it does exactly what we want, was more polished than the others, they customized the css for us in record breaking time so everything looks exactly how we want it. The 3 day trial is more than sufficient with how quick the support is.

This is our 1st paid app in shopify and has been a great experience.

Divine Dinners
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17. březen 2020

The app works great! Their support staff was able to customize it perfectly at a fair price for my use. Great app, I would highly recommend. It cuts down on customers having to browse on different pages.

Mr. X Label
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31. červenec 2015

Superb app which makes it easier for our customer (craft retailers, online craft shops, volume buyers, process users) to select multiple products on one page, including entering the quantity and adding to the basket. We identified it early on in our development as a critical tool.

However our development is quite complex in that we don't want anyone to see prices unless they are approved as trade customers and logged in.

This took some time to work out as a procedure and along the way, Altaf from Solver Circle fully supported us by trialling and testing customisations to show only the right set of prices and to make the app colour scheme fit in with our chosen app.

This included supporting us when a bug in another app meant we had to develop an entirely new shop with a clean database. We then chose a new theme (which had a faulty first installation) - and he had to redo all his customisations...twice.

Fantastic support, great app, truly pleasurable experience for some novices to SAAS! Would recommend this app and Solver Circle (and Altaf) to anyone developing a customer-focused online store.

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2. prosinec 2016

Since the very beggining the support team helped me with all my questions and issues. we are beggining to use the app and it looks pretty good.

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Datum úprav: 19. červenec 2022

Excellent app, exactly what we were looking for. Support is very responsive and extremely helpful as well.

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