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7. listopad 2017

Great App - Provides excellent shipping feedback to our customers

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3. duben 2017

Absolutely essential. Customers need/want to know where there order is, and now they can. This is such a simple tool to make your store feel like the big time. 100% worth the money to not have to manually track orders for our customers. We are so happy to finally have this capability on our site. Thanks!

Dirt Cop
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24. duben 2017

great platform that will give customers peace of mind!! :)

Smile Sciences
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Datum úprav: 2. prosinec 2014

We've only been using this app for 1 month and we can already tell it's a win-win. About 35% of our customers are using it, and I expect that number will increase now that we've added a hyperlink to "Check Order Status" in our Order Confirmation Emails. We had a very minor css display issue a couple of buttons that Josh took care of right away and at no cost. Love the fact that our customers can keep tabs on their orders, on their own time, and without sending in a support ticket. With customers in different time zones this app allows us to provide a much higher level of customer support without having to lift a finger. Thanks for the great app!

Ames Bros
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25. listopad 2014

Had this for a few months 3000+ people have tried it out. Seems to be working as I haven't heard any complaints. The best kind of app one I forgot I even had because it just works haha.

Angelus Direct
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1. září 2014

Great app to reduce customer support calls. Direct impact on efficiency and CS optimization.

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26. leden 2015

Great app. It's saved us a lot of time with customer inquiries on the customer service side of our business. For customers, it allows them access to pull up their order status at their convenience. Setup was very easy. We recommend this app.

Sauce Hockey
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30. březen 2014

This app is very well worth what it costs, it will save you lots of time and effort by allowing your customers to handle order information themselves.

Customer service on the app is second to none and highly responsive. I wish other software developers were as good and fast as these folks.

Bottom line: It works like it should, it is priced right and saves you from using your time. What more could one ask for? Simply put, get it.

Dave's Hobby Shop
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18. červen 2017

Super easy to install. Took 30 seconds. I love that you can customize the display text the customer sees. Fast support response. A must have for your customers to be able to look up their order status without emailing you everytime.

Testing Boston Spice
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12. listopad 2014

Works as advertised. Out of 800 orders we had over a certain time window, there were 300 inquiries made to Order Lookup app - thus saving us hundreds of emails to our support line. Would be good if they could share their stats with some automated reporting - we didn't know how valuable it was until they asked how we liked the app ;)

Stop thinking, just add it to your store now!

Ss Brewtech

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