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21 Eylül 2019 tarihinde düzenlendi

i did not enjoy this app as i couldnt get it to work properly. it is a shame as i want very much for

Sarah Haran Accessories
Birleşik Krallık
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Neredeyse 4 yıl
18 Kasım 2020 tarihinde düzenlendi

The app doesn't work. I give always error. I try the chat but after 40 min still no answer. This is not ok.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 3 yıl
FORSBERG+two ApS yanıt 23 Kasım 2020

My apologies for the frustration, and issue you ran into. I've reviewed the conversation you had with our support team, and will be digging further into what went wrong.

I see that our support team already issued you a full refund, which is the least we could do after a disappointing experience.

If you are willing to provide the requested info to help troubleshoot the issue, it would be a great help. Feel free to reply directly to the email my colleague sent to you earlier.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Templates by FORSBERG+two

6 Aralık 2018

So far I have paid $25 for their packing slip template but have nothing to show for it. I followed the instructions exactly as posted in their page, downloaded the print order app and pasted the code, very frustrating but their code does not display properly and shows code on my packing list!

Monument Co.
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:2 yıldan fazla
12 Aralık 2018 tarihinde düzenlendi


This app doesn't fit if you are looking to print the real packing slip.
The real packing is the packing of what you fulfilled.

Shopify allows you to print that packing slip once you fulfilled or partially fulfilled an order, the only problem is that it doesn't show you the total quantity, either the total value of the packages.

Order Printer allow you only to have the entire order looking like a packing slip, which is definitely not interesting if you partially fulfilled an order...

If you need more info, contact me in PM.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:1 yıldan fazla
1 Eylül 2020

I cant install the app. When i cklick on add app the site refresh and then on the page page disappear" page is not there"
With Order Printer Template its the same.
What happened here??

Jürgen Anders Collection
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
FORSBERG+two ApS yanıt 2 Eylül 2020

That is very strange, sorry for the frustrations! We are not having any general issues, so we'd love to get some more information about the issue you were seeing when installing the app.

We've sent you a message from our support system, so we can take a closer look at this, and work out the issue for you :)

Please do let us know and have a great day ahead!

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Templates by FORSBERG+two

6 Ekim 2016 tarihinde düzenlendi

I have been waiting weeks for a fix, this app has flaw and it will not let us put all the invoices at once the formatting is all off aliment. I have emailed them several times, they responded with a "fix" that did not fix anything. I have been waiting over 2 weeks for this app to work. Total waste of time and $50.

I was given a $50 refund but they were not able to resolve the issue which was really disappointing and a big waste of my time.

Brothers With Glass
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay
10 Nisan 2021 tarihinde düzenlendi

didnt work. There is no order printer app to download. I spend $30 and it didnt work. I would not download again

Galaxy Groves
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:14 dakika
FORSBERG+two ApS yanıt 12 Nisan 2021

Hey there,

Sorry for the frustration. The Order Printer app is available for download, and our support team has reached out to you to work out what the issue may be that you are running into.

They have provided you links and instructions to get everything setup :) Please feel free reply to that and we'd be more than happy to help out.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg

Founder - Order Printer Templates by FORSBERG+two

7 Ekim 2022

this app makes you buy a template before even using it and it is not free. It costs $29 to buy a template to use

Vibrant Sea
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:5 dakika
FORSBERG+two ApS yanıt 10 Ekim 2022

Hi there,

Thanks for the review, and sorry to hear you did not see the "Pricing" section of the App Store Listing.

The app is free to install and try for as long as you like, and then when you are happy with the template design you have created, you can purchase it for a one-time payment and use it for your real orders.

Hope that makes sense. If any questions come up, do feel free to reach out to our friend 24/7 support team.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - Order Printer Templates by FORSBERG+two

1 Ekim 2018

Just downloaded, and it doesn't work with the current version of Safari :( Seems there are a few apps that are having issues. Please update!

Weston Dancewear
Birleşik Krallık
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:4 dakika
7 Ağustos 2019

Misleading. App is free, but to use it you need to purchase a template. These apps are what makes the Shopify app store so frustrating for legitimate businesses.

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:3 dakika
FORSBERG+two ApS yanıt 8 Ağustos 2019

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, and my apologies that you felt mislead.

I'd love to hear what part of the app description gave you the impression the templates were free. I've tried to communicate that the app is free to install and try and that you can customize and test before purchase.

I'm always open to improvements, and certainly don't want anything to be misleading, so any suggestions for improvement you have would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Founder - Order Printer Templates by FORSBERG+two