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Muokattu 15. joulukuu 2019

Originally I left a 5-star review in order to get a backlink. I usually test these apps before leaving a review. But I figured a backlink sounded pretty good. It never happened, and the response I got regarding that, and the challenges with the app was "meh". This is the problem with leaving a review until the app is tested.
Full disclosure: The app worked flawlessly for me when I tested it. But a few of my customers were getting a 404 page.

At first, I was pretty frustrated with this app. I was close to leaving the opposite kind of review I am leaving now. All in all, this app works really well. I have an aftermarket theme (Gecko 3) and so far, everything seems to be working.

Black Lava Vape
Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 14 päivää
7. lokakuu 2016

Worst customer service i have ever experienced and to imagine im paying them money for it.

If you need a reply to anything, dont contact them, go elsewhere!

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 11 kuukautta