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Datum úprav: 8. březen 2024


We set up our account to REFUND TO STORE CREDIT - yet unexpected amounts were coming out of our Shopify account without our approval. After looking into where our money was going this app was refunding all payments to customers lodging a return EVEN before the goods were returned from customers.

$7800 was refunded without our consent and furthermore these returns were not shipped back to us from the customer as the refund was issued directly upon approval for the return to me made by the customer. So all in all I have lost my sales + my stock which I can't ensure will be shipped back to me as the refund was made prior to goods being returned and inspected!! WHAT A JOKE OF AN APP!!

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Vývojář Channelwill odpověděl 11. březen 2024

Hi Sonya,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand the frustration you've experienced and would like to address each point you've raised.

1. First and foremost, our app operates under the strict policy of never initiating refunds to customers without explicit authorization from the merchant. We do not have the capability to process refunds without your consent.

2. Regarding the "refund to store credit" setting in the app, rest assured that this instruction is being followed diligently. However, it's important to note that store credit is generated only after the returned goods are received and the refund is completedly initiated through our app. Until then, no store credit is generated, which explains why you haven't found any related records in your Shopify account.

3. The amounts you mentioned are derived from the Shopify Sales report. We recommend a thorough understanding of the logic and interpretation of the sales report. Returns in Shopify refer to a specific concept, and it's crucial to differentiate between returns and refunds. The figures you see in the sales report represent returns, not refunds.

A return is where goods pass from the customer back to you after the customer has bought the goods but decided not to keep them. A return is different from a refund because a return deals with the value of goods, but a refund deals with the value of tender that you issue the customer when you process a return. Sales appear in your sales reports as a positive value for the day that they were made, and returns appear as a negative value for the day that they were processed. The sales reports include sales and returns from open, archived, canceled, and pending orders, as well as draft orders that have been converted into orders.

We encourage you to review the official documentation provided by Shopify for a more detailed explanation.

4. We have previously explained that orders marked as "return in progress" in Shopify are not refunded. However, the value of these pending returns is deducted from your sales report, as per Shopify's standard practice.

5. Upon receiving your feedback, our team has been actively engaging with Shopify Support to investigate the matter. We can confirm that our app does not engage in unauthorized refunding to customers without merchant consent.

6. While we maintain that there was no wrongdoing on our part, we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. This incident has highlighted areas where our app can enhance the clarity and functionality of different return solutions on Shopify platform and we have done the improvement within day.

We value your feedback and are committed to addressing any concerns you may have. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you require further assistance or clarification.

Kind regards,
ParcelPanel Returns & Exchange Team

20. březen 2024

I was unable to set this up. I am simply not tech savvy and only received links to instructions pages when I requested set up assistance.

Hannah Rose Vintage Boutique
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