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Omniva, DPD, Zasilkovna, Itella, Venipak, LP EXPRESS and other

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Automatic data sync

Omniva, Itella, DPD and Zasilkovna orders are exported automatically. Pick-up point and locker locations are updated daily for all services.

Ship to exact pick-up point

Customer can choose exact DPD, Omniva, Zasilkovna, SmartPost, DHL, Posti, Matkahuolto, Venipak, LP EXPRESS pick-up point in your store.

Available in Europe

Available in Czech Republic, Slovakia Germany, France, Spain, UK, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and more.


Scale your business by allowing customers to choose DHL, Omniva, DPD, Zasilkovna, Venipak, LP EXPRESS, Itella Smartpost, Matkahuolto and Posti pick-up point and parcel locker locations all over Germany, France, Spain, UK, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


  • Customers can choose the exact service provider and pick-up or parcel locker location in your store cart view.
  • App includes pick-up locations from all around Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary).
  • Export orders automatically to Omniva, Itella and DPD (in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and Zasilkovna self-service portals.
  • Export Omniva and DPD courier (door to door) delivery to their self-service portals to create shipping labels.
  • Each shipping service can have a fixed delivery price.
  • Set free delivery based on order sum.
  • Chosen pick-up location details will be saved to order additional fields and as the shipping address.
  • Pick-up points and locker locations are updated daily.
  • Limit app to be visible only if there is an active delivery service option for the customer (based on customer IP address).
  • Offer delivery to only lockers and pick-up points by allowing or disallowing "delivery by courier".
  • Disable app for certain products based on Vendor.

Future features

  • We are working on a separate shipping label management view that will allow you to create and print all shipping labels for all orders in one view.
  • We will be adding new shipping service providers to our app. Let us know if there is a delivery service that you are missing and would like us to add it to Parcely.

We are constantly developing our App further by adding more integrations and new service providers. If you see a missing functionality or would desire to have more service providers added then let us know and we will make it happen.

PS: Make sure your free shipping discount codes are aligned with Parcely app shipping price calculation logic.

Si integra con

  • Matkahuolto,
  • DHL,
  • Zasilkovna,
  • Omniva,
  • DPD interconnector,
  • Itella Smartpost

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  • 1 shipping service.
  • Automatic locations update.
  • Support



  • Up to 3 shipping services.
  • Automatic locations update.
  • Support



  • Up to 5 shipping services.
  • Automatic locations update.
  • Support



  • All shipping services.
  • Automatic locations update.
  • Priority support

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4.5 stelle su 5

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Is really only suitable for Latvia/Estonia. It asks for "DPD interconnector API keys" which there are none for the UK, and offers "DPD lockers" which no one I asked had ever heard of.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

4 luglio 2021

We are sorry that you didn't find our app to be something that you are looking for.
To be honest we are also very surprised by your comment about the app because everything you are describing Parcely app is not even offering and the app description clearly states it.


Parcely is just brilliant! Easy to setup and if there are any questions, friendly support helps immediately to setup everything.


Exactly what I was looking for and is very simple to use and easy for the customer to use. If something is not possible to set up yourself, then Erik is very helpful :)