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Hide Price & Add to Cart

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Enable Call for Price, Product Enquiry & Add to Quote Options

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Scroll Freely

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Infinite Scroll & Load More Button for Collection Page

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Login My Phone Number

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Allow customers to login your store fast via OTP login.

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Pay What You Want

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Increases sales by accepting what customers are willing to pay

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Measurement Price Calculator

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Calculate Price Per Unit by Taking Measurements from Customers

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Show variants as a single product on collection page.

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Custom Registration Fields

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Add new customer fields to registration form

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Advanced Order Quantity

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Add minimum & maximum order quantity for products & cart page

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Create a Fully Functional Mobile App for Your Online Store

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Professional Banner Slider

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Beautify your store with attractive & elegant banners

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BOGO Discount App

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Initiate BOGO & Quantity based discounts in bulk.

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We are Coming Soon

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Coming Soon app keeps customers excited about store launch

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Extendons WhatsApp Assistant

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Discuss & Satisfy on WhatsApp to Ensure Checkout

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