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8. listopad 2023

Peel is helping us get more granular with our data and understand the process behind it. Their customer support team has been really helpful and patient with our requests and questions. Extremely useful tool.

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8. prosinec 2023

Peel has become a staple in our business and has an excellent support team to ensure you get the metrics you need!

tuft + paw
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27. září 2023

Peel has been a game-changer for our business. We've been able to learn invaluable insights into our business that would never have been possible before.

Setup was straightforward and the Peel team was more than helpful when we needed to implement some custom filters etc. on our account.

They're constantly releasing improvements and new features that are extremely useful and well thought-out (shout out to the new Explore feature, the ability to create reports that combine multiple metrics is amazing).

As can be expected when ingesting and combining data from a wide variety of sources, there have been a few times where a metric has suddenly been incorrect or missing a chunk of data. Every time this has happened, Peel support has been responsive, helpful, and done whatever it takes to diagnose and resolve the issue.

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7. červenec 2023

A great service that simplifies a deep-dive into store metrics! Peel allows us to really understand our customer base and make the best out of our data. Their team is incredibly helpful and always available to help us elevate our analytics. I definitely recommend giving them a try, some of their features and integration options are hard to beat.

Austin and Kat
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12. červenec 2023

Great app! This is by far the most advanced analytics tool for Shopify and Amazon (the Amazon piece is so rare and hard to find)! Their support is great whenever I need custom filters added or help with anything, they're always there to troubleshoot! Recommend!

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23. březen 2023

Peel has you sorted if you do not have a BI team. Game changer for me and my team. I used to download Shopify data, mine in Excel, and import into Tableau to then, create one visualization. Peel did all of this AND more within a few clicks. I can now skip through analysis and dive right into actionable strategies to increase sales and democratize data trends. Fantastic app.

Glasshouse Fragrances Australia
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3. červenec 2023

Fantastic app with great service from Jared and the Peel Team. I'd highly recommend downloading, very impressive.

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23. duben 2021

Great App! The daily email digest with the most relevant key metrics of our stores is an important pillar in my daily routine. From there I can dive deep into our store metrics when needed. I usually do that on a monthly basis... Team is available and responsive for questions.

The Official Jowissa Watch Shop
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23. leden 2021

This app has been a lifesaver for me - as a new eComm founder who came from a finance and data background, I always want to keep track of our KPIs, and Peel has enabled me to keep track of everything anytime without the need to manually run analyses. I think this is an app that every ecomm business need - the slack integration is incredibly convenient, and the customer segment data has provided us tremendous insight to guide our marketing strategies. You can also input COGS and keep track of your gross margin, so you know exactly how much money you made. Definitely a must have!

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14. červen 2022

Great analytics tool, fairly priced and comparable to other way more expensive tools out there, support has been fast and helpful. Highly recommend.

Schoolyard Snacks
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