Fortescue Pre‑Order Sales

Fortescue Pre‑Order Sales


Pre-Orders, Coming Soon, Notify Me, Out of Stock

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Increase your revenue

Pre-ordering products is becoming increasingly popular and you might be surprised just how much revenue you've been missing out on.

Pre-Order Now Button

Automatically change your “Add to cart” button to “Pre-order." Then sit back and let the orders roll in!

Customize your button

Change your button message, font, and colours to suit your website theme. Let your customers know exactly when products will be shipped.

Podrobnosti o Fortescue Pre‑Order Sales

Pre-order Sales is extremely easy to use and allows you to sell "Out of stock" products with the click of a button! Use it to select a product you wish to sell on pre-order, and set a date to let customers know exactly when it will be shipped.

After selecting your product, the app will automatically change your “Add to cart” button to “Pre-order.” ​Then sit back and let the orders roll in!

As e-commerce store owners, we understand the importance of app plugins and the need to efficiently manage pre-orders.

We’re excited to share the app with you and let you reap the same benefits we did.

  • Easy to install with no complicated coding.
  • Customize your Pre-Order button to suit your website.
  • Manage Pre-Orders with our easy search feature.
  • Let customers know exactly when products will be shipped.
  • Apply Pre-Orders to variants or entire products.
  • Pre-Order labels throughout the cart and check-out process.
  • Coming Soon and Notify Me features available
  • Show collection page badges on your products
  • Send Pre-Order emails to update your customers
  • Real-time Analytics in your dashboard
  • Set Pre-Order quantity limits

The best part is you can now have full control of every operation!

Thanks to our brand new email feature you can now easily contact your customers letting them know that their order is processing and keeping your audience updated about arrival date changes - everything they need to have the best experience with your store!

To allow your store to perform at its best, you’ll have all the most relevant insight in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. You can make any decision with the sharp and strategic support of the real-time numbers you need in a single dashboard. You will see how many pre-orders you have sold, how many emails you sent with pre-order and the total revenue from your emails!

Increase your revenue and stop losing sales due to “Out of stock” products! Pre-ordering products are becoming increasingly popular, and you might be surprised when you realize just how much revenue you’ve been missing out on. We’ve seen a huge increase in pre-order sales throughout the pandemic due to a combination of high demand and manufacturing delays.

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  • 1 Pre-order Product
  • Pre-order Quantity Limits
  • Email Tech Support



  • 5 Pre-order Products
  • Pre-order Quantity Limits
  • Collection page badges
  • Analytics
  • Email Tech Support



  • Unlimited Pre-order Products
  • Pre-order Quantity Limits
  • Collection page badges
  • Analytics
  • Pre-Order Emails
  • Notify Me feature
  • 24/7 Support

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** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

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Nejnovější recenze

Hair and More Ltd

This app has virtually everything that we have been looking for and had been asking our previous pre-orders/coming soon app for (and they never listened). These guys are pro-active and were super easy to deal with for the small customization we needed to suit our store. The app covers all aspects of Coming Soon & Pre-orders that we use it and has heaps of features. We have a large inventory and in this app we can search for product by SKU! (so many apps don't let you search with SKU and its soooo frustrating). Super clean dashboard & soo easy to use. I highly recommend this app. AAA+++

Perfect Pool's NZ

This app really is fantastic! Allowing us to ensure customers are able to reserve an item that is arriving soon ensures that we are able to retain customers through Lockdown. Highly recommended Adam was fantastic with his advice and the app interface is easy to use and understand. 5 Stars


Amazing app! Adam was great in helping with setup. Very customizable app & allows you to actually put the date of your next expected shipment which is huge. Highly recommend.